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  1. motomike137

    General stalling question...

    What a bunch of jagoffs... dude comes in here and asks a simple question and gets told how he should or shouldn't spend his money. The only person who even comes close to giving him a decent answer is grayracer.
  2. motomike137

    Wheelsets New Gen/Previous Gen

    Thanks! I know Im coming late to the conversation on this but I have a 2011 that I plan to get one more year out of and I am going to buy a second wheelset for some ice tires and was hoping I could use them on my 2014 or 2015 whichever I end up with eventually.
  3. motomike137

    Wheelsets New Gen/Previous Gen

    Thanks! I already see where the 14 has a larger front axle. Was hoping I somehow use a current spare set on a 14.
  4. Do the previous gen (2010-2013) wheels fit on the new gen 450(2014)?
  5. motomike137

    2011 450 Pop,Cough,Quit

    OK I just read the other thread very similar to mine just down below and see some info in there that definitely applies to my situation. My condition is definitely the throttle chop and then back on.
  6. motomike137

    2011 450 Pop,Cough,Quit

    I have a 2011 450 with a Rekluse clutch and the heavier GYTR flywheel. I have not altered the mapping and primarily run pump fuel while on occasion I will run some VP U4.4 through it. Also I have run both my stock pipe and a Yosh full sytem. My issue is that my bike occasionly will backfire slightly and stall in a slow corner where the clutch is engaged whether I let the Rekluse do it's thing or I pull it in manually. It has done this with all the combinations of pipes and fuel I mentioned so I don't believe any of that to be the culprit.Also it will be very difficult to start when it it is warm sometimes but not consistently. One of the reasons I put the Rekluse in it was that I seemed to be stalling the thing way to easily in slow corners and I absolutely love the clutch but obviously I have a underlying problem. Does anyone have guidance on whether maybe I need to alter my mapping or maybe I have some other issue related to fuel delivery?
  7. motomike137

    What's your favorite big bore YZ-F you've owned?

    My 03 450 is still my favorite, the thing just had motor in spades, my suspension shop hit on a great setup for me and I really loved how it handled.
  8. motomike137

    Rekluse CoreEXP 2.0 (The Truth)

    Just replaced my complete clutch assembly with the Core Exp 2.0 and Rekluse basket (2011 YZ450). I've ridden it at one practice and yesterday at a LL Area Qualifier in Michigan and I can safely say this is the coolest and best mod I have ever spent my hard earned dollars on. I had it installed by my local suspension/tuner guy Jeff Plawecki @ JPSpeed and he has these things figured out. Mine works flawlessly and definitely aided me in garnering a good finish yesterday in some challenging (rutty/rough) conditions at one of Michigan's finest old school moto tracks (Polka Dots, Midland). I did have one hiccup with it though, I was behind the start gate with the motor running and I was warming my hands blipping the throttle and putting my palms behind the exhaust outlet ( it was cold and it even snowed at one point!) and at some point I snicked it in gear without realizing, I reached back with my left hand and blipped the throttle with my right and my bike lurched into the gate! My buddy two gates down was laughing his butt off and luckily I caught it before it did any damage besides to my pride The challenge now is to learn to really take advantage of the thing, to drive in harder and focus on rolling corners much more efficiently. I've never been great at it and have been a real bumbler with the clutch lever at times when I get brain fade. I am looking forward to riding my bike more than I have in a long long time.
  9. motomike137

    Is a new YZ450 right for me? Whats with the bad rap?

    I own a 09 YZ250 2 stroke a 05 YZ450 and a 2011 YZ450. The 2011 definitely is different in how it wants to be ridden. I always had the habit of initiating a turn a little early and leaning my body forward and in on the entrance to turns.The 2011 would twitch the front end on me when I first started to ride it and I had to break myself of that habit. I learned to ride it into a corner a little more upright and deliberate and then make my pivot whether I was using a berm or turning on flat ground. It also seems very very stable in a straight line as long as you don't get sloppy. I had a couple of instances where I was tired out and let it get away from me and into a tank slapper and I felt like it was harder to recover from that than my older model bikes. I have added the Dr D engine relocation kit and that helped somewhat also. Once I adapted to what the bike seemed to want from me in riding technique, got the suspension sprung and valved for me (6'1" Vet Expert, 210 lbs) and then spent some time on it I love riding it and the handling and technique changes became second nature. The bike from a mechanical standpoint is rock solid as the 4 stroke Yamaha's have been since the 400 came out. I absolutely am sold on the air cleaner and pipe locations. The air cleaner stays cleaner longer and you will never injure or get rock dings in the headpipe on it. Motor wise it is a bit of a beast in the low to mid with what feels like less top end over rev than the previous motors and is another thing to adapt to as it likes to be short shifted in my opinion. I have a Yoshimura pipe on it also and that seemed to give it a little more top. I have the white with red and black trim, and black rims model and think it is the coolest looking bike I have ever owned.
  10. I am suddenly having an issue where my bike occasionly flames out just as I am crossing the start gate. It also seems like I have stalled it on the track a couple of times when I shouldn't have also. But the starting line issue is just bizzare and I can't figure it out. I hold the throttle farely wide open, attempt to let the clutchout as easy as I can and it seems like right when I launch it is like someone hit the kill switch. It is getting embarrising and I am on the verge of throwing away the season points race in my class. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. motomike137

    RB Designs head mod vs. Eric Gorr head mods - same thing?

    bump on my question about the pipe mod... what does it serve and how do you do it? Thanks, Mike
  12. motomike137

    RB Designs head mod vs. Eric Gorr head mods - same thing?

    Thanks, and can anybody elaborate on the head and pipe mods?
  13. motomike137

    Interesting MXA article

    ... and then you woke up from your wet dream and you were still at band camp:banana:
  14. motomike137

    Which EG295 Powerband?

    Thank's guys! I was gonna go "mo-better" but was really in the back of my mind wanting the top to be knarly for a lot of riding that I do. It is going to have to wait though because the money I had earmarked just got spent on a new pressurized water tank and well pump repairs at my home sweet home. It will be MX for me when I re-scrape up the cash!
  15. motomike137

    RB Designs head mod vs. Eric Gorr head mods - same thing?

    I'm late to the game here... what is the purpose of the mod and who is RB? Also when you say shorten the pipe 10mm are you talking cutting the flange off and taking the 1omm out of the headpipe area and the welding the flange back on? Thanks, Mike