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  1. The pegs are ProTaper spi 2.3 platform pegs. Hope that helps!
  2. So far I have not. It definitely is hard on tires!
  3. Same here. Sometimes I think I’d like to pick up an old 125 for fun. Probably after one ride I’d be over it though.
  4. Only time will tell for sure, a few guys that were early buyers of 17’s that are active online have reported no noticeable decrease in performance in their bikes, but the total hours are still nowhere near 1000. Honestly how many people would ever even come close to those kind of hour numbers? The long term cost savings related to maintenance would likely not be realized by most people. You would notice the time savings from not having to do regular maintenance, that’s definitely a plus IMO.
  5. snydes

    ALTA Redshift MXR is the future

    Yeah, 30 Miles seems to be the average I’m hearing. If the range suits your individual riding habits than these are just fantastic IMO. For me it was a good fit. I already had a generator and I can run at a practice track all day long as long as I throw it on the charger when I’m taking a break. Now for a younger guy who stays out longer, takes shorter breaks, etc. than I don’t think one of these is a good fit... yet.
  6. It’s a bummer they didn’t finish the main event but with so few that actually do this was a good opportunity for them to get some valuable data with minimal risk to their image if something went wrong. They had a good qualifying time that put them on the front row, Jarvis wasn’t even on the front row, so that alone was respectable. A half hour into it he was 17th, I’d be interested to know his position when he ran out of juice.
  7. Ty was top 20 but didn’t make it to their calculated battery change point. Not bad for their first attempt at a race where only roughly two dozen out of 500 finish.
  8. Keep in mind these were not Ty Tremaine’s bikes, so even without Lyndon they are still racing.
  9. Around here they will steal a truck/van to use to steal the bikes, quads, side x sides. It was funny (not really but you know) recently a dealer had a big robbery, everything was on camera. He put the video up on Facebook and asked for people to keep an eye out for the truck in the video and someone posted back “Yeah, that’s my truck! It was stolen yesterday!”. So much for that. Sad that things are the way they are.
  10. snydes

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    And sometimes before you barely get out of the parking area!
  11. snydes

    Famous Reading Outdoors riding meetup thread

    They are too pretty when new. Best to go out there and scar it up as soon as possible before you get too use to seeing it like that!!
  12. snydes

    You asked...Alta delivers

    Yes, that was the first production year model. That’s a good question about the limp mode. What I do know is when the battery meter is depleted it’s still far from being “dead”, since running the batteries below a certain voltage will damage them. I was told there are a “ton of safeties” built in to prevent that from happening, which leads me to believe there is probably more battery potential available that they just might not be utilizing for the sake of staying a very safe distance from that danger zone.
  13. snydes

    You asked...Alta delivers

    Here is a thread documenting the experience from one of the first private individuals to own and ride a Redshift MX starting November 2016. It sounds like he regularly does 40 mile rides. Almost there. http://www.bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=505668
  14. snydes

    You asked...Alta delivers

    It would be very close to working for you now (as far as range), maybe too close but depending on how you ride it’s certainly not out of the question.