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  1. Pincushion

    What do I need to ride my bike on trails in ID?

    Attached to a hippo 🤑 OP, where are you planning on riding in ID? mtdirtbag, how's the riding in your neck of the woods? I have all the MVUM's for the area and don't see a ton of trails, but enough to make things interesting. Is there 3-4 days worth of riding in the Flathead without relocating camp too many times? Thanks!
  2. Pincushion

    Help! Where to Ride in NW USA in early February

    A very quality and unique riding trip would be a few days in Tillamook, a few days at Coos Bay (Florence is no bueno) and then China Hat. That would for sure scratch your itch for some unique riding experiences. Tillamook/Trask won't be so unique to you, but it's quality and has only gotten better in recent years, so you should check it out. Coos Bay and China Hat will flip your lid the first time you experience them.
  3. Pincushion

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    I got to inspect and test ride the hippo yesterday and was super impressed with it. You've all seen the build pics and know the level of effort and fabrication required to build it, but seeing and riding the machine takes my appreciation to a whole new level. The bike feels rock solid and I quickly forgot it was a home build consisting of multiple frames and endless fabrication. It feels and operates like you'd expect a production machine to and the layout is very comfortable. Also, the attention to detail is top notch as is the purpose built nature of everything.... best saw mount I've ever seen, removable receiver, etc. It's difficult to describe the ride in words. It feels like sitting a quad (duh...quad frame and seat) and the big balloon tires give it that 'floaty' feel like a quad, but that's where the similarities end. I didn't ride it long or in a variety of terrain, but I can say that on soft dirt the beast is unstoppable. It went straight up every hill I pointed it at with zero wheel spin or the front end getting light. It simply eats hills and then asks for more. Riding it on a side-hill was a hoot.....I was a little nervous at first, but quickly relaxed once I realized how much grip the tires have. The low center of gravity really shines here and keeping the bike on the trail was a non-issue. The old girl works and works good! Many thanks to ITLKSEZ for building it and letting me try it out! Now I want one 🤔 Once the winch is installed you can probably make some decent scratch towing idiots out of the woods. Just post up on Lemonade peak and tow unknowing fools out of deadmans gulch🤑
  4. Pincushion

    15 300xc w/ kyb forks. Spring rate ?'s

    I'm afraid not and the bike is completely apart for service. I knew the spring was too soft, so I never bothered to measure the sag...oops. I spoke to someone on a different forum who weighs the same and has a 2015 Husky 350 and he says his sag is 103/32 with a 60nm spring.
  5. Pincushion

    The "Fat Hippo" utility bike build

    Voted you're slaying them! 40% of the vote
  6. Pincushion

    15 300xc w/ kyb forks. Spring rate ?'s

    Thanks! I know the truth lies in the sag numbers, but I dont want to go poor finding the right springs to get me there. It appears Slaven's is simply following the formula provided by KTM in the owners manual: 65-75kg = 51nm 75-85 = 54 85-95 = 57 95-105 = 60 Do you think KTM recommends these numbers due to the bike being sold as a race bike vs trail bike? Does the 300xcw spec softer springs due to it being spec'd for trail duty? Just trying to figure things out..... thank you!
  7. Hi all. Doing suspension service on the 2015 300xc with kyb sss forks and stock shock. I weight about 220 fully geared up and am an advanced level trail rider in rocky terrain. The bike (while under sprung) feels very balanced front to back and I dont want that to change. I already have some .48 fork springs, which should be right about what I need for the front. Now for the rear.... Race Tech says 5.6kg while Slavens says 60N/MM (which converts to 6.1kg). That's quite the dramatic swing in numbers. Anyone care to chime in on which spring rates you would recommend for me? It would be nice to use the .48 fork springs I currently own, but I can sell/trade them if that's not the desired rate for me. Thanks!
  8. Pincushion

    gap measurement

  9. Pincushion

    THE KYB SSS Fork Offroad Revalve

    These forks are from a 2014 Husky cr125 (before they were KTM) and installed on a 15 300xc. These forks are a tremendous upgrade over the 4cs that were on there, but they're a bit on the stiff side for trail riding. Anyone care to look at this stack and provide any advice? 190lb (no gear), moderate-fast paced trail rider. Very rough and rocky terrain. .42 springs base 32x17 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 17 (thick) washer x 2 11x2 mid 20 x 4 17 x 3 11 x 2 17 x 3 reb 20 x 4 14 18 16 14 11.2 (measured .441", which converted to 11.2mm. Did I goof?) 10
  10. Pincushion

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Snow levels around 3k' in E WA/N ID. I'm at 2600' and can see it lingering in the hills just above me. Lookout summit reporting 20" base today.....almost time for snow bikes season. Except that I dont have one 😧 I did get some new ski's and snowblower this week, so bring that shit on!
  11. Pincushion


    We went for haunted Palouse and it was rad. The hay ride line was right in front of the caboose and they were doing well that night. Small town America is so cool!
  12. Pincushion


    McCroskey isn't even worth the gas. Might as well go to marble creek and make it worth it! I was in Palouse last Sat night and Coug fever was at high pitch. These east side mofo's aren't fair weather fans, that's for sure.
  13. Pincushion

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Finally made it to Stevens peak without cloud cover and was not disappointed. We ran into snow and some late season downfall, so be prepared out there. Also... bear grass, snow and steep side hill trails is pure comedy! I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud in my helmet
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