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  1. supertireguy

    Xr650l Oil Cooler Mod - Redneck Engineering

    Ok 15f maybe too optimistic. The cooling fins do get hot hot so it must be shedding some heat from the oil tank.
  2. Not as fancy or efficient as a true $250 oil cooler setup but for $7 it shaves maybe 15f degrees off the max oil temperature. Next step is to try some thermal paste between the heat sink and the frame to see if any improvement.
  3. Recently acquired an 06 Xr650l totally stock. All the stock hoses, CA emissions, etc. The bike starts and runs basically well as is. But California compliant bikes are notorious for being tuned lean from the factory for gubnerment regulations. I've read bits and pieces here and elsewhere about the possible snorkel, fuel screw tab, pilot jet, main jet, needle and air filter modifications. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/xr650lcarbmods/ Looking for input on the basic order of items to address while keeping the stock exhaust for now. Not looking for the big HP increases, just looking to get things optimal. Thx.
  4. supertireguy

    How reliable are 2008+ SXV's?

    Most of the problems with the SXV's were fixed in 08. The only remaining problem I'm aware of is that you still need to drop the motor to check/adjust the valves.
  5. supertireguy

    How much cornering grip on an SM?

    Very little grip if you ask me.
  6. supertireguy

    Street tire sizes, CRF250X?

    120/70/17 front. 160/60/17 rear.
  7. supertireguy

    D208 SM Tires..What lasts longer??

    What tire pressures are you guys using? If you ride a lot of straight roads then it's no surprise that the center of the tire will wear down prematurely.
  8. supertireguy

    conti force super motard

    Which Metzelers; M1, M3, Z6, Racetec? The Conti-SM tires are very good tires. Basically any sportbike type tire in the correct sizes can be good/great for supermoto. Remember to experiment with different tire pressures, usually in the 22-28psi range. Different pressures work better or worse depending on the particular combination of bike, weights, rider, weather, track or street use.
  9. supertireguy

    Stolen DRZ

    Sux, anytime your hard earned property gets jacked. Where was the bike parked? Time of day/night estimate when it got jacked? How was the bike locked/secured? Locks, cables, chains always help with security but with the right tools, enough time and privacy thieves can defeat most locking solutions. Around here in the bay area most bikes get stolen from open, shared, apartment/condo parking areas where every Tom, Dick and meth-crack-head can see the target. Even the gated, locked and allegedly secure condo type parking situations are in no way secure due to their shared nature.
  10. supertireguy

    ball park cost of SM'ing a CRF

    $1000 ballpark. Street registration for a CRF450R is 99% impossible in CAL. Maybe different in your state jurisdiction.
  11. supertireguy

    Yzf478 Big Bore

    http://www.lukesracing.com/luksr/bbkits.html http://www.procycle.us/main/bigbore.htm http://www.cyclegear.com/spgm.cfm?L1=5&L2=&L3=&L4=&item=PAR_0931-0013_G&tier2=125
  12. supertireguy

    sweet motivational posters

    I want to know where that banked go kart track is located.
  13. Maybe the brake pad manufacturer product descriptions can help explain your choices. http://www.galferusa.com/html/new_pads.html http://www.ebcbrakes.com/motorcycle.html http://www.dp-brakes.com/dp.php?load=brake_pads http://www.federal-mogul.com/en/AftermarketSolutions/EMEA/BrakingSolutions/Products/BrakePads-Shoes/FerodoMotorcycleBrakePads/ http://www.carbonelorraine-moto.com/e_motos.htm
  14. supertireguy

    replacement front master Cylinder

    It's important to find the correct front brake master cylinder nnXnn spec match for the front brake rotor/caliper combo. The 16x18mm spec sounds about right for SM bikes. It's possible to use the front brake master from some sport bikes if they are close to this spec. The front brake from a Yamaha R1 might look sweet and could fit but it's designed to clamp on dual front brake rotors and stop a heavy 500 pound bike. Too strong of a master cylinder spec can result in hair trigger braking power and a loss of braking feel.
  15. supertireguy

    Ducati General Lee

    Need a photochopped pic of Daisy Duke doing a standup wheelie on that bike.