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  1. BumGuy8

    Dove Springs, Rowher or Gorman Nov. 5?

    ya ill be in gorman too tomorrow... but iv been checkin the weather and it says wind around 25mph!? how is the riding with that kind of wind... i havent been there in a year or 2 and all i remember about the weather was the cold...
  2. BumGuy8

    1997 kx250 advice

    You should get it.... got my first bike last year 2001 kx250 and am doing just fine.... sometimes even would like a little more power... ridden friends 125's and they seem a little slow, so you'll regret getting a smaller bike especially when you start to get better
  3. BumGuy8

    Bigger rear tire?

    yea i gota problem myself... what if a 110 came stock on my 250 2 stroke and i drop down to a 100??? i already am experiencing alot of wheel spin so i think im gonna regret it
  4. BumGuy8

    I need an '04 subframe

    i also myself neeeeeed a subframe for a 2001 kx250