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  1. keviwa

    Foresthill camping experience

    If you are referring to Sugar Pine lake camp grounds, no you cant ride to the trails from there. A little ways past Parker Flat is Morning Star Lake. We have camped there and then rode to the trails. We always stay in one of the first couple of sites that are closest to the entrance and closest to the trails. They get pissed if you stay deep in the camp ground sites and ride out.
  2. keviwa

    Northern CA guys, looking for tour guide

    Rode the Rubicon Once on a old 86 XR 250X....Never again. Still, its a bucket list thing that everyone should try once.
  3. keviwa

    2004 crf250x stage one hot cam valve clearance

    Great point. If you set you clearance at .012 & .028 INCHES instead of MILLIMETERS, theres your problem.
  4. keviwa

    2004 crf250x stage one hot cam valve clearance

    Correct. My bad. I was thinking American Standard. DUH!...Nobody said there was going to be MATH!
  5. keviwa

    2004 crf250x stage one hot cam valve clearance

    I contacted Hot Cams about their specs. Here is their answer. Our specs may be different than Honda’s. Our specs are Intake .12mm and Exhaust .28mm. Thats double OEM!
  6. keviwa

    2004 crf250x stage one hot cam valve clearance

    Great boost in the low to mid range. Top end is about the same. I rarely hit the limiter as I prefer to ride the slow tight nasty single track stuff so the top end was not a big deal for me. A lot of people go with the 05 R cam as it is a straight drop in with out having to change springs for our bike years. With the R cam you lose bottom end and gain mid to top. The stage II cam is like the R cam. All depends where you want the power.
  7. keviwa

    2004 crf250x stage one hot cam valve clearance

    I have the Stage 1 in my 06 X. I just dropped it in and checked it for spec using the stock clearances. Runs great with no problems at all.
  8. keviwa

    Honda 2005 CRF250X failed Cam Chain Tensioner

    I have not read anywhere about a tensioner failure. I'd go with OEM. With a manual, it seems you would have to adjust it as the chain wears. there are "special tools" out there to hold the OEM unit but I just use a standard screwdriver and locking pliers to hold it while working on the top end.
  9. keviwa

    Cam Identification

    My stage 1 HotCam has their part # cast into it.
  10. keviwa

    2005 CRF250X Carburetor Problems

    You may have dropped a jet. Meaning that the pilot or main have backed out partialy or completely fallen out. Just a thought as you mentioned that a shop did some jet work. It happened to me. You will know as soon as you take the bowl off. Good luck.
  11. keviwa

    Riding near San Francisco/San Jose

    Check out www.riderplanet.com it will give you all the info you need.
  12. keviwa

    Acerbis Skidplate

    Take a look at Flatlands!
  13. Looks she might be packin' two nice pillows right now!
  14. keviwa

    You Know you're getting old WHEN. . . ?

    When the Monster girls are the same age as your grand daughter! .....first thought...Holy Sh*t, look at her! Second thought....Stop it you Perv! DAM!!!