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  1. whoaitsrooner

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Installed the lectron. 15’ 200 xcw. Pumped to see how it does tomorrow in the mtns
  2. whoaitsrooner

    AF canyon UT riding tomorrow

    Anyone going for some American fork single track tomorrow/Sunday? I’m headed up in the am. Ktm 200xcw. Will be first ride on new lectron carb, looking forward to seeing how it does with some big elevation changes! Would be happy to link up !
  3. whoaitsrooner

    03 125sx with broken kick starter gears

    So I ended up getting the bike for $650!!! We took the clutch cover off and you can see the gear, there are two teeth broken. Hopefully they didnt end up in the bottom end. Im pretty pumped to get on the track with the little guy:thumbsup:
  4. Hey guys, I have the opportunity to buy a 03 125sx, but the kick starter gear has some broken teeth. The seller took it to a shop to get it checked out, where they drained the oil, so we are not sure if the pieces of the gear came out of not. The seller is asking $900 obo!!? Just got quoted on new gears, would be about 200 for the parts. Do you think its worth it? What Im really concerned about is the chance of those pieces getting into the transmission. I could just flush the bottom end a few times to make sure there are not pieces in there right? The bike is really clean otherwise. Completely stock, looks like the it was gently ridden. Any suggestions, or help, or experience would be great appreciated. Thanks
  5. I've always wanted to do an event like this. If anyone around Salt Lake is heading up and would like to car pool, I'd love to split gas/ride with someone that knows the format.
  6. whoaitsrooner

    Southern Africa Offroad and Enduro

    nice vids just found this today http://www.nsmb.com/page/s/2757/minnaar-does-moto
  7. whoaitsrooner

    Bercy SX...125

    guy on the yamaha looks like hes riding an older 125 by the looks of the frame. Old pic?
  8. whoaitsrooner

    nice 426's

    very nice
  9. whoaitsrooner

    This is what I call heaven

    Go Skiing!
  10. How old is his brother? He looks tiny on that bike. Little ripper no doubt
  11. all those guys rip!
  12. whoaitsrooner

    Pics of My Converted Bike

    I think the black frame was a nice touch. Nicely done
  13. whoaitsrooner

    YZ 125 Woods Weapon

    lets see some pics of these 125 woods weapons!
  14. whoaitsrooner

    Torrent Round 7 and 8

    Hey, to anybody that has rounds 1-4, it would be great if you could seed them. Ive got about half of each, theyve been sitting idle fo a few days now. I know Im behind the times with this, but would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. whoaitsrooner

    xr400 rear shock needs help!?

    I finally got around to taking the shock off, and took it to a little garage race shop. Cost 130. Ended up just needed some new seals and whatnot.