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  1. chainrnng


    they should ban you its all about you.....i see you try and take over anyones thread and become another conversation about me me me.....maybe you should come ride some of my personal trails so i can leave you in the woods ditching your bike and living off red legged frogs while you attempt to navigate on foot your way back to the truck
  2. chainrnng


    he has 7000 posts due to having no friends to ride with and lurks the ca forum to find anyone of any skill that will go out and trench trails with and get lost. He lives to be a topic of conversation due to no life and no friends
  3. chainrnng


    he doesn't ride trails he destroys them
  4. chainrnng


    its funny you post this .....in all my riding with others from this forum slyco has the least skills and endurance of anyone i have ever met from here as well lives to bring newbies out on rides just to try and spook them. As far as tracks go marysville has several great tracks e street and riverfront park.
  5. chainrnng

    What's your favorite ohv in california?

    clay pit srva!!!
  6. chainrnng

    Stonyford Closed-Federal shutdown

    clear creek is now open until the government starts back up.
  7. chainrnng

    Downieville Trail Project

    The fact that your trying to mock and get Dave to continue to comment sucks Scott. Your just trying to amuse yourself by getting folks to comment and bring attention to your lonely ass....... Its really no surprise you have no regular rider group or club. Thus why ou have to post TT to get anyone to hang out with sad sad sad.
  8. its on lets hope for rain
  9. ill take you if you want to go
  10. whats your skill level?
  11. chainrnng

    Where to DS out of Redding.....

    call fators ktm in redding your in the heart of ds country
  12. chainrnng

    Hardest trail to ride in Nor-Cal

    riding up snake lake is difficult but nothing like fordyce trail.
  13. chainrnng

    Downieville ~ Saturday ~ August 24th ~ 9:00 am

    your better off with one guide and one group.
  14. chainrnng

    Downieville ~ Saturday ~ August 24th ~ 9:00 am

    im out just going to go to clay pit and work building pit toilets.
  15. chainrnng

    Downieville ~ Saturday ~ August 24th ~ 9:00 am

    im in on the 24th go pro and a crew of 5 riders