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  1. I work in the industry and ride a little bit. I can tell you all that Dave's passing has hit the whole scene/sport really, really hard. The only suitable word I have been able to find is 'incomprehensible'. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times in the 90s when he came to the UK to ride and I have friends/associates who would consider themselves to be close personal friends of Daves. We are all reeling. Our thoughts go to the family of course as we all try to get our heads around it. Lots of people searching for answers/explanations that will probably never come. R.I.P.
  2. TwoBobRob

    weight loss for a rider with issues...

    Hi Damac. Thank you for the reply - lots to think about in there. I'm very lucky in some respects. After a lifetime of no alcohol, drugs or smoking, very little fried food and fatty stuff - these are all things I've just never liked/desired - my general health is very good in terms of all the conventional stuff. My doctor is always very pleasantly surprised. I'm keen to hear opinions and take advice from people who know more or have been through it. That said though, I also know it's down to me to just get the &%$#@! on with it!
  3. TwoBobRob

    Dr. Mark's opinion on this 'Procedure'?

    ^^^ Right there ^^^
  4. TwoBobRob

    Dr. Mark's opinion on this 'Procedure'?

    True enough. If you get the opportunity, there is an espn documentary about him: "The Birth of Big Air". Entertaining stuff, even if you're not into BMX.
  5. TwoBobRob

    Dr. Mark's opinion on this 'Procedure'?

    Mat Hoffman is a legendary human being, for a number of reasons. He has raised other peoples eyebrows his entire life/career both through his riding and his medical situations. It's a miracle he's even standing, let alone riding to a high standard as he still does at age 43.
  6. TwoBobRob

    weight loss for a rider with issues...

    Hi SloMo. Wow - I'd almost forgotten about this thread! I hope you and yours are well. So, an update; I did indeed have another knee issue and went back in September '13 for another (much simpler) operation to remove some loose bone fragments that were jamming my knee up. I instantly felt better and the knee is better now than it's ever been. That said, I can feel a similar problem just lately in another area of the knee so I suspect that I'll be back under the knife in the next 12 months or so. I'm now 48 years old and have to confess I have gained some weight. I now stand at 5'11" and a flabby 250lb. I'm still working at my business which has consumed my life, not in a good way. My eating habits have also slipped. Not sure what else to say really buddy - I'm not going to dress it up, I am letting myself down and I know it. I am making some changes this year in order to try and make some time for myself. I'm looking forward to a summer of greater activity and hopefully with it an improvement to my health.
  7. TwoBobRob

    what Will 22 motorsports be?

    ^^^ This ^^^
  8. Treat it like a job of work - do the best you can at all times. Eat well, plenty of rest and don't skip the physio. Don't do too much either, it's very easy to do too much too soon and set yourself back. That's not good in the long run. Just make a good job of it and stay positive throughout. It's amazing what a good frame of mind can do. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say good luck, our fingers are crossed too. You'll be fine
  9. Well, I'm far from a teenager, but I'm of the opinion that if you had a good knee and were in good shape before the injury and simply ruptured an acl, get it repaired by a good knee surgeon nice and quickly then you'll recover ok. My problem was I went 25 years without one where I continued to ride and board. I basically just battered my knee to bits and am now paying the price. You don't realise just how fast muscle disappears when you're compensating for a weak limb and in my case, just how hard it would be to rebuild that muscle which is super important to the knee. I feel the need to say, The trauma of surgery and the hard work of physio is not to be underestimated. To answer your question specifically though, yes. My repaired knee is very stable and nowhere near as loose & sloppy as the untouched one. So on a mechanical level, you'd have to say it's better. I was under the same physio as a couple of pro soccer players, both of whom had new acls from the same surgeon. They're both back playing now at a very high level seemingly without issue. Interestingly, the physio remarked that compared to me, they were both very lazy - which did raise a smile - we all know riders are tough right?
  10. 5 years post op. Pain and stiffness every day. As Over 40 rider said; best get used to it. BUT - and it is a big but - the knee is stable again. I can step down off stuff (haven't been able to do that for 25 years) and it felt markedly different (in a good way) the first time I snowboarded post op and kicked a ball.
  11. TwoBobRob

    weight loss for a rider with issues...

    Hi SloMo, thanks for thinking of me! An update.... MY weight is EXACTLY the same. However, due to a change in job - I now have my own business - this past year I've barely ridden and have done zero other exercise. And I do mean zero. In addition to this, my knee appears to have developed another problem. I've just had x rays and a scan done and am waiting for an appointment with the surgeon. Now, with all that doom and gloom, I have to find some positives; I've been fiddling with my food. I excluded potatoes from my diet completely for around 6 months. Didn't replace them with another carb, simply went with the chicken/fish and green veggies only. To my surprise, I didn't lose a single pound. I must assume that potatoes aren't a big issue for me. To be fair, I don't eat mountains of them anyways, but still... I have cut down my pasta intake, I now have a pasta dish perhaps once every two weeks or so. I'd like to think, that when I start exercising I will loose some weight on the basis of the calories in vs calories out deal. as I've not gained any weight in the past 12 months. We shall see..... Seasons Greeting, by the way
  12. TwoBobRob

    Bar Length

    I've been toying with the idea of having 1/2" off each end of my Renthals. I can't quite make my mind up on it so haven't touched them as yet. I suspect I will though, in the end.
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    Welcome. I can't help you I'm afraid - I'm from bloody London innit!
  14. TwoBobRob

    Rising to the occasion?

    I've not had any surgeries yet, but plenty of chiro over the years. Mine is a combination of poor posture when I was growing - I was a tall kid for my age so I stooped over a lot - and a lifetime of sports that seem to love rewarding my bails with whiplash.
  15. TwoBobRob

    Rising to the occasion?

    I made my own from some 10mm ally plate. Overall, the higher setup suits my bad neck but it definitely affected me for the worse on steep climbs.