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  1. kiwijohn

    Suzuki RM250 (2008)


    Working For Suzuki... might as well ride one :)
  2. kiwijohn

    Suzuki RM250 2008

    Working For Suzuki... might as well ride one
  3. kiwijohn

    KTM 300 XC-W 2012

    This thing can do anything without breaking a sweat !
  4. You know what... a couple of years ago I tried a 125 as a young fella wanted to ride my 450.. well blow me down!!, I revved the crap out of that little thing and cornered faster and safer than I ever had so the RMZ went bye bye... and I bought a YZ125.. awesome Then I went to a 250 YZ.. actually a handful if you ride it in the meat of the power.. went back to a 450 then rode a KTM125.. bammm shook my head and bought my latest YZ... so good to ride. Change of springs and I was off. braaaaaaaaaaaaaap It is harder work than some bikes but the rewards are tenfold more than a 450 ... have to keep up the fitness though.. Doing a few enduros this year too. at 48 yrs..!! John PS> Nothing as cool as pulling up behind a 4 stroke and giving the old "move along" rev !! ha ha
  5. kiwijohn

    jetting for a 2007 xc 250?

    Gidday, i've just bought an 11 Berg TE250, and while it is the best bike i've ridden after years of futting around on Japanese bikes, the jetting could be tidier at low-mid throttle position. Pilot and air screw are good, but just coming on to the needle it gets fluffy then cleans up before it hits the main. so i'm thinking the tip of the needle needs to be fatter.....not sure which needle is bet yet, so will look up specs and hopefully get back to you !! Cheers
  6. kiwijohn

    Husaberg Thumper Talk Members! How Many Are There?

    Better change my avatar... just bought a 2011 TE250.. 26 hours form new Hee Heee....
  7. Hey mate - if you do a plug chop at low mid high throttle settings you'll probably see it is really rich in some positions. I run a 42 pilot, needle at lowest position and 158 main (but I will be going as little fatter on main jet.) I live at sea level - new piston - 40 hour bike. and run 32:1 too Cheers PS Have a look for Spanky's jetting guide
  8. kiwijohn

    03 CR250 Good Woods Bike?

    Giday fellas.. i clicked on this topic as I am thinking about an 06 CR250 to replace my CR500 and RMZ450... being 46 I've also ridden a lot of different bikes and can tell you they are all different, but not as different as they used to be BUT... off road bikes are quite different to MX bikes (in general terms) , especially when the going gets snotty, or at the end of a long days riding.So I know if I want another mx bike, i have to do a lot of suspension work first, then engine work if need be. If you ride a new EXC or such like in rutty stinky woods then you will appreciate what I mean. So I reckon, if you want an MX bike for the woods then good for you... but don't complain if it isn't right without some money / time spent Personally I love the RMZ (has had lots of work though) , but after say 3 hours of hard riding that extra weight takes its toll... thats why I'm looking at a 250 T.. So each to thier own I guess. Also thinkiing of dropping thew 250 engine out of the 06 so I can put the 500 engine in .. now that's a whole new subject !! ha ha
  9. kiwijohn

    Changes to shim stacks?

    Aha ... that makes a lot of sense !! Thanks once again to TT members....
  10. kiwijohn

    What did you do to your RMZ today?

    Tore down shock for a re-shim, headset bearings greased up, new handlebars
  11. Great point ! There are hundreds of riders out there who read these forums and come away thinking they NEED a bike that is XYZ...... and has ABC mods to it, when in reality they would enjoy their riding and probably go faster on a completely different bike ! I reckon you c hoose the bike you like the best and spend some time getting it the way you like it.. not everyone else.
  12. kiwijohn

    Springs or shims?

    Hey people ! Interesting things going on with latest bike... just bought an 08 RMZ450, stock rear spring is around a 5.6 I think, Racetech tells me I need 5.9 (95KG plus gear) and the bike has had a 5.3 fitted ?! Trouble is, the suspension feels great ! sg seems to be able to be right despite the light spring? and the bike feels like it has a lot of shim weork going on as it is quite 'thick feeling' (factory Connection has been in there) . Add to thjat a comment from a buddy who said there is a lot of work going on with lighter springs and more damping control via shim work. Something about heavier springs overpowering the oil / shims? Either way, the bike feels great but everything I've learnt inthe past tells me it shouldn't... anyone have any insight into lighter springs / heavier damping control? John PS Forks feel sweet too, but don;t know if springs ghave changed yet.
  13. kiwijohn

    Swingarm reapir

    Cool - my engineer buddy has a guy who does the plasma spray so will have a quick look at that, but I think sleeve is the go ! Thanks fellas. John Still... a 2nd hand one would be so much easier ha ha if I can find one!
  14. kiwijohn

    Swingarm reapir

    Thanks gentlemen the cost of a new swingarm here in nz is in the thousands, so repair is a good option. Also can't find any used options so I guess i'm stuck. The sleeve is probably the best (read cheapest / easiest) option, but i love the plasma idea ! we are also toying with the idea of fitting a temporary axle after filling the axle with coldweld, then removing the temporary axle to leave a solid smooth surfaqce... but I don't believe a liquid weld can handle the torsional loads from a swingarm flexing sideways? Will keep you all up to date Thanks again John
  15. kiwijohn

    looking for a swingarm :(

    Anyone... anyone... ????? Surely there must be someone in USA with a good swingarm for sale?