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  1. Why are you only considering models with wide ratio transmissions?
  2. I've rode china hat the last two days, if we don't get any more moisture this week expect the north end to be dusty by the weekend. There is still some snow down south, pretty awesome in between.

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  5. If you like to rev then the 250 is a better fit. The TX250 would feel less snappy but have broader power then your YZ, if you rode a YZ with a 7-9oz flywheel weight that would be somewhat similar. The TC has a 16oz lighter crank then the TX or TE, higher compression and more aggressive igintion timing so they run a lot stronger then the TX. They are also kick start only so they are much lighter. Much cheaper purchase price, it's the hidden gem of the KTM and Husky offerings IMO.
  6. The fad will be passing just like it did in the snowmobile world 15 years ago. If you're set on buying something rather then tuning your Mikuni buy a Keihin or JD jet kit.
  7. If you're coming off a YZ250 go for the TC. I personally do not like the TE's gappy wide ratio transmisson. The TC is lighter, and more powerful. The motors are VERY tuneable, it's at home riding MX on saturday and shredding singletrack on sunday. And just a FYI, most here that will reply here have never rode TC250.
  8. That is a tough height to be if you want to ride a full sized bike and the 200 will not feel any smaller then a 250. Have you considered a KDX200? They have a lower seat height and a thick seat with lots of room for cutting down, smoother powerband then the ktm 200, can be bought much cheaper.
  9. 32:1 here and I don't know anyone who runs less oil then 40:1 but who cares? There are more reasons to run more oil then less, crank longevity and ring seal for starters. If tuning strictly for HP then 24:1 has been proven time and time again. The manual was switched(2017 I believe) to 60:1 before it was 40:1, and a different oil. There are so many factors like flash points that very between oils that to tell someone to use a ratio that works for you, your jetting and your oil is just bad advice, just like the suggested jetting in KTM's owner manuals is terrible advice, that works for very, very, few.
  10. Emissions? Two strokes and most dirt bikes have been sold as closed course race machines for decades now and not subject to emission testing in the states. Many states do not even require emissions testing for vechicles, my state included. Fuel injection will only raise purchase price and cost to modify, and likely produce less power out of the box.
  11. 18 jetting won't work for most, ktm can't provide a bike that comes jetted perfectly for everyone. The easiest fix is JD jet kit and #5,5.75 or 6 slide. Updating the carb boot is a good idea for the 17 owners
  12. Needle jets R8, S4, S1, lean to richest. these with the slide selection are commonly over looked when tuning.
  13. What needle jet are you running? R8? I run a #6 slide with a S1 needle jet(richest) and for me I can only run a 30 pilot when temps and elevation are high. I like the combination of the richer 32.5 pilot and the leaner slide and needle jet, good grunt with smooth transition...
  14. A or B level mx replace under 20 or measure ring end gap and replace when out of spec.
  15. To get the mikuni to run to it's full potential you must tune all circuits for the bikes intended use, rider and climate. If you are only changing needles, main and the pilot jet you are leaving two tuning circuits completely stock and loosing potential to fine tune. I found the best improvement for me was selecting the proper slide and needle jet selection(#6 & S1). The Mikuni's are actually MORE tune-able then the Keihins that came on the KTM in the past because you have the ability to change the needle jet which was not a tuning option on the Keihins.