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  1. SID013

    Do solenoid & starter buttons go

    Pull the starter button apart and check for corrosion. I had an ‘09 530-EXC & it wouldn’t start. Replaced lots of expensive stuff before I looked at the button which isn’t sealed and turned out to be corroded. Discovered it supplies power to the coil as well as the starter & while it would crank over it wouldn’t fire. Replaced it & bingo it started.
  2. SID013

    Wr headlight

    Hi mate, This company in Australia does aftermarket full headlights or replacement inserts. https://www.mxstore.com.au/search/?q=WR+Headlight
  3. SID013

    New member 2018 Ktm 300xc problems 2.5hr

    I’ve had a number of new KTM’s now from 4 to 2 strokes & they have all dropped bits like that on the first service. Never had any issues & ran my last 300-EXC out to 110 hours with no rebuild & it was still strong as.
  4. Suzuki’s! Never owned one & never ridden one but guess when I was growing up (a long time ago now [emoji2]) none of the cool kids rode them. My dad offered to buy me a TS185 when I was 14 & I said no, I’d rather go without. Logic never figures into a young blokes mind. [emoji23]
  5. SID013

    Cold garage

    You’ve got a keeper there! It’s only one step away from the bedroom 🤣
  6. SID013

    Losing Motivation To Ride...?

    I get that way from time to time but never when I am riding, only when I am away from it. My biggest demotivator is being the only one who seems to be arranging rides & keeping everyone else motivated to ride.
  7. SID013

    Powervalve linkage arm adjustment?

    Have you tried Slavens Racing? I’m pretty sure I saw him do a video on YouTube showing how to set it.
  8. I’m a 56 year old who’s always loved his big bore 4-strokes. Had a 530-EXC then a 500-EXC before taking the plunge on my first 2-stroke in decades. I went for a ‘15 300-EXC 6 Days & loved it, very light & flickable & doesn’t tire you out like the 500. Thought I would miss the engine braking but the 300 has some but has excellent brakes. I did fit a gnarley pipe which made it even more torquey. Now on my 2nd 300 which is a ‘17 & also loving it. Won’t be going away from one for a while if ever. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  9. SID013

    What is this?

    You are correct! 👍🏽
  10. SID013

    2017 300 XC W

    I can confirm pivot pegs from pre-17 don't fit. [emoji19] I have a set which were on my '13 500-EXC & '15 300-EXC.
  11. SID013

    2 Stroke Maintenance

    I was always a 4T man having had 530's & 500's. They were high maintenance with oil & filter changes every 4-5 hours & valve adjustment/checks every 10 or so. I'm on my 2nd 300 now having had a '15 300-EXC 6-Days & now a '17 300-EXC and won't go back. So light, flickable and easy to turn. I find myself not worn out now due to this. The 300 is very flexible with its power and you can lug in higher gears meaning it is great for all types of riding. All my 4T buddies who ride it want to sell their bikes and buy a 300. With regard to maintenance I have always kept a log book which is more important now as oil changes are so far between that I forget when I did the last one. [emoji1]
  12. SID013

    wp xplor PDS rear suspension

    I liked the 4cs but after a bit of work (springs & revolve) it was more plush. I also went with a progressive rear spring but I understand the '17 has these as standard now.I'd say I was an advanced intermediate rider. I'm not the competitive type so don't race, just with myself [emoji1]
  13. SID013

    wp xplor PDS rear suspension

    Yep tucking in sand. I'll look at the forks and see where they're at but usually run them with about 5mm showing above the triple clamp. At the moment it's quite stable at speed so trade off if I drop lower will be head shake. Still gotta set the sag as I'm waiting for the new springs to settle in first.
  14. SID013

    wp xplor PDS rear suspension

    I just traded my '15 300-exc 6 days which had resprung & revalved 4cs forks. Resprung & revalved PDS & a steering damper. My '17 300-EXC with standard shock & forks, no damper handles better. I don't feel the need to fit the damper or play with the suspension as yet. This thing handles whoops with ease & is less tiring over them. [emoji1417]Haven't touched the clickers yet but looking at it as it tucks under slightly in sandy conditions.
  15. SID013

    2016 to 2017 compatible shared part list

    I can concur with your comment having just picked up my '17 300-EXC. The only bit of plastic I was able to use off the '15 was the fork guards. Other compatible items are; Fork bleeders Break & clutch levers Brake & clutch master cylinder covers Still to check if the Map switch, Pivot Pegz & Fastaway under bar mounting kit will go on. Cheers