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  1. punkrock MX


    bwhahaha! this thread is too much! congrats!!
  2. punkrock MX

    Best suspension shop for reasonable price?

    Pro pilot is good but expensive, he does work fast though. If you don't mind waiting alittle bit, KPS does a bang up job. Then again, when Micky did the stuff on my bike it was in the winter so he was backed up with work since everyone elses bike is down for the winter. He might be quicker in the summer but im not sure.
  3. punkrock MX

    '01 CR250 Engine in '03 Frame Installation

    ehh not really man, everything went together pretty much im just holding off on getting parts for it. its my senior year in h.s so ive been hanging out with friends alittle more lately (ones that dont ride) along with alittle car stuff...im never gonna see these people again cause im leaving my town so i figure might as well enjoy it while i can before i move out doood get some 04-06 graphics..they are sweeeeet bike looks sick though:thumbsup:
  4. punkrock MX

    Moving to NJ from CA - need advice

    dont do it. this place blows. even though you live in Kountry Kalifornia, it's still probably better there as far as riding goes.
  5. punkrock MX

    Track in Monroe Twp being shut down.....

    thats gay, but i dont blame them. i used to live behind that track, everybody goes there and all these retards get hurt and ruin it for everyone else. im surprised its lasted as long as it did. it doesn't help that it gets ruined by retards on quads and no one wants to grab a shovel and fix anything. the place is really dangerous when it gets torn up like that
  6. punkrock MX

    '01 CR250 Engine in '03 Frame Installation

    Dang, havent been here in awhile. My swap is done but im waiting on the suspension. I think im gonna fire it up this week! i miss riding, but it wont be until end of june most likely that i will be on the bike again
  7. punkrock MX

    What's this worth? 2001 CR250

    id buy it my radiator got tweaked the same way..just makes it alittle difficult to reinstall once u take the shroud off..doesnt affect cooling properties at all
  8. punkrock MX

    07 Cr250

    do a search, this has been covered a million and one times
  9. punkrock MX

    etown friday???

    i heard its sposed' to be mighty cold tomorrow my bike is buried somewhere in my garage..in pieces:( underneath the motor im building for my car have you been there yet this year? i used to go as soon as they opened every year but it looks like im going to be waiting alittle longer this season any changes to the track?
  10. punkrock MX

    Post pics of your CR's

    that 01 is sick..kinda makes me miss mine ;]
  11. punkrock MX

    I can't believe Im gonna ask this!

    i usually roll in 2nd gear and then get on it to lift up the front end, then i shift from 2nd to 3rd to 4th and ride the powerband in order to whooly
  12. punkrock MX

    3rd Gen Motors

    heard this from someone who had a 2000 or 2001 cr125 built by him but it was tuned for straight up racing, it blew up after 6 hours.. guess ya gotta rebuild em quick
  13. punkrock MX

    Post pics of your CR's

    that bike is siiiiiiccck