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  1. i put a 13:5:1 in my 07 and i dident really feel any difference i even had a couple really fast guys ride it they said they dont feel a difference eather i do think it makes it a little louder but not much
  2. my mom made me get one so i dont snap my neck and i dont like it u cant really move ur head but im sure if i have a bad fall ill quickly change my mind
  3. whats wit the two peoples heads in that second to last pic
  4. it aint much but its all i got coming in for a landing
  5. i dont know if this is what you call anger but her you go
  6. that must of sucked i know thats what my friends wound of done and i think you should change the title cause i thought it mean sum else
  7. i guesse im part of ur group then
  8. ive been having that problem for a while and 2 days ago i think i complety fried my clutch i just ordered a clutch kit and ill c what happens
  9. i have that 2 but its only on the right side
  10. but then dont u have to tie it down or sumthing
  11. i just bought new scott grips for my bike this morning tryed putting them on and riped bolth of them i used the scott glue and heated them up before i put them on and i just couldent get them more then half way im going to go out and get another pair tommorow but will this be long enouf im riding tommorow also
  12. what kind of chain lube do i use on a did x ring chain can i just use any type of mx chain lube
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