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  1. Hey Ud, can you tell me about the weather in Sierra vista.  Is there a lot of wind there? 

    1. Ud_Luz


      Let's see, you're from California.

      Hurricane force roughly 11 months out of the year, torrential rains causing homes to wash away during monsoon, illegals absolutely everywhere, no work, schools falling apart, roads that will kill a Jeep and if you don't speak Spanish you'll never get along. ;) 

      Actually we have a 6 week season in the spring where we might get some wind, sometimes a bit high. It's rarely so much it becomes distracting. Also we have probably the mildest weather in the State. Very friendly people with stable real estate prices and a small town atmosphere.

      The down side being a smaller town is limited entertainment options, restaurants and such versus most of CA. 

      We like it here.  

    2. Baja Rambler

      Baja Rambler


      My mom and dad met in Tucson and got married there.  Dad’s brother was based at Davis-Monthan.  Shortly after, parents moved to SoCal to get work.  

  2. Missouri

    Verizon just barely works, the rest of the carriers it's very spotty if at all.
  3. Missouri

    Yes. Drop about 10%.
  4. ^^^^^ Yep, looks familiar.
  5. You might unplug everything and fill the connectors with dielectric grease.
  6. I've sunk my 500 a couple of times. Pulled the plug, cranked it over to get the water out of the cylinder and rode on to camp so I could change the oil.
  7. If you switch it to the DC side you should be OK unless you use the headlight a lot. Personally I'd do the DC mod, it's cheap and easy.
  8. The DC side isn't powerful enough unless you do the DC mod. Bikes with fans will draw too much current if the fans run too much too. Trailtech has the rectifier and instructions to fix this.
  9. I've done it for over 30 years on all kinds of vehicles including a 4 cylinder Nissan. Never had the slightest issue except you cannot drive at night. Not once has a cop paid the slightest attention to obscured plates or anything. It will not overheat, over stress the ball joints or anything. You do need to be a touch more careful on certain roads going through some small towns that have v shapes crossing the roads for drainage. When the rear of the vehicle bucks, the bike in the front tends to jerk back and forth fairly hard. I tie the bike down VERY tight. Looking at your picture that hauler pretty much negates that issue. Right now I have a hitch on the front of a motorhome and on a 1st gen Tundra. Many many thousands of miles with a KTM 500 in front on both. It does not affect cooling in the least. I will reiterate though, night driving is out.
  10. Almost all of the cargo trailer dealers can order you a trailer with the roof framed in for vents or an air conditioner at a very slight extra cost. Also spending the few dollars ordering an RV door and a window is worthwhile if you're going to stay in it.
  11. Missouri

    The DRZ would be OK with 91 at that altitude. If you were concerned you could pick up a gallon or 2 of toluene and mix it with your gas if needed. I think it would be unlikely, especially since you'd be jetted a touch fat unless you change jets.
  12. Missouri

    I only went there once. It had rained a couple of inches the night before. Absolutely hands down the worse experience on bikes ever. One of the xr400's sank so far in a mud sinkhole the handlebars went under. Fortunately some big farm kid on a quad with a heavy duty winch finally got it out. Never ever again. Oh, learned fast about the hill climbs too.
  13. Missouri

    The DRZ will run fine on premium at that altitude. Most riding is between 9,000 to 11,500 at Taylor which doesn't need near the octane.
  14. Missouri

    Might see you there. Lots of dual sport riding but the the DR is not so good on the trails there. The DRZ, although heavy, would be OK on most. I usually go a few times a year.