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  1. Mike546

    16 KX450F shock removal

    I don't think it would be easier. You don't have to force it at all. Just pull the subframe back and to the side a little and the shock comes right out. Stick the top bolts back in to hold it while you are working on the shock and then right back in.
  2. Mike546

    16 KX450F shock removal

    I got it done I removed the seat and muffler and subframe bolts. Just moved the subframe to the side a little and the shock came right out and went back in easy too. It took maybe 30-35 minutes. You can get a screwdriver or punch in from the right side to loosen the lock ring. Then with the bike on a center stand turn the shock spring by hand and it should turn the adjusting ring with it. it is a tight fit.
  3. Mike546

    16 KX450F shock removal

    Thanks Drew and jhamm. I did that once with an RMZ I had and it was a pain but I got it done, Might try it again.
  4. Mike546

    16 KX450F shock removal

    Thanks Endoair I'll give it a shot.
  5. Mike546

    16 KX450F shock removal

    I have to change the rear shock spring on my 16. Is there any easy way to get the shock off without taking the sub-frame off like it says in the manual? Thanks Mike
  6. Mike546

    2016 OTD Pricing

    I paid $7100 yesterday in upstate NY.
  7. Mike546

    KTM to a 2016 KX450F

    Hi, I'm 56 and have been off of bikes since November 2014 when I broke my wrist at work. I'm getting to the point where I can almost make a closed fist. I borrowed a friends bike yesterday and feel that I've recovered enough to start riding again. My last bike was a 2015 KTM 450SXF that I only had for two months when I got hurt. I'm considering the new KX and wondering if anyone has come from a KTM and what they think. I'll call myself a novice after the way I rode yesterday. It was real sketchy after being on the sidelines for so long. I like a bike that turns good without much effort. I've had about every bike in the last ten years but a KX. I really liked the KTM but have had a few of them and I'm ready for a change of color. What's your thoughts?
  8. Mike546

    Dislocated left wrist and broken radius

    John I saw an old post of yours when you broke your wrist. How did it turn out after PT. I'm 55 and broke my Radius 6 weeks ago and my xray looked a lot like yours. I get the cast off on Monday but my hand and fingers are real swollen and I cant make a fist or straighten my fingers. I didn't get any plate or screws. I'm hoping you made out good so I can expect the same. It is my throttle hand though. I sprained it last January and it took me until May to ride, this seems a worse. Mike
  9. I picked up a set of Ohlins cartridges for a 2013 KTM that I was going to try and put into my 4CS forks. The only difference I can see is that the kit for the 4cs comes with different base plugs and "hydraulic stop cups". Anyone know what they are? I was thinking of ordering these two parts and using the older cartridges. The older cartridges are 4mm longer but I don't think that would matter much. Any opinions?
  10. What are the SSS cartridge inserts?
  11. So you have ridden Moto with the MxTech setup?
  12. Has anyone had their 15 Ktm SXF revalved with the MxTech setup with the Huck Valves? I'm wondering how it compares to stock. I find the stock very harsh. I'm considering the Ohlins cartridges too. Mike
  13. Mike546

    2Tall Racing Kit

    I've searched around but I can't find anyone who's had it done on the 4cs.
  14. Mike546

    High Speed Camera (HSC Clicker)

    Just for the heck of it there are a couple of free slow motion camera apps for the iPad/iPhone. I'm might help you out.
  15. Mike546

    2Tall Racing Kit

    Have you ridden the MXtech setup for the 4cs with the huck valves?