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  1. 2wheels-drz

    Banjo Bolts

    there bolts that play a kick ass country tune!!
  2. 2wheels-drz

    ktm 200exc 33bhp?

    Its UK law, you are restricted to a bike of less than 33bhp for 3years after passing your motorcycle test..... you can buy universal restriction kits that should fit. get it fitted and insurence stamped buy the bike shop, then remove it..
  3. 2wheels-drz

    Do you let your trucks warm up?

    Really? I was always told the other way about, in diesel engines you start and go because diesel fuel has a high lubricant factor, petrol does not, so u let them warm up. Maybe it’s different in the states because on the high sulphur levels in the diesel out there.
  4. 2wheels-drz

    MX bike haulin..In a van??!?

    lol if u think the sprinter is big inside you guys should look up ford iveco daily XLWB, these things have about another 1ft-2ft of length, and it makes a surprising difference.. i must post some pics of our 99 iveco 2.8TD. is not that fancy inside, but it does us well!...o and it gets 24mpg with two bikes and kit(if u drive easy)
  5. 2wheels-drz

    MX bike haulin..In a van??!?

    Vans are the only way to haul bikes over here, wot with diesel as £1.20 a Litre:eek: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CONVERT-YOUR-MERCEDES-TO-A-SPORTSHOME-RACEVAN_W0QQitemZ270222890013QQihZ017QQcategoryZ14256QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Most people have a set up like this like above, either for one bike or two.. good for 30mpg, and 110mph. is there no sprinters or ivecos in the states??
  6. 2wheels-drz

    Transit Vs. Vito

    lol the yanks aint gonna help ya cause there don't have them vans over there... but we do... transits are loud and rattle alot... but will for ever!! vitos are just ok, do surfer reliablity problems at 120k or more, mwb or swb sprinters are far better and come in about the same price.... i would suggest looking at the renault traffic, or similar... excellent van, and can map the 2.5tdi to over 200bhp nice.....
  7. 2wheels-drz

    racing, work, school and colitis question?

    Hey guys... seeing this thread is back from the dead again, i thought it would be best to give another update. jan-nov 07, everything was perfect. Was on azathioprine (6mp) and things could not get better. Had moved away from home, to start a CNC machine/mechanical engineering apprenticeship. oct 07 - things started to go down hill again, i could feel the early on set problems that i had gotten used too. I went straight to my doctor, and he more or less said, 'when do u want to set a date for the op'. I explained that under no circumstances do I want to have the op, at 18 its just not the right time. he put me in touch with another doctor who recommended I tried remicade. Remicade is still pretty new here, it has only be licensed for the use on ulcerative colitis for the past 6 months, so i am one of the first/youngest to receive it for UC. It’s like a wonder drug, with in two treatments of it my symptoms are gone, and I feel far better than ever before. so far i have had 3 treatments of it and I’m still on the azathioprine, but now face a decision, either to continue getting a remicade top up at every 8 weeks, or not, and wait to see what happens. i only got my 3rd a week ago so have some time to think about it. But at least things are back on track… er again..
  8. 2wheels-drz

    Aluminium fuel tank

    http://www.gmxradiators.co.uk They mainly make radiators, but do some awesome alloy tanks etc etc... i had one on my wr 400. it had been designed to hold less fuel and be less bulky.
  9. 2wheels-drz

    what did you accomplish in 2007

    ate christmas dinner for the first time in two years....a result of (hopefully) beating ulcerative colitis and Raced the superbiker event in mettet belguim.
  10. 2wheels-drz

    sm in cambridgeshire(uk) wot u got?

    www.visordown.com see in the supermoto section, that is where all the english, irish scots welsh are.....
  11. 2wheels-drz

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    my dream bike!!
  12. 2wheels-drz

    Front supermoto brake ? is this good

    thats a very good setup, bout the only thing that is better is a full beringer setup. They both will cost u a lot thou, about 1K U.S as above. I personally run a 4pot Pretech, its a direct copy of the beringer 4pot only its made for a 320mm disc, then combined with a 13mm master cylinder. its not as good as a real beringer setup but the best for my money.
  13. 2wheels-drz

    I need participants for two medical studies

    i'm willing to help. never had any knee injurys, can't wear knee braces due to having to wear full supermoto leathers.
  14. 2wheels-drz

    Leaky water pump

    oil seal is enough to keep the water out. i no, logic says no, but seriously works with out any problem. even seen in done on crf's aswell. U are better getting the problem sorted in the long run, but it does as a quick fix.
  15. 2wheels-drz

    07 450 ????

    We have a husaberg 650 in our garage and the oil always come out put black in it no matter wat. u could but fresh oil in, start for 5mins and it would still be black, and apparently there all like that, or so i'm told. (However said bike has just done the mains this weekend but thats a berg problem) my yzf oil comes out same colour it went in... I would not worry too much if everything is in check and bike is running fine.