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  1. I have managed to destroy my rear caliper on my 2015 300RR. Long story short, there is some scarring near the cylinder where the caliper piston slides in and out. I had thought I could salvage the situation by replacing the piston and the seals. The seals held pressure for anout an hour and a half today. After that, brake fluid was leaking and and I had lost all pressure on the pedal. I'd like to get a new calipered ordered ASAP so I can be riding later this week. I need some help determining cross reference of this caliper to other bikes. I've searched this forum and didn't get a concrete answer so I decided to create a new thread. Is the rear caliper on the Beta the same rear caliper as that of the ones found of Japanese bikes? I use OEM Kawi pads for the rear so, I suspect yes. Here's whats interesting though, when I peruse Rocky Mtn ATV's OEM Parts catalog I am comparing the rear caliper from the Honda to the Kawi part. Honda shows as $146 while Kawi shows as costing $168. If they are the same caliper, why the difference in OEM cost?
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    Quick Clickers?

    I am wondering if there are after market options for adjusting the compression on the Marzochi forks w/o the use of a screw driver. Looking for something I cam adjust with my fingers. I have seen a couple different options available for KTM but nothing for Beta. Anyone have a source for Marzochi? Here is an example: http://www.ridefox.com/2016/product.php?m=moto&t=forks&p=3342
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    Mattawa Conditions

    I'll echo the comment above. Mattawa still has some snow. I stopped by Sunday at dark. The sand dunes were rideable, but everything else was covered in snow.
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    Winter weekends at Tahuya

    I'll try to be there at 9 tomorrow. Look for white sprinter and beta 300.
  5. 602

    Winter weekends at Tahuya

    Im planning on riding this weekend as well. Coming out Friday night from Pullman and intending to ride both days out there. Im new to the area. You ridden here before?
  6. 602

    Where is the Hardest Trail in Arizona?

    Where at in So Cal are you going to be? Anywhere near Lucerne Valley? Hardest trails in the country are near there.
  7. 602

    Anyone riding around Las Vegas

    No snow is the important factor. Low temperatures aren't usually a problem once we get moving and are generating heat.
  8. 602

    Anyone riding around Las Vegas

    Haha! Wasn't thinking very well when I wrote that. There will be two of us heading down. Both ride a 300 Betas. Its a bit cold and snowy up in here in Washington right now. Looking forward to heading south and getting somewhere warmer. Plan to ride St George for a couple days then head to Vegas area and onto Reno after that.
  9. 602

    Anyone riding around Las Vegas

    I'll be in the Las Vegas area on Tuesday December 27th. Anyone around who would like to meet up for a ride? We will be on Beta 300 two smoker.
  10. 602

    anyone up for a ride in south Kennewick

    It is supposed to be a high of 10 next weekend. Are you seriously planning on riding?
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    Might be moving to Spokane how the riding there?

    Will do for sure. Look forward to twisting some grip with you. Its been a long time.
  12. 602

    Might be moving to Spokane how the riding there?

    Straitening the bike up next week. Got new bars and rotor ordered today from the boys at MotoAdventure. Rest of the recovery is slowly coming along. No more bleeding spleen! Hope to be back on the bike in the next 6-8 weeks or so.
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    Might be moving to Spokane how the riding there?

    I just moved from the front range of Colorado to Pullman Washington which is an hour south of Spokane. I got injured in Colorado in late July and spent a month in the hospital. Still recovering so I have not had the opportunity to ride much around here yet. My girlfriend has been logging all the miles and giving me the scoop on the local riding. First the racing. Good news in early April has the Desert 100 which is one of the largest races in America when measured by rider count. ~One thousand riders in a Le Mans style start. Also have the ISDE Qualifier just over 6 hours away from here in Idaho City. There are a couple local series but nothing that seems to be on par with RMEC, at least on the east side of WA. There just isn't enough people. Seattle area and west coast probably has a race series with a high rider count, but have not been to one yet. The trail riding... Everyone loves to say their state has the best riding in the country. Colorado boys say it, Arizona does and certainly the Idaho locals do too. I guess it boils down to the kind of riding you like most. I always enjoyed riding near Pitkin. Hauling ass down Horseshoe in the rain and jumping off the rocks is my idea of fun. Idaho too has good riding but it is a bit different. When you ask someone to show you the gnarly trails, they won't be near as rough as Colorado. But you are likely to be able to string together big mile days out here much easier. Take a look on google for "Tour of Idaho" or even "R'Idaho". Both of them are multi day rides suited best for 300cc / 450cc bikes with a plate. Riding season in eastern WA seems to be about the same as Colorado. Go to the mountains May - November and then head to the desert in the colder months. If you don't mind the drive, there is year round riding on the west side of the Cascades but plan on it being very wet in the winter months.
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    Gnarliest trail pics ever!

    What a day that was! My lust for gnarly trails has only gotten deeper after racing KOM and TKO. I hope WA / ID can deliver to the same level that CO and UT have for me. Healing up pretty well and hope to be back on the bike come 2017!
  15. Trails are open at Donnor. I'll be riding there Wednesday afternoon. Care to join me? Send me a PM if you would like to ride.