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  1. Sometimes there is a small air pocket at the master cylinder. Once you get out all you think you can, with the brake on the handlebar, squeeze the lever and keep pressure then crack the banjo bolt on the master cylinder and retighten before you let it go. It,s not a lot but it makes a difference if there is air in there. It helped with my RM.
  2. Tailender

    93 rm 250 replaced stator an still no spark

    Did you check the spark plug boot? I had one go on my 02 and pulled all my hair out trying to figure it out. It "unscrews" from the plug wire.
  3. Tailender

    Boring a worn sleeve?

    It can be bored but take it to the shop you are going to have it done at so they can let you know what size piston to get. Wonder why someone put a sleeve in instead of just fixing the cylinder back to stock? Prob would have cost less and would last longer.
  4. Tailender

    1980 suzuki 2 stroke

    If the float is set wrong and not enough gas in bowl it will cause a wot run too. Don't ask me how I know.
  5. Tailender

    2005 rmz 450. PLEASE HELP.

    White smoke is usually water / head gasket. Did you check the valves? If they are out of spec it will be very hard if not impossible to start.
  6. Tailender

    rm85 not starting and leaking coolant

    It looks foamy because the air in the cylinder is being pushed into the cooling system through a very small opening. I've had luck with cometic and tusk gaskets but oem are good too. Make sure the head is not warped before you put it back together and torque the head down gradually in a criss cross pattern. Be sure the threads are clean also so they torque correctly.
  7. Tailender

    rm85 not starting and leaking coolant

    It needs a new head gasket. Make sure the head is flat and not warped and be sure to torque the head evenly.
  8. Tailender

    2000 RM250 smoking help!

    Read the faq at the top of the forum and the jetting thread. It's invaluable. Also consider a complete engine rebuild top and bottom. It will be worth it in the long run. No engine damage from blowing up because you don't know when it was done last. Do it right the first time and it will be worth the investment. Some may not believe me but my 2002 rm250 was rebuilt when I got it and I put an hour meter on it. It's due now because it has developed a small knock but it has 440 hours on it. Like I said I don't race, but good parts and maintenance is worth it's weight in gold. I know it may be hard at 15 to wait to rebuild because you want to ride, but it would be worth the wait. Start cutting everybodys grass and walk their dogs for extra cash!
  9. Tailender

    2000 RM250 smoking help!

    My first bike was an 86 yz 250 with a cracked case. Any bike can be fixed if you're willing to spend the money. I knew when I bought my bike it needed work and I wanted to learn how to do it. Now for your problem. It needs to be rejetted for sure if you keep the mix at 32 to 1. I run mine at 50 to 1 but I only trail ride so it's never screaming for any length of time. Read the jetting thread at the top of the two stroke forum and search everything you can to get more info. The more you learn the easier things will be to fix. Also looks like the seal for the primary drive shaft is leaking. Try to get a manual. It is worth every penny.
  10. Tailender

    clutch issues...ideas?

    Something is still dragging and not fully disengaging. I would have guessed the basket is notched but you said new? Maybe the hub is notched or plates bent?
  11. did you check the main jet? May be too small or too big or maybe it needs a good cleaning.
  12. Tailender

    RM125 - What Now?

    Complete rebuild of motor top and bottom end just for piece of mind. It will cost a lot more to rebuild/repair if it blows up. Then check all the bearings- wheel and suspension linkage. Then clean and freshen up the suspension. In other words-- Complete overhaul from the wheels up!
  13. Tailender

    2 Stroke high idle

    It is running lean. Could be clogged pilot jet or too small of one or incorrect float setting.
  14. Tailender

    crank gear removal help

    it's not reverse threads and you're turning it the wrong way? A penny in the gears and an impact should break it loose.
  15. Tailender

    Motoz Tire Thread

    You're not supposed to count the miles trailering it to the riding area! I just put one on my RMZ 450 and the first ride was great at 40 miles. Hope I get as much milage as you!