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  1. CHEV

    Suspension linkage play

    Take the linkage out and pop the seals and take a look at the bearings, whens the last time it was serviced? Clean and grease your linkage about every 6 months or so, the bearings will last allot longer.
  2. Hi, I am replacing my bearings and races in my 2005 CRF450r linkage and I am having a problem with getting the races out on the dog bone, they just won't budge. I have read that you can push them out the "long" way, haven't tried it yet. I have tried heating the dogbone up a bit, used PB blaster even though the races and bearings were not all that bad, rusty, etc. I tried a small press to see if the races would press in a bit to break them loose and no go. Anyone with any advice on this? Thanks
  3. CHEV

    CRF450 Intake shim question

    absolutely doesn't, that's why i am posting this question. That equation came from the manual.
  4. I am reshimming my 450 and I am having a problem with the calculations, well, not the calculations but the results I am getting and looking for the correct shim. This is what I have according to the manual., My clearance on my right side is showing .076mm or 003 I believe on the feel gauge, and the shim that's currently there is a 1.20mm as I can see it on the shim itself. So mathematically according to the manual that's (.076mm - 0.16mm) + 1.20mm = 1.284 for the new shim size, So, looking at the available shims because I don't want to buy the whole kit, I see going up from 1.20, available would be 1.25,1.30,1.40 etc. Calculator here http://crfsonly.com/calculators shows 1.116 for the math which is off from my math. Just wondering if someone can comment on my calculations... Appreciative thanks Joe
  5. CHEV

    Dungy to KTM?

    I am sure that RD wants to sign him, but I doubt that Dungey is going to ride a 350? SO KTM would have to MOD something out for him that they don't have? Also, why would Suzuki give him up? I would like to see Dungey go to Honda and give grant up. Dungey and Canard would make a badass honda team, and Honda could probably afford it.
  6. CHEV

    Chad Reed is a beast!!!!

    I have never been that much of a fan, but that dude has so much heart and determination, you can't take anything away from him. Glad to see he is ok.
  7. CHEV

    Shut down ! more X Games ??( Josh Hill hurt )

    man, I watched an eposide of bubbas world where he got stopped by the team manager from doing one of those into a foam pit, where were they with Hill. Anyway, racers are racers, not free style guys, I like josh hill and all but he got what he deserved for doing such a stupid ass move like that.. What is he trying to accomplish anyway? in the world of freestyle the backflip is a basic move now adays...
  8. I am thinking of going up see the race and was wondering if there are any decent hotels close to the track in the area that someone would recommend. I have already checked out the hotels on the website, would rather have a recommendation from a fellow TT'er.. Thanks for any imput..
  9. JL has played to many games, takeout moves, etc on RD, as far as I am concerned JL had it coming to him from the past, it wasn't hard enough this time around as far as I am concerned, RD should have put him over the berm...
  10. CHEV

    Mike Alessi

    Must have been the rear shock on those Suzuki’s
  11. CHEV

    Mike Alessi

    Sure sounds like it to me. He has a contract w/ KTM to race a 350. Whatever his reasons were for going back to KTM don't really matter. He is paid to do what is in his KTM contract. You may not like the SX or MX only contracts but you should learn to deal w/ it. Pro athletes are bound by their contracts and there are usually big penalties for breach of contract. MAX!!! I have no issues with the super cross only deals riders make especially as they get into there mid 20's "Believe the Hype"
  12. CHEV

    5 More Years of Ralph Sheheen

    Yup, also the nationals where Ricky and David Baily were in on it together, Bring DB back and ditch Jeff emig....Kawi this, kawi that, when I was this, when I was that, I don't really feel him..
  13. CHEV

    Mike Alessi

    Correct, there must be 400 KTM350's available for purchase (homogulation???) for the bike to be legal for Pro AMA Competition. As others have stated, who cares, he is doing what he gets paid to do... Train, Test, and Race. Looking forward to his return to the hole shots:lol: MAX!!! Oh I care, he has the potential in being a champion, I couldn't care less on what he gets paid to do, from a spectators perspective its been very clear in recent years that some pros are just riding for the pay check. I drive, fly, & pay to see competition and racing like many other fans do and not to watch the top pros in the world do practice laps in a race because they get paid to much for doing nothing. RC has commented publically as well; so this isn't ass talk...IMO every team manager/owner should be like Mitch Payton, you know if you are on his team for more then a year you are earning it...
  14. CHEV

    Mike Alessi

    whelp, rideing and doing a few local races is one thing, he is doing the whole series and skipping the sx season. I am sure there could be some up and coming locals that could do some bumping and grinding with him for a few laps. Doesn't really do anything for him to race against slower riders, and the laps are differernt, I think 5? so...***..