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  1. Pete_Z

    Rejet and I love it!

    I can get the Dynojet kit through work for less than half of that. For that kind of savings, I just might take my chances on it not being "proven".
  2. Pete_Z

    Rejet and I love it!

    Does anybody know if the Dynojet kit for the KLX will give you near to the same results as a JD kit? I put a JD jet kit in my old 200EXC and loved it, but I have easy access to a Dynojet kit for the KLX at a good price. Of course if it doesn't help with the KLX's engine heat and running issues like the JD kit does, then it's not such a deal. I did a search, but couldn't find any good info.
  3. Pete_Z

    Is this a deal?

    Not in Ontario! Best I've seen advertised would work out to around $8500 cdn OTD.
  4. Pete_Z

    Starting My 07 WR250

    I would suspect that the needle & seat (float valve) is leaking, allowing fuel to trickle into the engine. I've seen this condition with snowmobiles where so much fuel ran into the cases that the sled actually hydro-locked with fuel when starting was attempted. The float valve can be pressure tested with a Mighty-vac hand pump (or similiar), or you could just replace it. On your cold start-up after letting the bike overnight attempt starting it with no choke and WOT. If it fires that would also point toward a leaking float valve. Hope this helps. Peace Eh - PZ
  5. Pete_Z

    '06 WR250 rad guards

    Somewhere eh? LOL! PM or e-mail me the info & I'll give you a call sometime this week when I get a break from all my whining Polaris customers. Now that I think about it I need a lower triple clamp pinch bolt too - for some reason it's missing. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  6. Pete_Z

    '06 WR250 rad guards

    Wow it's been so long since I visited TT, I almost didn't recognize the place! Been riding a KTM smoker for a few years since I got rid of my last four stroke and really didn't think to check back here. Who'da thunk it? Two-stroke forums on Thumper Talk - Cool ! Anyways, I just picked up a 2006 WR250 and I'm looking to put some kind of radiator protection on it as they seem to really hang out there in the breeze. What is everyone else using? I'd love a set of Scorpions from up here in TGWN (they're nice) but I can't seem to find anything at all. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  7. Pete_Z

    07 KX450 Changes...

    mxmike - I'm pretty sure it's the real deal. You can see the press release for yourself at motorcycledaily.com Funny though, nothing on the Canadian Kawasaki dealer website and no word from our DSM either. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  8. Pete_Z

    07 KX450 Changes...

    '07 KXF450 is now a 5 speed, has power enhancing engine "refinements", altered frame geometry, new fork internals and BNG. What I really want to know is where the heck is the KDX-F with e-start? C'mon Kawi - build it and I'll buy one either 250 or 450. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  9. Pete_Z

    synthetic oil?

    Just go right to the full synthetic. Get something that's motorcycle specific, "wet clutch compatible", not the stuff they make for cars. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  10. If Kawi's past model designations are any indication, the '05 will be an A10, unless they make some major changes to the KLX in which case it'll become a B2 model. There's your bit of useless trivia for the day. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  11. Pete_Z

    synthetic oil?

    I use Amsoil 10w40 motorcycle specific full synthetic. No problems what so ever and the bike seems to shift smoother and run cooler esp. at low speeds. Just my 2 cents. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  12. Pete_Z

    kx 60 fork volume please

    KX60, all years capacity - 181cc +or- 2.5cc (dry) level - 132mm +or- 5mm (fork compressed, spring removed) Peace Eh - P.Z.
  13. Like most guys here, I love my KLX too. It is a great bush/trail bike and works even better with a few mods as previously stated. I've cut some real rocky, gnarly and tight trails near my house and I can't think of too many bikes I've ridden that work as well as my KLX back there. Ditto what everyone else says on the reliability too. The KLX is a great bike, but if were up to me I would steer your uncle towards a KDX220. They work every bit as good as a KLX in the bush, are damn near as reliable, start way easier, are quite a bit lighter and are a thousand bucks cheaper to boot! Unless of course he's opposed to a two-stroke, or like me so many of his friends ride KDX's that he has to get a KLX just to be different. It's something to think about anyways. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  14. Pete_Z

    33 Mikuni jetting

    Thnx. for the replies. I think that I might go a bit leaner on the pilot and/or dick with the fuel screw and needle jet clip position a bit more, but it sounds like I'm pretty close. Maybe I'm just expecting too much out of the old girl. Thanks again. Peace Eh - P.Z.
  15. Pete_Z

    33 Mikuni jetting

    Anyone else with a 33mm Mic on thier KLX, I would be interested to know what you're running for jets. Currently I have 42.5 pilot, 140 main and the needle jet clip is in the third (middle) position. Fuel screw is about 1 3/4 turns out. Elevations around here are 800 - 1500 ft above sea level. I have been trying to dial this thing in for a while now, but with limited testing/riding time available, it's been dragging on. Right now the bike runs acceptable but may be a little rich. I get absolutely no lean popping on decel either, which seems kinda odd. I have to fix my throttle, which has been sticking, so if anyone has a suggestion, maybe I give it a whirl while I'm into it. Peace Eh - P.Z.