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  1. MuckSavage

    1996 Dr350

    Yep, watch your oil level. Low level will kill the cam journals & a replacement head is getting up in $$$$$
  2. MuckSavage

    NJ Dual Sport Meet Up

  3. MuckSavage

    NJ Dual Sport Meet Up

    Drew, A DRZ400 is completely legal on State Forest roads provided it is tagged, registered & insured. What someone else said, grab a map at Atsion or Batsto Ranger Station. Also. almost all roads on a GPS or Topo Map will be legal unless posted.
  4. MuckSavage

    99 350se oversize tank not draining

    Nice work! I have the same bike/tank & wondered the same.....can I turn the inlet to like the 10:00 position
  5. MuckSavage

    NJ Dual Sport Meet Up

    Subscribed & hoping to meet up. I'm in Turnersville
  6. MuckSavage

    New Jersey Riding

    At 48 & having been off of 2 wheels for far too many years, all I can say is "Me too"
  7. MuckSavage

    New Jersey Riding

    I'll quote this from another forum. This in particular applies to Wharton SF, but is true for public lands. "Just to remind everyone what the laws are, in short motor vehicles must stay on the "Established Public Roads". You will start to see the Signs placed at Park entrances soon (pic 2). The definition of what a road is, is still being worked on, but to be clear, single track and firecuts are definitely not roads, and you will be ticketed, or worse if caught on them."
  8. MuckSavage

    New Jersey Riding

    Not a wildlife preserve but wildlife management area (WMA). It is legat for a plated/insured bike. Fire trails & single track are not legat riding on state lands. Winslow has nice roads thiugh Not a wildlife preserve but wildlife management area (WMA). It is legat for a plated/insured bike. Fire trails & single track are not legat riding on state lands. Winslow has nice roads though
  9. MuckSavage

    Eco-terrorists in NJ Pine Barrens

    Info here; https://forums.njpinebarrens.com/threads/eco-terrorism-in-the-pines.10916/
  10. I've been notified by some on Jeep & Geocaching boards that someone is placing spikes in puddles. & across fire trails in the pines. Be careful out there. If you find one, please call NJ State Park Police.
  11. MuckSavage

    DR350SE taillight/turn signal options

    Hello all, I recently bought a ' 98 DR350SE. The previous owner removed the rear turn signals and replaced the brake/running/license plate light with a strange LED tail light. I want to mount a legit tail/brake light/ license plate & light as well as rear turn signals. I've seen the ebay specials but worry about their quality & fitment. Can anyone point me to these items that look & work pretty decent & don't look like something from the Dollar Store. Thanks in advance. Pics would help!
  12. MuckSavage

    Newbie with a DR 350ES

    I guess you'd have to decide if the $60 is worth the alternate......buying & carrying a quality aftermarket lock device.
  13. MuckSavage

    Newbie with a DR 350ES

    The owners manual for a '98 states that the fork lock key has no number on the key or the lock. The # was on a tag attached to the 2 keys. Sorry, not much help
  14. MuckSavage

    DR350SE Owner's Manual

    Digging up an old thread, but want to say "thanks" to those that scanned & posted the owners manual. I hope to buy a '98 Dr350Se this weekend.
  15. MuckSavage

    Ford problems(I know...)

    I'll agree. I had the same problem with my old 6 cyl. 1990 F150 & my current 351W 1990 F150. I think the fuel pump relay is the Brown one (if it hasn't been switched out) Also. Make sure you have a good ground on the rad support adjacent to the battery. Speaking of the battery, is it secured? The 6 cyl.'s battery once slid & mashed the wires that run next to the battery (along the pass. fender) & busted one of the wires. (Just my weird experiences after logging 450k miles in '90 F150's.