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  1. I've gone back and forth between dirt bikes and mountain bikes for 30 years, love them both. Watched a whole bunch of people jump in and fade out of both, lol.. Here's what I think: buy a new hard tail for about $700 from a good local shop that sells any of the major brands. You'll have a new bike with no lingering problems from years of neglect, probably free tune ups for a year or so too. Then go ride for a couple of months and see if you really like it, cause pedaling up hills is kinda hard, but very rewarding and fun if you've got the willpower to keep at it. In about 6 months you'll find that either: your new bike is hanging on a hook in the garage with flat tires, and you'll know you're not a mountain biker, so sell the thing while it's still nearly new and will get a good price, or (hopefully!) it'll be covered with dirt, tires will be worn out and you will be in the best shape of your life! If you stick with it, you will know a ton about the different kinds of bikes on the market and will know exactly what you want to buy for your second bike. In simple terms, you'll have enough experience to know what you're doing, lol! Like anything, it takes a while to learn the sport of cycling. Being a lifelong dirt biker helps a ton with mountain biking skills, but it doesn't make you smarter about bicycles than lifelong cyclists.. Have some respect for cycling and learn from the pros, just we all did with dirt bikes..
  2. Imagine the uproar if the state used boat registration money to drain lakes! That's exactly the crap we've had done to us. But being the whimps and whiners we are, we just roll over and take it. I have no idea what to do, I do know that I will not support any group that thinks it's acceptable to close any more trails. I think the measure of sucess is adding trails, not stemming the loss.
  3. Teaser for you guys, it's been raining on red mountian for the last 4 hours...
  4. Use a hydraulic press. You don't even need to remove the tire, although it's a good idea to let the air out. Just bring the ram down on the highest spot of the dent and press down until the dent is gone. If you pad the anvil and the ram you won't even make a mark.
  5. I wonder if the memorial on the trailside west of Randsburg is the spot?
  6. So the land agency does a study that affects many users, but they do it without public knowledge. Who do we talk to (or sue..) to force public notification of pending surveys? Can the CBD (for example) have reports entered into the decision making process? If a group of reasonable off-roaders followed the survey teams around, questioning the data as it is being generated, we could make sure the data used was more accurate. If the agencys can't follow their own rules then let's look at the rulemaking process. When reasonable people are found to be lawbreakers, in large numbers, maybe the laws are the problem, not the people. When did tire tracks on dirt become evil?
  7. So when some group (CBD, BLM, etc.) targets an area for closure it has to have biologists reports to justify the closure, right? Those reports are shown to land managers and judges who ultimately decide if the area gets closed. So here is the question: Are the reports audited? Do the affected groups know that the surveys are being conducted? And are the affected groups on the ground, with the biologists, to monitor the "quality" of the information being reported? If the answer to any of these is no, then I'd say ALL closures from the last 30years have been done improperly and would be up for review. Thoughts?
  8. I've heard he was hurt in the Rand Mountians, northwest of Randsburg.
  9. I noticed you didn't say "brownteeth"... Did you know the toothbrush was invented in Trona? Yep, if it had been invented anywhere else it would be called the "teethbrush"!! badaboom!!
  10. I've talked to the owners, (Miss Kitty and her husband still own the place) and they seem to have no interest in reopening the place. I'd bet they would sell, but I can't see the place making it anymore. The locals are hostile to anything that would bring riders into town (if Red Mt qualifies as a town..). In fact most of the locals seem hostile to just about anything not involving the extension or increase of government payments to parasites... God I miss the world I grew up in...
  11. Yep, same here. First time I walked in (and quickly got tossed out..) the Silver Dollar was 1978. Back when we were not treated like Satan for leaving tire tracks in the dirt...
  12. What information do you have to base this on?
  13. Yes, and then they present the program as "self sustaining", generating much government interest and, just like you said, the cycle keeps growing... Jeez I miss the '70s..
  14. More thoughts: Seems to me they are trying to legislate common sense and decency. My group has always met the spirit of these new rules, firepits are raked when we leave, if glass gets broken it's picked up, the supersize nails I use to hold my oversize doormat are always pulled, trash is NEVER left behind, etc. I'd like to think that our clean and orderly camps will be unaffected by this new set of rules, but all it takes is a grouchy, greeny ranger to make a really bad weekend for my family and friends. And I think that is how this will probably play out. Harass folks in the dez on a regular basis and they will think twice when deciding between a weekend at Disneyland and a camping trip to the desert. So what is the solution to this overly regulated mess? I'm thinking government bankruptcy could work...
  15. So if it is now illegal for anyone other than a LEO to put a post or stake in the ground, only a LEO can install those damn red/brown trail markers. Darn it, I was hoping to close some trails in the name of access... while naked...
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