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  1. cbff33

    Colorado 500 Ride Report???

    My group held up rather well. Dan Lyon had back problems, had to ride the revloc truck with John Penton. Two flats on thursday in the group. I took my guys out to Hartman rocks on thursday and we had an absolute blast. On monday, I helped a guy find his way off of double top. I think it was rider 63 if I remember correctly cant be for sure now. Was riding a big KTM 570. On Wednesday the same guy and his buddies blasted my group on the Vulcan Road out in the desert. We were running about 50, he passed me on a blind corner got back on it right away and roosted the shit out of me. I caught him at the final right turn before you hit the hiway, roosted him back, he chased me down I yelled something rather colorful at him and he turned around. He saw who I was and began apologizing. His group had a young guy wanting to fight. I told him to chill his group out or his week would be over as soon as they got to Ouray. We all hit the hiway, and his group pulled off and when we passed, they were eating on the shoulder. ***????? That just proves we have another batch of rotten apples on the ride. If they are doing that on roads to other bikes, you know they are roosting cars too. I was pissed as hell at those ********. But overall, another fun week. I rode home Saturday morning back to Gunnison. I thought about all of you and the long drives and flights, and was thankful to be riding one final day. See you all next year!
  2. cbff33

    459 exc '07 valve clearance check ?

    If it ain't startin hard, don't even bother with your valves. They are fine.
  3. cbff33

    Can a shortie handle a 450EXC???

    Quit dabbing, grab a gear and go faster. Larry Roeseler is about your same size and he used to race kx500s. he now rides a klx450. Honestly in my opinion, unless you are a really big dude, the size of the bike is irrelevant. My best friend used to race his dad's Maico 490, and he sure wasn't big enough for it at the time.
  4. cbff33

    Colorado 500, Whos' going?

    Ditch the numbers off your bike...they are not allowed.
  5. cbff33

    Colorado 500 Full?

    I am going on my 4th year with the 500. It is far from being a "good ol boys" club. From getting to know Dave Mungenast, Pierre Karsmarkers, Larry Roeseler, Wally Dallenbach and a great many other people, it is a great organiztion. This event is truly a 365 day event as the planning for next year is already happening. I grew up in Crested Butte. I grew up riding the trails in the area. From about the age of 12 I knew someday I would be involved, I just didn't know how that would happen. It's all about opportunity. The owner of the Yammie shop in Gunnison introduced me to a friend. He invited me to tag along on the last day. That morning he introduced me to Riggle. Like it was said here before. If you get the invite, say yes. Be patient. You need your entry fee, gas money. If you get invited and get a position, leave the attitude at home with the wife. This is the last place you'll need it.
  6. cbff33

    Row Call, Colorado 500

    I ran the dunlop last year. The center lugs didn't hold up very well. I ran 14 psi. Some guys from Ohio were running 20 psi. I still would only recommend 45 mph on the roads. Ideally, run a trials tire on Monday. If it is holding up use it through wednesday if you plan on do P. Gulch. If not, Monday night change out to a regular Knobby and save the trials tire for another ride later on.
  7. cbff33

    Row Call, Colorado 500

    Will be there myself....I am riding over from Gunnison on Saturday. Riggle has me doing some last minute scouting Saturday morning.
  8. cbff33

    hartman rocks to hwy 114

    There is one route that is open from 114 to Harman Rocks. Well maintained county road and boring and darn near worthless about sums it up. The Sawtooth Roadless Area should be reopened in my opinion. It would take some of the over use issues away from Taylor Park.
  9. cbff33

    hartman rocks to hwy 114

    Your user friendly forest service has closed most of these roads and have been calling it roadless for many years. Complete crap as the area in question has multitudes of roads and trails across it.
  10. cbff33

    Godspeed Dave Mungenast

    Everyone in our sport need to take a moment of silence for the passing of Dave Mungenast Sr. today. I met Dave three years ago as a rookie on the Colorado 500. I remember our conversations fondly, his stories of racing back in the '60s with Malcolm and how much I laughed at those stories. I remember watching Dave riding, and at the age of about 70 at that time, he still rode with the grace and speed that many of us will still never achieve. Dave was a long time member of the Colorado 500, and his presence at the 500 was greatly missed this last summer. I will be one person at least, that will continue to carry the memory of Dave with us on all future Colorado 500 rides. Dave, I am thankful that I got to know you, even if it was for such a short period......thanks for all the great memories and stories that you shared with all of us. Godbless
  11. cbff33

    Colorado 500, 7 Days to go

    Spokes, have a safe trip, see you on Sunday. Glad you guys could make it out again!
  12. cbff33

    Crested Butte To Aspen

    If you want to ride from Aspen into Crested Butte, you will need to have the bike registered and plated.
  13. cbff33

    Fossil Ridge Trail

    I plan on approaching the forest service this winter to discuss reroutes around the property next spring. Keep tuned to CBTRA.org for more over the coming months.
  14. cbff33

    Crested Butte To Aspen

    If you ever want to do the ride, and need a guide..just give me a shout.
  15. cbff33

    Colorado 500, 7 Days to go

    Will be heading out of Gunnison Sunday morning....see you all there!