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  1. If you're wanting to camp somewhere that requires reservations you're doing it wrong. There is TONS of disperse camping spots and many first come first serve sites within formal campgrounds which are mostly on the lakes within the GP.
  2. These YZ's have been proven again and again to be great race bikes. I am actually selling my 17' husky to go to a YZ.
  3. Like others have said, it is lean surging. Lean jetting or air leak. Did your air screw by chance back out on you? Easiest way to check for a air leak it so spray WD40 at suspect areas while the motor is idling, if you get a spike in your idle then you've found the leak, pull the ignition cover off and do there also. Could very well be that suspect base gasket.
  4. Will the bikes and 4 wheeled machines share the same course?
  5. I think you may be a bit confused what type of land is being discusses here since New Jersey is one of ten states that does NOT have any national forest land nor BLM land for that matter. A state park is not the same as most public lands(BLM and USFS), it is much more redistricted and regulated plus 123,000 acres is VERY VERY small to the vast tracts of land out west. To give you a perspective my local national forest here in central Oregon 1.8 MILLION acres..
  6. Race tech compression base valves on bottom
  7. Yes. I pulled both seals and run 100mm for oil level. The Race Tech base valve conversion works great if you want to take it a step further.
  8. Get the slide cut to #6.
  9. 40:1 with Klotz
  10. Yes, without the seal it will be converted to a open bath fork and work so much better.
  11. Sugar City GP 6/9-6/10 outside of Sweet Home, Oregon
  12. I have a 17 husky TC250, and have rode the YZ250X and thought it felt great. And if you think your carb sucks its because of how you have it set up, my mikuni works GREAT. No opinion on the air forks as I am not running them.
  13. Shedd GP and sprint enduro this weekend, near Corvallis.
  14. That would mean they are retro fitting estart onto the heavy 20 year old motor so I hope that is not the case.
  15. While at a recent yamaha demo day, the hosting rep told us "the 19' yz250x will have estart", sure hope this is fact and not a guess on his part.