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  1. akyramoto

    Workout Routines?

    i work alot but have been trying to squeeze in some exercise cuz the desk job is killing me!! Monday - ski machine 30 minutes ( slowly increasing to an hour) Tue - cycle 2 miles (not much but better than nothing) 40 min self defense class Wed - ski machine Thur - cycle & defense class fri - ski machine sat & sunday - off my eating habits have decreased, i don't eat fast food/drink soda anymore ( well i think i had a chalupa & that was it for the month!!) Haven't noticed too much difference other than i feel better & i crave that physical exertion now - or else i feel like a pud i think I'll start seeing results faster when i up the ski machine to an hour, also gonna start doin the 'little black dress' workout from fitness magazine online, looks like a good little workout while shaping all those 'problem areas'
  2. akyramoto

    Let's see your 230's

    ha! i hear that. this is the latest photo of my 225 http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b250/akyramoto/of50590442-11.jpg http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b250/akyramoto/lacyshouse029.jpg
  3. akyramoto

    Advice please fellow thumpettes!

    I have a TTR 225, I'm about 5'8". the low seat heigth is great for gaining confidence, I've been riding it since 2002 & am anxious to upgrade to a WR250F or YZ250F. the TTR is great on trails & the electric start is great. especially if you stall goin uphill & get caught in a weird stance & wouldn't be able to kick it over. I love the little bike & plan on keeping it to have other people ride when i get my next bike.
  4. akyramoto

    Question for the thumpettes...

    Thats awesome! I think that would be perfect for what we're talking about.
  5. akyramoto

    Question for the thumpettes...

    I think it's a great idea. espcially for new thumpettes that feel a little more comfortable asking another thumpette :applause:
  6. akyramoto

    noob question

    Get a manual. It'll save tons of questions & it gives you all the torque ratings.
  7. akyramoto

    TTR-225's the bastard child?

    They're reliable. not real popular & have very few aftermarket parts & upgrades for them
  8. akyramoto

    anyone take ttr to the track?

    my ex BF jumping my stock 225 @ prarie city. http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b250/akyramoto/jay2.jpg he bottomed out almost everytime sorry for the crappy pic. video still
  9. akyramoto

    What's your Fav food/dinner/....

    ah since the garden is in full swing, I've been making sauteed zuchinni & crookneck squash with peas, onions, parmesean & mozarella cheese, and cut up chicken strips. oh yeah! sooo tastey!
  10. akyramoto

    Bad A$$ Girls ride Bad A$$ toys!

    Wow! whatta pic!! you rock!
  11. akyramoto

    Anybody been out riding lately?

    nope. it was 106 today. maybe if it was in the 90's and i had AC gear.
  12. akyramoto

    Some More Pic's of Ashleigh

    Wow. I've seens alot of you're posts of her, I think you need to post a Vid!! It would be cool to see her kicking ass in motion.
  13. akyramoto

    awsome xr 100 whelie

    i thought it was cool. makes me wanna buy alittle bike & learn how to wheely
  14. akyramoto

    My TTR250 with Gripper Seat Cover

    looks nice!!
  15. akyramoto

    My first video

    i thought it was really good!! WAY better than my first vid!! lol