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  1. Both great bikes for the tight stuff.
  2. Oh, sorry, my apologies, I misread that. A 300 would be better than the 250 which would definitely be well over carbed with a 40mm.
  3. Of course it did, you're massively over carbed for the displacement. The throttle response, especially at the bottom 50% of the rpm range is rather poor as I assume you found out. At best you need roughly 90 to 110 cfm with a 250 unless it's a full on high rpm race motor. The 38 ideally can flow somewhere around 120 or so. Any larger and performance drops off with both low velocity and fueling issues. The 40mm should be around 160 cfm, a pretty fair jump. I haven't seen any flow bench tests on the STIC but my guess is he's addressed his design for both better flow and atomization. You might have a slight gain at the very extreme of top end with the 40 at the expense of everything else. I would think the STIC is going to work the best over all with the 38 on a 250. You cannot get around the velocity issue and poor low end. Slide mods will help slightly but the bore is too large unless you're flat track racing or something where the carb is operating at wide open settings at very high rpm. It's an issue on the Betas. There seems to be virtually no way to keep the Keihn from overflowing going down hills causing the bike to stumble and dumping a fair bit of fuel. We messed around forever setting the float and were never completely satisfied. We tend to ride in trials bike type conditions with extreme technical riding. Oh, it's kind of weird but don't set the float like you're used to. If you didn't know, you're supposed to hold the carb at an angle. Everybody is used to this: It will not work on the Beta. Set it this way: My guess is that's their "Fix" for the carb angle. Unfortunately that can cause some issues climbing. Try setting the float to the picture and loop the overflow tubes. Your son will probably be OK and it will solve the high fuel consumption. With the lines going up and over the carb the fuel cannot get high enough to dump into the engine.
  4. Everybody is completely mystified about them dropping the 200.
  5. I like the design but to my knowledge there's no good hard anodizing in red. A few years ago somebody was making aluminum KTM spacers with steel inserts. They worked well.
  6. Anybody have a decent wiring diagram for this bike? I'm having some issues with the combo switch and the diagram I have has no bearing on what's really on the bike. I had to replace the main wiring harness and the combo switch from a stupid desertpack rat that ate everything. For whatever reason the kill switch doesn't work now. Oh, desert pack rats are an extremely annoying pest. They eat car wiring and seem to resist everything you try to get rid of them.
  7. colorado

    They really cleaned up Hunters, it may be the easiest. I didn't even bother mentioning the rest. The hill on Tilton is a bit challenging for most and Crystal, at least last year, was pretty torn up.
  8. I can attest to that, DON'T do it!
  9. colorado

    Something other than Block and Tackle or Hunters?
  10. Hmm.... It looks like a bit harder compound. I thought the Michelin Desert IT would stand up well but it almost immediately failed on two bikes. In it's defense, it was in the low to mid teens when we were riding. Being at least named a desert tire it may well not have been designed for that. I had really good luck with it here in AZ though. Good traction and wear characteristics.
  11. You just can't help yourself being an ass can you? To answer your question, broken granite, flint and shale in the Ozarks and Colorado. It's extremely tough on tires. It's very common to slice sidewalls destroying the tire, especially a 2 ply. It's a trade off between traction and durability for tire selection. Riding in AZ and New Mexico tires last at least twice as long.
  12. It did seem the one with the white lettering was a somewhat different compound. Even though it too tore knobs, it was and is a very good tire. Sharp rocks kill tires, ALL of them.
  13. Jeff, this is the one I just replaced on the xTrainer. It's the prior generation tire with a touch over 300 miles. As you can see almost 100% of the side knobs are torn off. It too was a new tire when I installed it. It stood up WAY better than on the 500 but the xT is a lot lighter and not ridden as hard.
  14. I won't let him touch my suspension. Does he think everybody is Erzberg ready?
  15. The Shinko was $57.50 with free shipping. Not exactly half the cost but ~ 40% less. I went with Jeff Slaven's suggestion on the tire for the areas we ride since it's in his back yard. Jeff has rarely led me astray and I've generally been pretty happy with his recommendations. Since changing tires is a trivial task, if the Shenko has 3/4 of the life it's still a good deal isn't it? I just installed two of them for Colorado so I'm going to shortly find out.