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  1. brembo

    Best 150/60 race tire when no warmers allowed?

    Let us know how you get on, we don't get many (if any) hill climb events for bikes over here due to the nanny state mentality/safety rules when it comes to bikes. I've got a set of the Goldspeed Ultra Streets for my Husky 511 waiting to go on and AAA Racing have been super helpful answering my stupid questions even though I'm on the other side of the world
  2. brembo

    Best 150/60 race tire when no warmers allowed?

    The 160/60 Goldspeed Ultra Street and Pre-cut slicks fit on a 4.25" rear as they run pretty skinny. The Ultra streets warm up quicker than the cut slicks due to higher silica content. http://www.aaa-racing.com/home.php?cat=82 http://www.aaa-racing.com/home.php?cat=87 They make a wet too if that's your thing.
  3. brembo

    txc449 shop manual?

    What you seek can be found here.... http://www.husqvarnafactory.nl/pdf/2011.htm
  4. brembo

    Anyone ride doubles on your supermoto?

    I can only imagne the exhaust where it is won't do her any favours. Get her a bike to ride!
  5. brembo

    TE511 exhaust pipe guard

    https://pirieperfprod.com/4-Stroke_Heat_Shields.html P3 make a carbon one to cover the stock header/mid.
  6. brembo

    Do they still make supermoto slicks!?

    Few guys at the Aus races last weekend had various Dunlop slicks, some years old (1308), some not so old (0611). Most ran the 950 compound, some the softer 515 so it looks like there are some recent Dunlops out there is you know where to look. One of the guys 515 rear's after an (aaumulated) hours use;
  7. brembo

    449/511 customers have spoken...

    Have a look at megaupload, rapidshare etc.
  8. brembo

    Ignition keys

    Best bet i Call said dealer and they'll guide you in the right direction.
  9. brembo

    Do they still make supermoto slicks!?

    From the guys over here racing they rank them Dunlop, bridgestone then michelin. The dunlops are hard to find any in Australia which is making for some unhappy racers. The market is so small the importer hasn't brought any into AU for a while, they're looking overseas to get some.
  10. brembo

    690 smc / enduro r

    My understanding is the engine used in both is near as makes no difference the same, so maintenance would be nears makes no difference the same too.
  11. brembo

    Japanese SM 400 Cush Drive

    You do know you can get marchesini's with a cush drive don't you?http://www.marchesiniwheels.com/ENG/Supermotard/ Bottom of the page.
  12. brembo

    High HOrse DRZ Vs. 690 SMC

    Where'd you get the plastics black from?
  13. brembo

    KTM 690 SMC Availability

    Talking to a few people here and there I've heard they're only bringing 20 into Australia.... 20 *dies*
  14. brembo

    How do I change a tyre?

    http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1215721,00.html Check out those 3 vids at TW, step by step on how to change a tyre.
  15. brembo

    Aftermarket stuff that will fit a DRZ400SM

    Where'd you pick up the exhaust slider from?