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  1. XR-rated

    HELP?! BW/TW 200 Valve Rocker Arm Issue

    Looks like you need to adjsut your valves. Ask about it over at TW200forum.com Same motor BW/TW200....
  2. XR-rated

    Increasing performance in a '93 TW200

    Traction is awsome. You can't break the rear tire loose to spin very well though if you're looking to slide around corners. This isn't a race bike any means but in spite of what some "richard le tete's" think it is a good and capable trail bike. What's you handle over there, at tw200forum.com? I'm Devils Advocate. Edited to add the the real weak spot is the front tire. The back tire is adequate but the front just plan sucks for trail riding. Washes out enormously. I have the Pirelli MT21 but wish I would have went with the Dunlap 606.
  3. XR-rated

    Increasing performance in a '93 TW200

    When I put the Duro Power grip on there was just a slight rubbing on the right side of the swing arm. If you look at your swing arm you will see that there is a little ridge that sticks out on the front part. That's all you have to grind off. The tire is about 2&1/2 inches taller so you will need a longer chain if your snails are near or below 5. Also to get the tire to seat on the rim bead you need to do a little trimming on the tire bead. Get one of those little cone shaped grinding wheels and chuck that up in a hand drill and make sweeping passes inside the tire at the bead. Once you start to see cord stop. Do both sides. It's worth it to take it to a tire store to have them put it on. Use Armor All as a lube. Seats at about 80 pounds. People have gone up to 90. I wouldn’t go beyond that. Once it's seated I run it at 20psi. Does pretty good on the pavement too, although it's not DOT rated. Come on over to tw200forum.com. Lots of support over there. A few members from Montana.
  4. XR-rated

    Increasing performance in a '93 TW200

    Sam, You out there?
  5. XR-rated

    i am thinking of buying 2003 XR 400

    They're pretty much rock solid so unless it's been messed with or not maintained, it's probably OK. Check where the kick stand is welded to the frame for cracks. Does it have a skid plate? Check the bottom of the frame for dents/cracks. If the owner will let you loosen the swing arm nut and see if the swing arm rotates and if it does can you tap it out a quarter inch or so. When you go to kick it over to start look back and look for a puff of blue smoke as it fires up. Other than that if it runs and sounds good, it probably is.
  6. XR-rated

    Increasing performance in a '93 TW200

    That bike has the same rear tire as mine. Definately gives some good traction. Not that the Mighty TW could roost much with the stock tire but there ain't no breaking loose that Duro power Grip. Looks like he has a rear rim laced to a front hub. I wonder if they had to do something with the front forks? I don't think that rear wheel/tire combo would fit throught the stock forks. Looks like and aftermarket tripple.
  7. XR-rated

    Increasing performance in a '93 TW200

    That's not what I said. RIF. Here I'll type what I typed above real slowly so maybe you can understand it this time: I t h i n k i t t h e T W i s a p r e t t y d e c e n t t r a i l b i k e . I' m n o t t a l k i n g h a r e s c a m b l e w i n n e r b y a n y m e a n s b u t i t ' s v e r y c a p a b l e i n s i n g l e t r a c k a n d s t u m p j u m p i n g ( m a k e y o u r o w n t r a i l a s y o u g o ) , d e p e n d i n g o n t h e p i l o t o f c o u r s e .
  8. XR-rated

    Increasing performance in a '93 TW200

    Well I guess we just disagree there. I think it the TW is a pretty decent trail bike. I'm not talking hare scamble winner by any means but it's very capable in single track and stump jumping (make your own trail as you go), depending on the pilot of course.
  9. XR-rated

    Increasing performance in a '93 TW200

    The thing about just increasing the ponies in the stock engine is it will still only has five gears. You only get more pick up, which just by itself is not real bad but.... This bike ain't never going to roost like an XR400. You can regear through sprokets to gain more top speed, but it comes at the expense of that creaper first that is so, so nice in the tight or non existant trails. In the XT225 engine you will have that creaper first and be able to cruise at 60 with out your ginyockies going numb. Tires are another way to make her perform better. Front Pirelli MT21, rear Duro Power grip ATV tire. Lose that front "Death Wing" and an ATV rear and you're on your way to a very cabable trail bike. Keep in mind that with only about 6 inches of travel, front and rear, you're never going to be flyig through the air with the greatest of ease, but you will be able to go anywhere the big bikes go.
  10. XR-rated

    Increasing performance in a '93 TW200

    There's this.... http://tw200forum.com/forum/performance-customization/13306-list-parts-you-will-need-upgrade-your-tw-214-225-up-250-cc.html Another option is to drop an XT225 motor into it. Find an XT225 or a TTR225 with the wide ratio trany. Take your TW200 tail shaft and you can have a groove machined into it and it will fit right into either the XT or TTR donor. Gives you more power and the six speed, not to mention a six plate clutch.
  11. XR-rated

    Added an 02 XR400R to the Honda collection

    What's that sat there at the top of the kick starter?
  12. XR-rated

    My 1989 Honda XR250r

    Looks like a good find. Did you change the fork and rear shock oil? You can adjust the ride with different weight oils and how much you put it. I would try that before soaking lots of money into up grades. You might find going to a heavier weight oil and filling them up to the max level stiffens them up enough for you.
  13. XR-rated

    Any bright ideas

    Baja Designs. They ain't cheap. http://www.bajadesigns.com/ProductDetail?ItemNumber=6010984R
  14. XR-rated

    Tough Roo

    Are they good eating? Taste like chicken?
  15. XR-rated

    Front Brake Switch on DS kit

    Just to be clear here zero ohms is zero resistance, the switch is closed and should be allowing current to flow. You should have voltage on both wires, into and out of the switch to ground.