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  1. You can't be serious that you actually type like that. You can't be serious that you missed the fact that what you linked was rated for -25 and he clearly stated -32. Unfortunately, i think you're serious, on both accounts..
  2. I wear the thor chest protector, Just wanted to give you a heads up, it runs very small. Im 6'2, 215 or so and it looks like im wearing a training bra, It has very very little coverage.
  3. Poor prep work is the cause. Probably just sprayed and baked em, lookin to make easy cash. Take them back, have them redone and dont go back again.
  4. It also depends what 250 your talking about. Honda's have always been known to have more of a top end then a bottom. Where as for Yamaha its the opposite, yz250s usually have killer top end and tend to sign off a little early on the top
  5. No offense, are you this guys sponsor or team manager/ boyfriend? You keep hyping this guy up like crazy, thread titles like that are just going to start arguments, Its a big jump, but not crazy by any means.
  6. Pretty boring angles, doesn't really suck you in to want to watch it. Overall footage is blah, Editing makes it feel like your watching a slideshow. Since you were a dick, i expect most responses will follow accordingly..
  7. sigh, you need to relax. almost every single modern 4 stroke, will make the header glow when its dark out. EVEN properly jetted one, that shit gets hot, plain and simple. Yeah idle is high, but hes not destroying that bike and its nowhere near blowing up, its fine.
  8. Do you actually read what you type? You're going off like some half cocked spoiled little brat. You're so damn rude and ignorant that its not even funny. You CAN respond to someones calling you out or saying something you dont like without your age showing. You keep posting these videos, But i have no idea why. You suck and your slow, plain and simple. Everyone knows it and yet you keep preaching about how good you are. You don't all of a sudden forget how to ride because you're in a "bad" mood. Do us all a favor, Learn how to ride, Come back with something resembling skill, and shut everyone up. Until then, Stop making yourself, and your generation look even worse.
  9. Again, another thread about ktm's dominance. Ktm does NOT rule the offroad market, by any means. Yes they have a good hand in it, and lots of guys ride ktms... But thats because for a while thats all that was really available. Beta and Gasgas have come out swinging in the offroad market. Gasgas alone has come on so strong in the last few years, in most places its 50/50 gasgas vs ktm. Most riders ive met that have ridden a gasgas, end up buying one in the next year or so. Most people think gasgas has a better product (all personal opinion, no flaming please). European bikes are killer, They just have a hard time getting estabalished over here. In the next 5 years, you will see the power switch from ktm to being more spread out, or heavily biased to gasgas.
  10. And if you've never done something before? Just go out and wing it? great advice. I'd rather come into something i've never done, Having a little bit of general knowledge and direction on how to perform something i've never done. It's no different than riding with fast guys and asking them questions, why don't you just learn yourself? Maybe because they've done it and can help you? You must be one of those really fast guys who was born knowing everything
  11. Agreed, Better parts availability for my gasgas (same day usually) And i find the prices to be better than what im used too. Definetly notice higher part quality as well. Same goes for on the bikes, Break less parts on my gasgas than any of my jap bikes
  12. I think if you do a little research you will find the suspension is a little more than you think. You cannot buy factory level stuff for 6,250$ Try double that, and then some.
  13. Where i live (vancouver island, BC) our dealer is in victoria and hes phenomenal. You couldn't ask for a more stand up guy. Very down to earth, heavily involved in the sport. Definetly the kind of guy that goes out of his way to help you if you need it. If we can get more of that going on, it would be nice to see gasgas go head to head against ktm world wide. Might make for some interesting advances in offroad technology
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