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  1. I have a number of SK tools but they've become quite proud of them lately.
  2. What idiot decided to smog chain saws? It's not like there's a bazillion of them running all day polluting the air. I think the law of diminishing returns applies on this one.
  3. Uh, what? It's a chainsaw. What conceivable software does a simple chainsaw have?
  4. I used to have that exact same machine.
  5. I've been buying HF tools lately because most are better than the Chinese Craftsman junk. I'm seeing more and more US, Taiwan, Japanese and some other tools versus their old cheap mainland China stuff now. The other day I bought a 1/2" torque wrench to throw in the toy hauler for $9.99 with a coupon. I tested it on my torque gauge and it was well within 4% throughout it's whole range and virtually dead on center range. You tell me how an el cheapo $10 wrench is more accurate than my $250 Wright?
  6. Ud_Luz

    I have to modify my bike

    Troll thread. I've locked it.
  7. Ud_Luz

    Xtrainer tps

    Actually it's worse than that with Ford. In the early 60's the 144 6 cylinder they put in Falcons and a few other cars had a fixed distributor. The other engines in the series like the 170 and 200 had both vacuum and mechanical advance. Of course a popular mod was to pull the distributor and put it on your 144 since it was something like 85 horsepower stock, not enough to pull skim off gravy.
  8. Ud_Luz

    Xtrainer tps

    Might want to rethink that comment. I can give you a list of dozens of bike and auto engines that had no spark advance. Many times it was done because the manufacturer, especially Ford, was too cheap to install it using a fixed distributor or the engine was magneto spark driven without rotating cam rings.
  9. Ud_Luz

    Xtrainer tps

    I put Lectrons on both of our xTrainers. I can't tell the slightest difference in any spark advance or performance other than both run better without endlessly rejetting from the crazy altitude changes we ride the bikes at. If it does advance the timing it's so slight as to be negligible.
  10. Ud_Luz

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Arizona requires an off road plate sticker for plated bikes too.
  11. Well, with all the Lectron hate around here.................................
  12. I've seen zero difference in fuel consumption. Practically if both the Lectron and PWK had the correct needle/jets and no overflow leaks you would see little difference. It's much like using a Holley or Edelbrock on your car, different carbs but similar performance and fuel use if correctly set up. As mog noted, you'd have to be running lean on the Lectron to see a noticeable increase in mileage. That would mean you have the wrong taper needle or it's improperly adjusted. Just like with the PWK they too have different taper needles and height adjustment. I run a Holley Avenger on my off road vehicles for the same reason as Lectrons, MUCH less issues with off angle operation.
  13. That was one of the endearing things about it. I ride trials bikes too which is all about flat delivery and instant response. The Lectron does this quite well with no issues with the bike being way off angle. I think a good part of that is the float level doesn't affect it nearly as much. The PWK has always annoyed me to no end on extremely steep downhills tending to flood the engine. The only sort of fix is to lower the float level and run a leaner slide but that can cause a lean condition on uphills. If I mostly rode at similar elevations and not very steep terrain I wouldn't spend the money on a Lectron though, the PWK works well.