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  1. ThumperTDC

    ORV tag help

    I know that Oregon in the past has honored OHV tags from other states. I know when I go to Idaho they honor my Oregon OHV tag. Since your from North of the border not sure if it would be honored. I would think a couple of phone calls would clear it up.
  2. ThumperTDC

    Looking for midweek riding partner near Portland

    Well I had heard today there was about 6" of snow up there today, not sure if it will be gone by Wednesday.
  3. ThumperTDC

    2013 JCTRA Hangover Scrambles @ Washougal MXP

    With what TM said, I know I have never ran them and don't plan on doing so. I feel it's like cheating, a race that is held regardless of weather, not allowing studded tires just adds to the fun of the race. Now skill comes into play and I honestly feel it would even the field.
  4. ThumperTDC

    Looking for midweek riding partner near Portland

    If I can plan ahead of time, I should be able to get out mid week whenever my wife doesnt have anything planned. Just picked up a new/used bike and have a fresh top end to break in as soon as I get it back from the shop hopefully this week. Browns Camp is only 20 minutes from my house, so I usually ride there alot and make about a 40 mile or so loop. But with everything I have had going on this last year, I haven't been to the TSF to ride in over a year. I'm out the 19th since I will be on shift. I work a 24/48 schedule so in theory I have lots of time to ride............................but my wife doesnt see it that way. I have a 30 day shake down of the new bike, so I think I will be able to get out quite a bit in those 30 days.
  5. ThumperTDC

    2013 JCTRA Hangover Scrambles @ Washougal MXP

    Any thought on outlawing the use of tire studs? Makes for a more a good time if everyone is slippin and slidin.
  6. ThumperTDC

    Nice surprise

    I'm hoping to get it back this week or next after getting a new top end installed. I'm pretty excited to see how she does.
  7. ThumperTDC

    Nice Surprise

    So last week my wife surprised me with getting me a new used bike. I had been looking and pissing her off with all kinds of craigslist ads I have been seeing. She was wanting me to save up for one. Well I had been watching a local dealers wbsite and had been watching the price drop on this one bike. Went in to go look at it the week before and didnt see it so we left. Low and behold a few days later it popped up on one of their craigslist ads, it was pretty cheap. I text her the ad knowing what she was going to say, but on Tuesday after dropping our oldest son off at school she ran in and was waiting for them to open and bought it. I was actually going to go in that day after picking my son up from school to go look at it, but we never made it. She was wanting to keep it from me and have one of my buddies store it until our anniversary in December and give it to me as an anniversary/christmas present, but she was unable to keep it from me and told me about it that night. Went to pick it up two days later. Show up and long story short, it is a clean looking bike, but it is currently in the shop getting a new top end. It's on 05 KTM 525MXC, it looks really clean for being a 7 year old bike. Quite a few aftermarket goodies on it, so I am pretty stoked and still in shock that my wife went out and did this. I am still getting to keep my XR450 and will probably continue to finish my master piece, but now I have a new canvas to work with and and be able to improve on my riding abilities with. Love my XR to death, but after spending 45 miles in the saddle of an 05 KTM 450EXC this past summer I finally came to the realization that my XR was holding me back on improving my riding abilities and from going faster.
  8. ThumperTDC

    Nice surprise

    So we went to pick it up on Thursday, show up and they had it on the battery charger just to top off the battery and the salesman told me he didn't trust the old battery so he installed a new one..........Sweet. One of the guys pulls it out front and has it running..............it was music to my ears, it has an FMF powercore 4 pipe and it was sounding mean. Go out and see it for the first time and all in all it is a really clean bike, I notice all of the aftermarket items on the bike, the internet pictures had a flag mount on the bike which was no longer there so I was thinking this was a sand only bike since the frame or engine cases from the brief look I took showed no signs of rock damage. The powder coating on the outer engine case covers was a little worn off in other places than where your boots would rub, so this further confirmed my suspisions. I shut it off and kick it over, I noticed alot of free play in the decompression cable, the lever had to be pulled all the way to get it to activate, which coming off my XR did not feel right to me, but what did I know my experience around KTM's was limited to one day this past summer and I never had to use the kick starter on that bike. Go to kick the bike over to start it, fired first kick. Shut it down now time to try the magic button. THe salesman told me I needed to use the decompression lever and the e start at the same time to help the engine spin over better. I was trying this and the only thing the engine was doing was spinning over, never did light off. I chalked that one up to not know the starting proceedure. I was literally about a minute away from hoping off the bike and pulling the ramp out of my truck to load up this bad boy when the owner walked out with the salesman and said that the bike should not be that hard to start and that if I could leave it with them they wanted to give me a free valve adjustment. Since with everything going on I would not be able to ride the bike for a couple of weeks and said sure. The next day I get a call that they had some bad news, the tore into the engine to find that the piston was scratched as was the cylinder wall. They gave me 3 options, give me my money back, put the money towards another bike or split the cost of the repair with them. Getting my money back was not going to happen, because my wife took it upon herself to use some money we had set aside to pay off some bills to get the bike, if I got the money back it would have gone to pay off those bills. I could not put the money towards another bike and finance it, because other than our mortgage payment, we are almost debt free and she does not want to finance anything. So the salesman said that it was normally a $1,700 repair, he got the service department down to doing it for $700 something and offered to split the cost with me. So we chose to pay the $360 to get a new top end installed. Everyone I have talked to about this said I should have ran away, but I chose to roll the dice and see what happens. I went in and saw the parts which weren't all that bad, it probably still would have ran for a year or two before I would have noticed any issues, but they were wanting to make it right. They very easily could have helped me load the bike and sent me on my way. They very easily could have adjusted the valves and sent me on my way. If it was a private seller I would have been screwed and having to do all the work myself. But now that it is all opened up, a little voice in my head is telling me to replace the valves and timing chain just for safe measures, but I was informed that was going to be another $515 ontop of what I had already paid for the repair, so unfortunately thats not going to happen at this moment in time. Its a 7 year old bike, so I am sure it was well used, but I am jacked that I know have a KTM525, something I have been eyeing for sometime now, and I still get to start saving for a new bike a few years down the road. Here she is: And the last shot before having to give it back for the repairs.
  9. ThumperTDC

    Nice surprise

    So this summer while riding in Idaho I crashed on my bike and ended up having to barrow a bike. Well the loaner bike was an 05 450EXC. I initially didn't want to ride it, because I knew what would happen...............and sure enough it did. Since August I have been wanting to get me some of that orange kool aid. Was in the process of starting to save up for a new bike. Was wanting a brand new bike, but that would have been acouple of years out. Long story short I had been eyein a used 05 525mxc on a local dealers website and had been watching the price decrease. I actually had plans today to go look at it, but things didn't work out to go look at it. My wife informed me tonight that I now own that bike..............well she owns it since it is in her name, but I get to ride it. Have yet to see it in person, should be picking it up Thursday morning after I get off shift. My question is what are some issues with these bikes and what should I look for on it? I am thinking that I will be tearing it down to grease everything and give it a once over before I take'r out in the NW Oregon mud.
  10. ThumperTDC

    Edison approach to alerantive XR400 carbs

    Wrong cable, you need to get a twist throttle and cable for the Polaris. I don't have my bike here to take a picture for you, but that is the wrong cable.
  11. ThumperTDC

    What side panels ?

    Is that also the CR seat as well as the rear fender? Is there any more pictures of how the side plates were mounted?
  12. ThumperTDC

    FMF Header pipe worth it?

    I would love to see a pic of this custom header if you have one.
  13. ThumperTDC

    Edison approach to alerantive XR400 carbs

    http://www.jetsrus.com/a_jet_kit_atv/polaris_500_predator_2003-2007.htm If you click and the scroll down you will see a pull knob for the choke
  14. ThumperTDC

    XR Helmet cam thread

    Here is a clip of the 2.88 mile loop I have made on my inlaws property, a good mix of everything. 60-70 miles in the woods is no problem, but this loop I have made on 48 acres is brutal.
  15. ThumperTDC

    '85 RFVC 200 Top grafted to 250 Bottom

    I might have missed it, but what year 250 bottom end was used? I am in the process of doing something similar with a project I am startin, still unsure exactly which route I will be going.