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  1. Yamiha

    put a hole in my tank !

    I'd get a new tank. as far as the plastic welding, me and my father do paint and bodywork together, and a plastic welder is pretty much useless in amateur hands. The welds I made with it (on a plastic bumper cover on my car) are comparable to hot gluing a piece in. Not very good at all if you aren't really experienced with one..
  2. Yamiha

    Submerged engines.

    Well, I moved out from my mom n dad's house, and I have basically nothing to tinker with besides my truck. My next door neighbor has a shed, and I'm seriously thinking about doing this. My neighbor and I both have torn down engines basically since we've been about 14 or 15 years old, so I don't think I will have a problem as far as that goes. I think what I may do is pull the drain plug and literally feel of the oil to see if it feels silty, check the engine to see if it will turn over by putting it in 4th gear or so and rolling it, and if these things check out O.K. I may just get it.
  3. Yamiha

    Submerged engines.

    Tearing it down isn't a problem with me, as I can do it myself... I planned on doing that anyways, but if it was full of oil wouldn't that keep rust from setting up in it too bad? He said that it didnt stay submerged in the water too long. I can get bearings and things pretty cheap from a friend that owns a machine shop... Im really more worried about the bottom end than I am the top..
  4. Hey guys, my buddy has a YZ450F that was swept away in a pretty bad flood in this area last year...He lost all the plastic, seat, ETC. and wants to get rid of it for dirt cheap to fix up his boat. The engine was not running, it was just in storage, but this was pretty good flood waters. He says the frame isn't twisted up, and that he took the plug out and filled the cylinder with diesel after they returned it to him. Would I have anything to worry about engine-wise with the bike? I know when running they can let water suck into the cylinder, but what about in this situation where it wasn't running and getting swept away in flood waters? Thanks, It's been a while, I got into the tournament-fishing scene and haven't logged on here in years...
  5. Yamiha

    Painted my valve cover!!

    That turned out great man. Id try to do my side covers or something next.
  6. some different parts of it are private. We own enough to build a medium sized track. The pics are all public land though. Not many greenies around here, but a dang lot of hillbillys. I normally ride an XR200, but I busted both the cases. So the couch on wheels is all I have to ride for right now. Just got the Warrior running good...so Im not completely insane yet.
  7. Nice Pond I found. My bro on his quad. Last But Not Least. Me. (Our helms were off just for photos. Before the gear Nazi's tell me how quadtarded we are).
  8. Reclamation Rocks Imagine the potential for a track here. Pic From My Point Of View.
  9. Yamiha

    2001 XR200 Project.

    I recently crashed my XR200 pretty badly. I busted the left case very severely and bent the frame and busted the rear shock. For prevention of bottoming out in the future I want to retrofit some kind of swingarm with a disc brake and some different forks to this bad boy too. Anyone have any good ideas or suggestions to what I can use and where to get it. I know mainly Ebay. -I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a whole XR650 rear suspension setup. Swingarm, shock and all, like the other guy on this forum (name slips my mind right now). -Im also thinking about a 1984 CR250 front end. Id like to leave the CR and XR wheels and tires on them too. -I think my dad is going to slug and re-do the frame because I flattened the bottom right part of the basket into the case. Just needs a piece about 5-6" long rewelded into it. - I havent got to split the cases yet. Gonna let the old man do it, he wants it taken apart in a certain way and not just crap strewn about everywhere from the tranny and stuff. From what I gather from the top end, the engine shutoff when the bike was flipping. The lobes and rocker arms looked nice and not scorched or anything. Should be a fun build. - I plan on re-painting the frame, and Im kind of thinking about doing a different color other than the stock silver. Any suggestions on the color would be nice as well. Suggestions are welcome.
  10. Yamiha

    1995 CR 80 Restored

    I rode it today down the street and back. It runs great, I weigh 220 pounds though. ^.^ It was clapped out when I got it. I did it in a couple of weeks whenever I got home from school.
  11. A couple pics of the restoration I did on this bike. It is currently for sale as well at a good price. Well you cant just HTML code the pics anymore.
  12. Yamiha

    1995 Cr 80

    I have a 1995 CR80 for sale. Its been rebuilt and I personally stripped it and painted the frame/swingarm and freshened up the plastics and added a new back tire. FMF pipe/silencer with Renthal bars. It is a nice solid 80. Shoot a PM if youre interested. Also if I annoy any of you guys by posting here just let me know. I currently dont have any pics of it but there will be some taken possibly tommorrow.
  13. Yamiha

    Honda Express NC50 Restoration

    BTW you can get paint stripper at carquest that you spray on out of a rattlecan and it strips and you spray with a pressure washer and that works well, allthough you'd need a rattlecan of gray primer when you get done with the stripping. Paint wont bite well to bare metal.
  14. Yamiha

    Honda Express NC50 Restoration

    Just paint it like you'd paint a car. Lay down a basecoat and getin it all good and wet looking without gettin runs in it by doing it one coat at a time and not trying to get the wet look all at once. Then shoot some clear over your color untill it all is nice and shiny and has a nice sheen. Then let it cure for like 2 days before you touch it or work on it. ALSO DO NOT get the clear that comes in the cheap spraycans. It will never harden and stays gummy like and shows fingerprints like something wicked. If you can't find basecoat-clearcoat combo paint in a rattlecan, then you'd need a automotive paint gun to shoot automotive-grade clear on the paint for a nice hard topcoat