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  1. evl2evil

    2007 kx250 no spark.

    That's a good idea...Now I need to get some black Excell rims on it.
  2. evl2evil

    2007 kx250 no spark.

    I knew it had to be something simple, I guess the 3rd time is he charm...I went over everything twice before. I guess I was too frustrated the first couple times. I stayed away from it for a day, and went back to it tonight armed with a case of bud light. Much better results.
  3. evl2evil

    New toy...1995 CR250

    Ye I was getting ready to correct you on that, till I saw your edit.
  4. evl2evil

    New toy...1995 CR250

    The picture doesn't do it justice, it's a very clean low hr. bike. The guy I bought it off of was friends with the original owner. Neither one of them rode it much, that's the original shroud graphics also. They changed the purple seat cover, and back fender. The rest is original except for the back tire, still has the original front on it.
  5. evl2evil

    New toy...1995 CR250

    I found this on craigslist for $1,100, only 2 owners. Its has low hours for the age, and runs an rides like a new one. I'm going to go thru it and restore it to look like a Mcgrath replica team Honda bike. I plan to race it in the ama vintage class.
  6. evl2evil

    2007 kx250 no spark.

    I'm not sure if it was a bad connection or moisture. I checked everything again, and blew everything out. Its running like a new one again! Thanks for the help guys!
  7. evl2evil

    2007 kx250 no spark.

    You're probably right Chokey...it's already got me pissed off, and i'm not going to have time to look at it again till Thursday.
  8. evl2evil

    2007 kx250 no spark.

    The multi meter is the next step, I appreciate everyones responses...thanks again.
  9. evl2evil

    2007 kx250 no spark.

    I checked the stator once, but i'm going to check it again. I 've double and triple checked everything. I don't understand it. This bike barely has 30 hrs on it, and stays in a heated garage.
  10. evl2evil

    2007 kx250 no spark.

    I've already tried that onekawboy, but thanks for trying to help. I've been riding and racing for 40+ years, and working on them almost as long. This one has me stumped. The fact that the bike has such low hrs and ran fine before,really has me confused.
  11. evl2evil

    2007 kx250 no spark.

    I took my kx apart this winter to have the frame powdercoated black. It has low hours, and ran fine when I took it apart. I got it all back together, and it wouldn't start. I could tell when I was kicking it, that it wasn't firing. I checked the plug and no spark, put a new plug in and still no spark. I checked and rechecked (over and over) all connections, and cleaned them also. I swapped out the the coil, and then cdi box from my sons '07 (which starts fine) still no spark. I've also checked the stator and magneto for corrosion or any problems, and it looks fine. I've sanded the paint of the mounting tabs on the frame, for the cdi box and coil to bare metal. Still nothing...anyone have any ideas what it could be?
  12. evl2evil

    Chain and Sprockets Advice

    If you go with an O-ring chain, you need to get a countershaft spacer or the chain will rub the case. I put an O-ring on my 07, and noticed the rub marks after a few rides.
  13. evl2evil

    What nylock axle nut for my 05?

    The honda nut will work!
  14. evl2evil

    KX 250 parts

    It won't me on the classifieds forum either.
  15. evl2evil

    dont use BP fuel

    I'd say tour dealer is full of shit and doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground!