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  1. Check to see if your grip is rubbing against anything. You may have inadvertently scootched it over to one side while riding...
  2. My guess is water in the gas... or a clogged main jet.
  3. The 90 degree barb puts the fuel line running directly into the top of the carb. I couldn't route it without a wicked kink that was pressing up against the carb. I feel you on the Pingle. I considered it at first, but dismissed it as too expensive. 18 months later, and I'm $25 into the Raptor, $35 into the Brown's, $10 into the shut-off valve, and a few bucks here and there into parts/hose/clamps... and the Pingle makes more and more sense. Silly me...
  4. Long story short: I used an inline fuel shut-off valve from Lowe's: http://www.lowes.com/pd_188347-442-0188347_0__ I installed it about an inch downstream from the petcock, and it's working great so far. It's set up for a 1/4 inch inner diameter fuel line, and the DR-Z's stock line has an inner diameter of 5/16... so it takes a little bit of persuading. Longish story: I have an '07 SM that I bought new. Parked it in May of 2010, and I just ressurected it this month. The stock petcock deveolped a leak about a year or so ago. I replaced it with the Raptor petcock, but I was not able to route the fuel line with the FCR-MX. I bought another one from Brown's Family Racing last year, and it sat in the packaging until a few weeks ago. I intalled it... and it leaks, too. I just plugged the line for a couple of weeks while I figured out what to do. The gentleman from Brown's offered to replace or repair it free of charge, but I haven't sent it back yet. In the interim, I discovered that the internal seals from the Raptor petcock (the smiley face and the large o-ring) fit the stock vacuum operated petcock, but the worn (and rock hard) bit was the tiny o-ring at the end of the do-dad that sticks out from the diaphragm. Lowe's to the rescue with a size #60 o-ring. It holds brake cleaner without leaking (I held it upside down and sprayed it down the fuel outlet), but I haven't installed it yet. At 104 degrees, I can only survive for about an hour in the garage at a time....
  5. Bump... In case anyone has a suggestion.
  6. Just rolled past 12,000 miles on my DR-Z's replacement.
  7. The pain subsides with right wrist exercises.
  8. Braking parts aren't 'crappy' or 'cheap-ass'. Give Motostrano a chance to make it right. IIRC, Braking made a few brakets for this application. They may have sent you the one for a 310mm rotor instead of the 320mm rotor. Post pics so that some of the more expierienced wrenches here can take a look to make sure it's not something simple.
  9. Just for grins, I priced my 2007 SM on KBB.com. It gave me a price of $3920 (for excellent condition) with the following note: This Suggested Retail Value assumes that the unit has been fully reconditioned and is in excellent condition. Mileage/condition and additional equipment may have a substantial impact on the value shown above.
  10. Why shouldn't they sell their bikes for what the market is willing to pay?
  11. I can't find the words... http://dallas.craigs...3016152836.html
  12. +1 on the repack. I have the SS full Muzzy on my SM, along with the quiet insert. To my ears, the insert doesn't make that much difference in the sound... I does pull a bit better without it, though. My first ride without the insert was the first time I ever hit the rev limiter.
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