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  1. dirtbikersa

    14T front Sprocket on RM250 -

    Thanks for reply. I tried to install one and the chain buffer was in the way. So I would have to remove it and then remove some of the buffer before I can get the sprocket to fit. Not a big deal but never bothered and just put a 13T back on. I want to try a 14:51 combo..
  2. dirtbikersa

    14T front Sprocket on RM250 -

    Anyone running a 14T front sprocket on their RM250? Does it fit without any modificationS?
  3. New RM's have pretty much dried up down here too. I saw a new one on the dealer floor a couple of months back but from what I heard Suzuki no longer have stock of the 2 strokes, they have pretty much sold what they had left.
  4. dirtbikersa

    Another Clavicle Question -

    Had a fall on the 28/01/13 and sustained a midshaft left clavicle fracture with inferior displacement and some overlap of the distal fracture fragment. Besides the clavicle I also fractured my 4th rib and had a pneumothorax that was successfully treated with a chest drain. I went to a public hospital were I was advised that no ORIF was needed and that conservative management would be sufficient. I am sure it might of healed itself but I need to return to work ASAP so I insisted that I get ORIF. They gave me a referral to a private clinic where the doctor was happy to go ahead with ORIF. 1 week later I had the operation (not the best x-ray) - OPERATIVE RECORD - A transverse skin incision over the clavicle was performed and the fracture was identified and debrided of fine comminution and early callus to facilitate reduction. The clavicle was provisionally fixed with a K-wire and then a 7 hole LCP plate was applied. POST OPERATIVE CARE - Sling for six weeks, however the patient can come out for elbow range of motion and pendular shoulder range of motion. So my question - It is now exactly a week later and my shoulder feels great. I have not tried lifting it up above my shoulder or doing any major movements but I feel like I should start using my arm more and not just keep it in the sling all the time so my shoulder does not seize up. I have no pain what so ever when my arm is out of the sling. It seems like the doctor is being over precautios by saying that I need to keep my arm in the sling for 6 weeks. I don't intend on getting back on the bike any time soon.
  5. dirtbikersa

    2006 RM 250 Build Thread...

    Nice build. I have also had a couple of nice RM's. Here is my current one - Since this photo I have gone with black rear fender and black side number boards, and also got some RG3 triple clamps. Looking at tearing it down soon and doing a full rebuild once I can use my arm again. Currently sitting at home after breaking my clavicle, ribs and collapsed lung..
  6. dirtbikersa

    Reprogramming stock ECU 2013

    Pretty sure the stock ECU can be reprogrammed. Not sure what the rules are regarding stock class but not sure if you would gain much without adding pipe, cams etc.
  7. dirtbikersa

    JD jetting kit in a 2008 RM250

    Are these Kits worthwhile? What are the advantages?
  8. dirtbikersa

    RMZ Rebates!

    $8990 down here, hopefully getting one before end of month.
  9. dirtbikersa

    What year did Suzuki stop developing the rm 250

    anyone using a Yamaha piston in there 07+ RM250?
  10. dirtbikersa


    no they don't fit, different size axle.
  11. dirtbikersa

    Who has the most hours on a 2012 RMZ250?

    friend has over 100hrs on his and still going strong!
  12. dirtbikersa

    Rm 125 or rmz 250

    RM125 for sure, I get envious watching the kids riding 125's at the track, especially when they are hauling a$$!
  13. dirtbikersa

    Anyone with a 2013 RMZ250

    anyone else with feedback that has a '13 RMZ250?
  14. I had also run a Y22 dome for sometime with no problems even on pump gas (we get 98 octane) but ran better on Avgas for sure. Will be interested to see what clearance reading you get when you replace your piston.
  15. dirtbikersa

    Carbon Build-up on Outside of Exhaust

    Try some oven cleaner, let it sit on there for a while and then use scotch bright and rub it off. Should come off pretty easy.