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  1. ZICK

    will terraflex fit

    It fits and I personally think it's the best dot rear knobbie you can get.
  2. THANK YOU SIR!!!! :excuseme: :worthy: :lol: :lol: :lol: :confused: I can't wait for the parts to get here!!!!
  3. Thanks, I just ordered a set of them from him for $184.00. I was on the fence on it but I guess it's a solid investment. Thank you for your input. I was planning on starting with those setting and dialing it in closer from there. I was hoping that maybe I would find someone who has this exact set up already dialed in for 1000'ft above sea level. Might save me a little time with the set up. Either way I'll get it. Just a matter of playing with it a bit. Thanks again!!
  4. I have a 2005 drz400 s. It has about 5k miles and has a 3x3 mod and manual cam chain tensioner, but is other wise a stock engine, intake and exhaust are stock. I have searched the jetting data base and have a pretty good idea of how I want to set this up but wanted some input to help me make some final decisions on jetting and additional parts. I could not find the exact match for what I planned on doing. But I found some that are simular and wanted some valuable input to help me w/ some final decisions. I want to make this a good woods bike with the focus on the low end. I got a deal on the stage 1 exhaust cam so yes it will rev a bit more too. I couldn't find a good deal on an e-exhaust cam and I lost patience. I have about 5k miles on the stock set up and decided this is the year to turn it up a bit. I'll be riding at around 1000' above sea level. I just purchased: yosh rs3 ss full system hot cams stage 1 intake and exhaust cams e base gasket dj jet kit twin air filter I have the stock carb right now and want to set it up with that. FCR might come next year or for Christmas. As stated above I could not find an exact jetting match for all the parts I'm adding at my elevation. I did find some that were close. 142.5 main 25 pilot jet 4th clip from top 2.5 turns out. That seems to be a decent generic base line to start with. But the jetting settings I found in the jetting data base do not list hot cams or the e base gasket that I plan on using at 1000' of elevation. I'm not sure if these will make these setting too lean. Second of all do you think I have created a weak link with my valves or valve springs? Any recomedations on a good set of valves? Do I need them? Any suggestions for the set up, tuning or additional parts is welcome. As noted before I did search the data base and it is a wealth of knowledge. I think it has me pointed in the right direction but I think I will need some fine tuning with my additional parts. Any guess on my final HP/Torque numbers?? Just curious. I only have access to the seat of my pants dyno. Thank you all in advance for any input. Eddie, if you chime in I would be honered to hear your advise directly. I don't want to burden you with PM's since you are a resource that is spread very thin. Thanks again!! :excuseme:
  5. Their are allot of good front tires. The MT21 , Dunlop 756 to name 2. But for the rear I only get 1 tire. It wears great, once it's broken in it works good on pavement. I haven't found a better knobbie in sand or mud. I don't think their is a better DOT rear knobbie out there. It's gotta be a TerraFlex II for me. It is a little pricey, but I think it fits the DRZ well. Let's face it, these are not 200lbs motocross bikes. This is the best all around package for the money. So with that said I go for the best do it all rear tire. It is a little heavy. But a little dampering adjustment and it makes up for allot of it. If you never had one this thing is a beast. It gets great traction and acts like a flywheel once it's turning. Just my 2 cents..
  6. ZICK

    I can't wait till Christmas day

    This was my 1st mini bike.. I still have it and have used it as a pit bike from time to time. Allot of great memories and it created a life long passion.. Benelli Buzzer 65cc 1968 http://www.benelli.nl/gallery_benelli_mini_bikes.htm My aunt gave this bike to my brother who then had no choice but to let me on it when i was around 5.. I lived on a farm and we had no paved roads. I learned to ride this before I knew how to ride a peddle bike. Learning young creates good instincts that make us better drivers as adults. It's not just a gift they will love you for and then forget like so many toys we had in our childhood. It's a gift that creates a valuable skill set and a life long Hobby. I've had a few other bikes and some pretty good adventures.. But nothing like the ones I had when I was 5, 6, 7, 8 yrs old.. I use to play "Chips" with my other friends who had peddle bikes and big wheels when I wasn't exploring the farm. Great memories.. I don't have any children, but when I do, the Benelli is going to get a long overdue overhaul and a whole new life.
  7. ZICK

    Anyone taken a driving test on the DRZ?

    Yes, It was simple. It took 10 minutes once the tester came out. The DRZ with deathwings is a very forgiving road bike. As long as you don't have problems with the height. I had to do 4 figure 8's in a area a little bigger than a parking spot and it was a joke.. idle in, roll on the clutch through the corner, bump the clutch, roll though the corner, bump the clutch, etc... Simple and the drz has pretty good balance.. If you are nervous about stalling turn the idle up a little..
  8. ZICK

    Keep bronco in your thoughts

    Good Idea.. Anyone Know where to send him a care package once he is over there? Magazines, supplies like alcohol wipes, good gun lube, etc.
  9. ZICK

    What you need to know about oil....

    You guys are silly.. 2 in 1 house hold oil rocks!! If you can't find that kill a sperm whale every 500 miles and render what you need!!
  10. ZICK

    Keep bronco in your thoughts

    Thank you and god bless you Sir.
  11. ZICK

    Hello from Iraq

    Thank you Sir!! Dam glad to say it too..
  12. ZICK

    Cheap ass but smart, functional luggage?

    try this for cheap http://froogle.google.com/froogle?hl=en&q=Jet%20Logic%20Saddlebag%20Cooler%20&btnG=Google+Search&sa=N&tab=wf I bought these from dicks for under $40.00 Jet logic saddle bag cooler. They will hold a case of SODA, 12 pack in each side loaded right out. but better yet they are pretty water proof and even padded a little from the insulation. I also bought a cheap caselogic tank bag with a map window for $20.00 or so from pep boys. Both pretty cheap..
  13. ZICK

    Stand kill for roadworthy

    The kill switch works when the bike is in gear.. I can have my stand down, start the bike in nuetral get on and with the clutch in and the kick stand down, if i click into 1st it shuts the bike off. Hope that helps.
  14. That was Priceless lol!! I once loaded my bike up a ramp w/ too much speed and then when i hit the brake the rubber bed matt wadded up and pushed up the the front of the bed.. I almost went over the bars. But i didn't.. So you got me beat by a long shot..
  15. ZICK

    Going Olive Drab on Fang

    A gilly suit for a gas tank.. Brilliant!!