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  1. mxaction

    I Stand Corrected: 2006 CRF250R

    he was referring to the yzf models, not the yz's. it was dirt rider who said the yzfs wouldnt have an aluminum frame in '06.
  2. mxaction

    MXA Printed My Letter

    you know, sometimes i think they think we're all pro-level riders. i figured that i wouldn't notice half those symptoms.
  3. mxaction

    Yamaha 50th Anniversary gear

    when does yamaha plan on unveiling the '06 street bikes? still waiting...
  4. mxaction

    Coolint overflow on 00 YZ426

    that will turn up thousands of threads. who has the time to search that long? this is quicker.
  5. mxaction

    cracked gas tank

    pretty sure the 400f tank is 1.8 gallons, a 250f tank will fit if its between the years 01-02. www.clarkemfg.com
  6. its not hard to tell why the crf's outnumer yzf's so incredibly. the honda is the easiest bike to ride. you could practically fall asleep on the thing. to boring of a powerband for this dude.
  7. mxaction

    YZ450F vs. CR450F

    go back to school, please.
  8. mxaction

    2005-2006 wheel sets compadable?

    yes, they will fit. same 2.15" rim and 110/90 rear tire.
  9. mxaction


    yes, in some cases it would. www.motionpro.com www.rockymountainmc.com
  10. thanks, now i understand why my friend's 400 has way more compression braking than my 250f.
  11. mxaction

    Good bars for YZ450F 2004?

    the stock yamaha triple clamps (pre '06) will require you change them out if you hope to mount oversize bars from pro taper, renthal, tag, or whoever else. when i bent my stockers i switched to standard sized renthal aluminum bars and just recently bent them. take my advice, spend the extra cash on triple clamps that mount oversize bars...it will cost you alot less in the long run. most likely you'd bend another set of 7/8" bars.
  12. be sure to ask about valves. 1) have they ever been adjusted? 2) what about shimmed? and your not buying an mx bike. make sure all the electronics are working flawlessly. check the lights and all the connections to make sure they're clean and working. take the bike out for a ride, see how responsive it is. hopefully its jetted right. just do your best to make sure the bike does everything as well as the seller tells you it does. to tell you one thing, check the steering stem and swingarm linkage. if these areas are clean, thats a definite sign of a well taken care of motorcycle.
  13. mxaction

    post ride clean

    riding is a regular occurance for me, about five times a week. so, i dont tear everything down and regrease but once in a few months. everything holds up fine. also, i never use a powerwasher...just a garden hose. less abuse.
  14. to bad there are no shortage of people like that in the united states. sad.
  15. mxaction

    Power Washing

    yes, perhaps its a little late to be telling you this...but when you powerwash a bike on a regular basis you will need to dissassemble everything on a regular basis and regrease and lubricate what needs to be. if not, well...you know now what happens.