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  1. DRZSuzook

    125 sx Smoking Bad

    The head gasket in the second pic is the right size, just coat it in grease to help it "stick" in the groove. Most of them are like that. Also, what was on the plug? Coolant or oil? To me it sounds like you blew a trans side crank seal.
  2. DRZSuzook

    2012 and 2013 250 XC

    I also believe they went from the V Force reed system to the boyesen reeds
  3. DRZSuzook

    150xc for MX?

    The XC models come with the standard close-ratio trans. The XC-W models come with the wide ratio trans. (hence the "W" in the model name). The XC-W's also come with the open cartridge forks and are significantly softer sprung/valved for a comfy trail ride.
  4. DRZSuzook

    150xc for MX?

    The trans in the xc and the sx are identical per the specs on KTM's website. A simple revalve will make the suspension the same....and like edgyone said...a revalve is pretty much a given for anyone who races MX. The 150xc is a great "do it all bike"
  5. DRZSuzook

    150xc for MX?

    Well, the suspension may be lighter sprung but they are the same forks and shocks as the sx models. KTM's website lists the gear ratios for the sx and the xc as the same. I know they have different cdi boxes...not sure about any other differences...I am sure there are several small differences. Now the xc-W models will be significantly different. But an xc with suspension tuned for mx will be almost indistinguishable from an sx on the track.
  6. DRZSuzook

    150xc for MX?

    The xc models are just sx models with a larger tank and handguards. The xc will do fine on an mx track.
  7. I always had a problem with those types of people and they always bothered me so much. I learned to just laugh at them and let it go. They are just cynical and closed minded. They would stand in front of an NFL quarterback and tell them that football is easy and all they have to do is throw a ball to some tall guy. Ignorance is bliss
  8. If you actually believe that a loud exhaust makes you safer you should just go pickup a $20k harley, put some straight pipes on it, dress up like a butt-pirate and cruise around like a damn clown. At least that way your appearance would match your attitude.
  9. DRZSuzook

    Bike up off the ground, what do you use?

    One of those foot operated center lift stands works well. I usually just huck it up onto a regular stand, but at 317 pounds its no easy task, and I usally get someone to help me lift it.
  10. DRZSuzook


    Thats silly. I run 50:1 in all my 2 bangers. I have 100 hours on a 96 yz125 motor right now. Ktm recommends 60:1 in their SX series.