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  1. SMD

    Eyre Basin Trail question

    Now that is a fun trail.......known to some as Rockin Ruby.
  2. All, a final push please...... With the last two meeting this week in Rio Rancho (Tues) and Albuquerque (Wed) the call is for several hundred concered riders to show up and let the SFNF know that the closure to motorized of nearly 70 percent of traditional and historical single track is unacceptable and that we are not going away. The more of you that show the better, it really makes a difference and an impression. The haters will be there in force.........what say you?
  3. A reminder for tonights meeting in Santa Fe and Thursday evening in Los Alamos. Make your presence known people.....
  4. Just to keep this going. If any of you would like some talking points for your comments shoot me a pm and I can pass along the file from the Black Feathers MC club.
  5. Just to further add, please state in your comments that you favor the Black Feather M/C Club citzens proposal as the alternative.
  6. On the page in the link below there is a form you can download and also a direct email address to send a comment. http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/sfe/travelmgt/public_involvment.htm#comment
  7. The SFNF has released there plan and is intent on closing 70% of the traditional trails to motorized. Now would be the time to make your opinion on the matter public. http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/sfe/travelmgt/index.html
  8. SMD

    Bobby J's

    Yep, BJ's is one of the good guys.....
  9. SMD

    Timberline Trail

    That Aspen has a little color to it.......
  10. SMD

    Cedro Peak, NM

    No closures........yet! The travel management plan is in process, here is your chance to make a differance. http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/cibola/travel-management/index.shtml
  11. The new PSD 6.4L is ten times more complicated than the troubled 6.0L it replaced and also manufactured by Corn binder although as mentioned before Ford is as much to blame. Pure speculation on my part but I am sure this is only the first of a dozen recalls.
  12. If you enjoy riding Cedro Peak area now would be the time to make your voice heard. http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/cibola/news/07news_releases/sandia_trvl_mgt_mtg_011707.shtml
  13. SMD

    Santa Fe National Forest / PLEASE READ

    BUMP..... A friendly reminder to please attend.