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  1. zodran

    big gun exhaust question

    I bought one of the new stainless steel headers to go with a big gun muffler I scored on ebay. The stainless ones have a tapered slip joint on each tube with the springs, much easier to get around the downtube that the old one piece ceramic coated ones. Running a cyclewizard ported head on my 05, and he's building me a big fin 720 motor for my 93.
  2. My little 6x10 would drag backing it up my steep driveway, never seemed to need the stabilizer jacks with so little hanging past the axle. I cut em off and used the mount for a bracket for casters I made from scrap uhmw polyethylene.
  3. zodran

    Oil problem

    You mean it's blowing oil out the exhaust? That's not good.. How much oil are you having to add, and how often?
  4. zodran

    "head guy"

    Another testimonial for CW, running one of his ported heads on my 05xrl, he knows his stuff! He's also doing a 720 motor for me that will go back in my 93xrl.
  5. zodran

    xr650l rear fender racks.

    I like the looks of manracks.com rubicon rack, it flows with the lines of the bike.
  6. zodran

    XR600 Tank

    Mine is the same, 3-1/4", Thanks!
  7. zodran

    XR600 Tank

    Could you measure how wide the tunnel part is that fits over the frame backbone? I'll do the same on one of my L's and we'll know for sure what the diff, if any, is. I've seen the mount kit for xr400, the front mounts are different than what you need for an L. I kinda think they are all the same tank, just different mount hardware, but would like to know for certain.
  8. zodran


    Factory Effex makes temperature stickers, buddy put one on top of his clutch cover on a wr250, Thanks Rick! 250 deg max I was loathe to spend $48 on a temp dipstick, so took a cue from some guys on ADV who made their own with digital themometers. I have a 99 cent analog pocket test thermometer on the way, not sure if it will read high enough.
  9. zodran

    XR600RK Extended Range Tank

    I'm not familiar with the xr600, the 650L stock tank mounts at two pins on either side of the frame. Those don't get used with the acerbis, it uses a bracket that fits over the upper motor mount, at the rear like the stock tank, and two brackets that fit where the stock tank air deflector wings bolted up. I imagine it could be made to fit, but won't be a direct bolt on like IMS or Clarke. I have 5.8's on both my xrls.
  10. As I recall on the bracket legs that lay up against the inside of the tank, one leg goes forward and one backward. I had an IMS originally, then a Clarke, and now Acerbis 5.8's. I bent up a little longer brace for the shifter side of the IMS to get a little more clearance.
  11. Take a number.. . http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=562733
  12. I think it was "primary drive" or something like that, somebodys house brand of o-ring that was shot in 6 months. I'll never buy another, put a RK x-ring a couple years ago and it's still fine.
  13. You can get little solar powered vent fans off ebay, they're around $20-25, they might work for you. They're about 6" diameter.
  14. zodran

    Need a pic of a 130 rear tire.

    I like my "chevy" tire. 140 908RR
  15. zodran

    650L seat is killing me

    Handlebars set high enough? I have a Renazco on the 610 and a travelcade gel seat on the xrl. I picked up a waffle seat pad a while back that really works, got mine at Wally but here's the website. $20 http://roadmasterusa.com/product.php?p=RGSC100 I rode about 1600 miles in CO last month and almost 350 saturday afternoon, all with the waffle pad.