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  1. Greg_M

    More trouble in Thurston county

    If the state tries to tell me I can't ride my bike on my property I'll fire the first shot in a new revolution and/or civil war. I can mow my lawn at 7:00 a.m. but I can't ride my bike? My lawnmower is much louder. Glad I got a plate for my new TE250. Greg Since it only applies to private property, I don't think it would affect riding on public land. That is the only good I see as I scan it. This however would suck severely for anybody and everybody in Thurston County who want to be able to legally ride on their own land. Sounds like total BS to me.
  2. Sounds impressive. I have a 1996 610 and I really liked the bike. It was a little heavy for my size though. They are fairly low maintenance and should last forever. Greg
  3. So far I have gotten mine in just like the manual says. No troubles so far . . . Greg
  4. How long has Club Hollywood been around? I didn't see it when I was in Jaco. What type of club is it? I am kind of past the loud music till 2:00 a.m. scene. It still sounds like fun though. Greg
  5. Greg_M


    Those are the ones I was referring to. Greg
  6. Greg_M


    Bob, Is Guam a vacation spot for you? I have never been anywhere in the South Pacific and thought Guam might be a cool place to visit. It is a long way off though. I hear a species of venomous snake has wiped out bird and small mammal populations. Supposedly the snakes got caught in the landing gear WWII aircraft and with no natural predators, took over the island. Guam triva for the day. I take a vacation in January somewhere tropical but I can only go for a week. Any suggestions anyone? Greg
  7. Greg_M


    Dennis Kirk sells a whole box of shims for around $50. I can't remember the part number but you should be able to turn it up searching their site. Greg
  8. Nice pics. Looks like the dust was a non-issue. I learned to ride in the tri-cities area so dust is one thing that keeps me away from the Eastern half of the state. What lens do you use on your D-Rebel? Greg
  9. I am surprised there are no reports yet? Greg
  10. I have been to Costa Rica twice, once for an entire month. I made a DVD out of it but it didn't sell all that well. Nicaragua huh? WHen are you going? I would love to go there for my next trip. I went to Honduras in March of this year and Nicaragua is next on my list. Here is the preliminary cover to the Honduras DVD. Maybe I'll actually finish it sometime . . . Greg Edit: I see that this scaled down version did not scale all that well. The white borders around the photos are much finer on the real DVD cover.
  11. Greg_M

    Our Best Pics to Date...

    I have asked you this in numerous threads and probably missed your reply. Is that public land you ride on or is that all private? Greg
  12. Greg_M

    04 te450 ran out of fuel

    Thanks. Now if April would just get here a little sooner so I could ride every weekend again!!! I hate the cold and the rain. Maybe I'll move to the Southern US for November through March. No wait, that is what old people do and if I do that, then I must be getting old. BTW, Unkle Moose, you say your tank went on smoothly. Mine did as well but the shrouds don't fit all that well. What has been your shroud experience? Greg
  13. Greg_M

    04 te450 ran out of fuel

    Here are a few before and after shots. Before: After: For the other guy with the IMS tank on the TE250, how much over 100 miles are you getting per tank and under what conditions? Greg
  14. Sorry for the OT post but I know of at least one person here with a Husaberg FE501. Please PM me whoever you are. Greg
  15. Greg_M

    Headlight aims too low

    Kleaulle, Thanks for the tip. I went ahead and replaced my stock light with the Acerbis DHH light. Whatever the factory setting are, the light aims perfectly. Greg