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    1983 YZ 490 KEIHIN PWK

    Hi there all, I am currently restoring a 1983 YZ 490 K and the original Mikuni has had it & I have a couple of 38mm Keihin PWK airstrikers in the shed & I was wondering if anyone has put one of these carbs on a 490 K and what jetting did you use?

    best yz 490 mods?

    Hi All, I'm in the process of restoring a 1983 YZ 490 K and was wondering if it is possible to put a 38 mm Keihin Airstriker on it, as I have a couple in the shed and the original Mikuni has had it. Just wondering if any one has tried this mod and what jetting specs did you run? regards Damo
  3. Ah yes forgot to add that Thanks Norm!!
  4. In 2001 the WRs came out with 20 mm axles and the CRs came with 25 mm axles. Both the WR and the CRs went to 25 mm axles from 2002. If you change your wheel bearings to 25 mm ID the CR forks will work. The CRs also had heavier springs.

    Wiring diagram for Aussie 2008 KLX 450r

    Yes Al All of the above. Jumped solenoid to + on battery & starter turns, so thats ok. I ran a link wire from the + battery terminal to the solenoid switch wires & that switched the solenoid, so the solenoid is ok. I found a broken wire on a link that was in place of the clutch switch, so I fixed that & it still didn't work. I removed the seat & saw the crushed wires & played with them & it started to work intermittently, so I cut the covering off the loom to find a chaffed couple of wires & one was 98% worn all the way through, I fixed them & now she starts, WOO HOO !!! Thanks for your input Al much appreciated. Regards Damo.

    Wiring diagram for Aussie 2008 KLX 450r

    Thanks for the reply Crazy Al, Yes I have tried all of that & more, There is an extra white/red wire coming from the connector on the start solenoid that I was curious on, so much stuff on this particular bike has been disconnected or linked. I cant believe that the tank rests so heavily on the loom above the carby, is that normal?
  7. Hi All, I'm trying to help a mate of mine who has an Australian version of the 2008 KLX 450R with electrtical starting issues. IE wont start off the magic button. I have the workshop manual but it says that the wiring diagram is for all models other than the Australian version? &%$#@!??? Unfortunately they forgot to include the Aussie version of this wiring diagram in the W/S manual. Can anyone here point me in the direction of the Aussie version of this wiring diagram. Thanks in advance

    adding a headlight, what do i need?

    Hi Bronkorob, The stator produces AC voltage only & will need a regulator to control excess voltage. The lighting/brakes/indicator circuit on the 2t is an AC set up. Hence no rectifier is needed & only one wire out of the regulator. No fuses are used but a 10 amp fuse in line with the yellow wire will help protect the stator from overloading & short circuiting on your 140 watt stator. The one wire regulator used on most Huskies is perfect & can be picked up cheaply from EBay or a wreckers. The yellow wire coming from the stator is the active(+) & the neutral(-) is the frame/engine case. The regulator gets it's earth through the frame back to the stator. The yellow wire from the stator needs to be connected to the yellow wire from the regulator then another yellow wire needs to be run to a switch block then to the headlight, the earth on the headlight then needs to be run back to the frame/engine cases to complete the circuit. Most of the Husky 2t run a similar lighting set up, so a wiring diagram from any of the later models '95 on can be used. 140 watts is pleanty of power & you should be able to run a 12v 100 watt + head light easily. Good luck Damo

    Husky WR250 1996 plastics and graphics HELP!

    Charlie, You may find the 2 strokes & the 4 strokes had different plastics (shrouds & side panels) from 96-99, The tanks of the 4 strokes were larger & air box was a bit different, front & rear guards are the same. Plastics from any of the 2 stroke range 96-99 CR/WR125/250/360 will fitt the 1996 WR250. Still hard to find new or in good nick. From 00-04 they changed the 2 stroke tanks & subframes & they had the same plastics. I have 2004 TC450 plastic kit on my 2000 WR360 and they went straight on.
  10. DUBDUB

    1996 250WXC Electrical Specs

    I'm pretty sure that they all run the same stator. The part numbers are different due to the colours of the cables & the lugs on the cable ends. I have a 1996 WR125 & a 2000 WR360 & their stator resistance's is almost the same but with different colours & lugs on the cables. They are physically interchangeable 1996 WR125 STATOR - PART # 800067029 LIGHTING COIL - YELLOW WIRE TO EARTH / 0.6 OHM PULSE COIL - LIGHT BLUE TO BLACK/WHITE WIRE / 129.5 OHM 2000 WR360 STATOR -PART# 8000 75344 LIGHTING COIL - YELLOW WIRE TO EARTH / 0.6 OHM PULSE COIL - LIGHT BLUE TO DARK BLUE WIRE / 127.5 OHM Ignition coil Im not sure of.
  11. DUBDUB

    1995 Husqvarna WXE 125

    I have a service manual for my 1995 wr 125, Let me know what specs are you looking for? Gasket kit from Halls as Charlie said. MAIN BEARINGS ARE 62 X 25 X 17mm 6305-2NSE(9?) C3 NACHI(Brand name) MAIN SEALS ARE - 25 X 40 X 7MM VITON DOUBLE LIPPED
  12. DUBDUB

    Want a new Husky next year

    Recluse make they are the same unit for the250/300/450/510, just a few minor changes like springs, balls & throwout bearing. Depends what bike it goes into. I tried to put one in my 00 360 & had no luck as the 360 has 7 plates not 8 like the 250/300/450/510's do. It ended up going in my 08 510 & I love it!!! I might try an EXP for the 360.
  13. DUBDUB

    WRE 125 expansion chamber

    Unfortunately I haven't heard back from Dynoport either after I put in an order. I came across a complete Dynoport 2nd hand system for a great price & snapped it up. Great pipe, it is a work of art & the muffler is tiny & a lot quieter than I thought it would be. It pulls WAY better right through the rev range, stronger off the bottom & really improves mid to top power with more of a hit than the stock pipe. A BIG improvement, it is a shame they are so hard to get. I might have to find some more $$ & try the SPES one from the UK as well.
  14. DUBDUB

    Husqvarna wr 125

    Try this, from the website. halls@halls-cycles.com
  15. I just put on my Dynoport pipe & came back from my test ride.:worthy: