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  1. RobinWatson

    Is this a good idea?

    I have done this, but not behind a WRX. I did it with an Audi A5 and a CR250. It worked, but not well. Also the Audi was a 3L diesel so front heavy and would have balanced out much better than your wrx. Even then I used to scrape the hitch off the ground regularly and notice that the car didnt quite steer properly. If you can at all, get a trailer, but if that isn't an option, this will work. I wouldn't like to be going any long distances though.
  2. RobinWatson

    PWK conversion infomation

    Is stock 36 or 38mm on an 04? Either way going to 35 will help with the bottom end, but of course compromise the top end. By how much depends on the stock size. Also a shorty silencer would help with bottom too.
  3. RobinWatson

    YZ250FX piston 155 hours, looks like new))

    Just to clarify I was talking about the skirt not the top of the piston. ps I’m from Ireland and the fuel we get in Europe is waaaay better than here in the US!
  4. RobinWatson

    Rekluse EXP Core 3.0 auto-clutch

    Awesome for the woods AND on the mx track. Saves fatigue, feeds power out of ruts better than you can with the lever yourself Prevents stalls during falls Looks cool
  5. RobinWatson

    FMF Racing Megabomb Header

    Makes bike a little quieter. Improves throttle response Lighter Looks better
  6. RobinWatson

    Honda CRF450R 2016

    Cons - Not the fastest 450 ever made OEM Rear Shock Sucks. Once hot, no rebound damping Air fork not everyones flavor Pros - Light & Nimble Reliable Good handling (After some suspension mods) Map Switching Strong re-sale values
  7. RobinWatson

    Honda CRF450R (2016)


    Cons - Not the fastest 450 ever made OEM Rear Shock Sucks. Once hot, no rebound damping Air fork not everyones flavor Pros - Light & Nimble Reliable Good handling (After some suspension mods) Map Switching Strong re-sale values
  8. RobinWatson

    YZ250FX piston 155 hours, looks like new))

    I wouldn't quite say brand new, look at the wear on the front and rear sides of the piston compared to the left and right. It looks (albeit not a great angle from the pic) like all of the ridged lines that you see on a new piston are completely worn off on the front side. I wouldn't chance more than about 120-140 on my 450, but that's MX not trails. I'd probably be happy to go 50% more on trails.
  9. Our local club: $30 race entry fee. $15 gate fee for anyone, so dads bringing 1 kid that’s $60. 3 laps of practice 2 x 6 lap (9-11min) races. Theres usually 16-18 classes in a day, so you arrive at 9am, get a total of maybe 24mins riding and leave at 4:30-5pm. What to do: Have kids/youths race on Sat. Then have the adults on Sunday and give us at least a 2x20 min motos. When I lived in Ireland they did that, and had 10min practice + 3x20mins + 1lap races for the same price. Simple
  10. RobinWatson

    PWK conversion infomation

    Honestly, I noticed very little if any change when adding the works pipe. I'll even admit that I did it mostly because it looks cool! I have not got a new stock head, base milled, full PC pipe and silencer setup and air stryker carb and have to run 100+ octane due to raised compression from not modifying the head after milling the base. It is better and more crisp, but still not as good as a modern YZ in my eyes, but that's with MX in mind. Perhaps for freestyle it won't matter. The YZ to me still produces a smoother transition from low to mid and has more top end than my CR now. However not by that much anymore. I was also in Ireland when I made these modifications and bought everything online from partzilla.com. I remember now it was also a user called @rtv that was helpful to me when I was converting.
  11. RobinWatson

    PWK conversion infomation

    I have a 2006 that didn't have head, squish or base milling before changing the carb over. I did have a PC works pipe and R304 silencer with stock reeds. I installed a YZ air stryker carb from a 2003 YZ, but I think they are the same as 2010. I bought a number of jets, needles and a No 7 and No 8 slide to try. My use is MX. I am running a 172-175 main, 42-45 pilot with No 8 slide and Suzuki NECH needle. NECH or NEDW both work well. Installation is pretty simple. The Honda throttle cable works, but I had to remove the lock nut on the stock cable at the carb end to get enough free play. You should also plug the power jet circuit. Hope that helps! @CamPhas written a lot about this change in great detail if you search.
  12. RobinWatson

    2017 crf450r here it is!

    Well a big earthquake in the city where the plant is, isn't quite 'no apparent reason.'
  13. Joking aside, I do sort of want an "All american car" so was tempted by a Camaro SS! I think it would look good with a hitch an toy hauler on the back :-) The transit connect we have here alright, but its smaller than the Transit Custom. The custom is between a connect and Sprinter size.....it could be an option though, as they fit 1 bike and all the gear. What model was the Chevy? The only midsize vans I know are the Ford E150/250/350 etc.
  14. Sorry, Portland Oregon! Yea, I was thinking about a toy hauler......and a regular car. Here a few people use trucks. (Toyota hi-lux, similar to tacoma) but the idea of not being able to park and walk away because bikes are on display bothers me..... Is there a different speed limit on the freeway when towing a trailer?
  15. Hi all, I'm hoping some of our U.S based readers can chime in here. I'm making a move from Ireland to Portland next spring, and will hopefully be bringing my 2 MX'ers with me. At home I use a VW transporter van which fits 2 bikes, water, washer an gear or 3 at a squeeze. I don't really know what to look for in the US as Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit Custom and VW Transporter don't seem to be available? Mercedes/Dodge sprinter is too big. Appreciate the help! Rob