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  1. I've had Fords, Chevs, and Dodge trucks and they all had issues.
  2. I know they're on the spendy side but a Sprinter (crew van, not 4x4 tho) would work great for that. You could wall off behind the passengers bench and have plenty of room for work tools, bikes, camping, whatever without banging your head as much AND THEY GET FANTASTIC MPG COMPARED to something like a Ford stretch van getting about 8 mpg. I was seriously pondering one last few years I worked.
  3. MXOldtimer

    Why do I keep going through rear wheel bearing?

    Are you over tighten your chain??? With the rear wheel off, grab your swing arm and see if there's any flex in those bearings. Up/dn/ side to side.
  4. MXOldtimer

    Custom machined triple clamp

    Sorry I confused you...
  5. MXOldtimer

    Custom machined triple clamp

    Then why not purchase a quality set of T-clamps? Your messing around and trying to put a bow on a pig...
  6. MXOldtimer

    Custom machined triple clamp

    Why do you "HAVE" to have xcgear mako360 bar mounts? Bling factor or do you think they're a superior product?
  7. MXOldtimer

    Steering Head Lock removal

    Try super glue or a quick dry epoxy on the end of a toothpick or tiny metal rod. Just a thought
  8. MXOldtimer

    Klr650 aftermarket headlight

    I hate the handlebars turning inside the lil faring/windscreen. OK for the road but damn it throws me off off-road.
  9. The Orthopedic Technologist at the hospital knew me by my first name. Matter of fact I was walking down a corridor with my daughter and I heard someone call out my name. I turned around and it was him. I even went as far as getting color coordinating cast for the brand I was hurt on at that time. Most serious was on the track, the most were due to off road. Problem was, I rode with a bunch of guys and it didn't matter single track or desert we'd take off calm and after 3 turns it became a 50 mile RACE!!!! I'm looking at the scar on the back of my left hand... decompression lever from my 00 426. Damn it was fun and all the battle scars left great memories, wouldn't change a thing.
  10. MXOldtimer

    The Hand

    I had a hand like that one time but I also had wires/pins running through my fingers holding them in place. It was seriously GROSS LOOKING. Sad thing is, I'd just left the track, slowly putt'n back to the truck maybe 5 mph, pulling my goggles off, when my front wheel washed out on a clump of grass. My left hand went straight into the ground and shattered everything. How embarrassing, all that damage and I didn't have a good story to tell how it happened.
  11. MXOldtimer

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    I applaud Altra or anyone stepping outside the box and trying something new, that's how we advance. This isn't the end of electric bikes, they or the next person/company will take what they started and improve on.
  12. MXOldtimer

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    Years ago we had a sales rep bring one out for us to test ride. I actually like it, was a fun lil thing to ride but, #1 I know it cost a lot to manufacture but it was over priced for me to buy one. #2 If I remember correctly it was a 35/40 miles on 1/2 throttle, not enough range when you go out and make 2- 45/50 mile loops. I would have really liked to try it on a MX track tho. #3 One fork seal was blown.... I couldn't believe a sales rep would bring a bike for a test ride and a fork seals was leaking.
  13. That was a loooooooooooong time ago. So many years so much F U N ! Gotten so much good info here, If I had to pick one it would be the cam swap for MY first generation YZ250F's. Plus the time I ordered a KDX200 through Thumpertalk a 2 stroke!!!!
  14. When I joined TT back in 2000 I think it just had DR400, YZ400/426, and maybe XR'S. Can't believe a motorcyclist would be so closed minded as to only want a 2 or 4 strokes or just one brand. For the life of me I can't understand why people can't just enjoy things instead of making issues... the Brian's are open minded and spread the love of motorcycling.
  15. Question, can you keep a gel battery plugged into a trickle charger for long periods like old bike batteries? Not sure if they need something special.