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  1. I have a '16 YZ250f (not FX). Scotts steering stabilzer, rekluse, 18" rear, tubliss run at 6-7 lbs for rear, IMS big tank. 234 lbs. wet and armored up. I'll never go back to 250+ lb. bikes.
  2. LumpyBoy

    Who's riding their 15-16 250f in the single track

    '16 250f. 18" rear, tubliss, rekluse, suspension revalve. Love it for tight technical single track. Weighs only 4lbs more than my ktm 200. I didn't want the FX due to the extra weight. No regrets whatsoever.
  3. LumpyBoy

    Anyone have a 2016 YZ250F yet

    Looks like at $7700 (for the yellow anniversary edition) I got an ok deal.
  4. LumpyBoy

    yz250f hour meter solution

    Or just get a wireless meter, as they work off vibration and therefore need no wire.
  5. LumpyBoy

    Anyone have a 2016 YZ250F yet

    7700 here. When a dealer offers a low price on a new model, it usually means they are not including dock/destination costs. I believe Yamaha is offering dealers 1000 rebate for new leftovers. Some dealers will pass this through to the consumer.
  6. LumpyBoy

    Anyone have a 2016 YZ250F yet

    Wow, this thread got hyjacked in a hurry. IAMCOLOMBO, I removed all the plastic and wheels and replaced them with some gently used blue plastics/new wheels with 18" for woods.
  7. LumpyBoy

    convert yz250f for woods or yz250fx

    I've seen like new '13's around here for $3700. Talk about a deal. I've done the same stuff to my 2016 F as Borlo plus a revalve. With tons of protection, large tank and a stabilizer it checks in at 240lbs wet, which compares to 235 for my 2010 200 xcw. I just can't deal with 260+ lb bikes in the super rocky technical single track.
  8. LumpyBoy

    Billet Engine Plugs

    Zeta is quality. I have used their plugs before on various bikes.
  9. LumpyBoy

    Fork oil change

    For twin chamber forks, I just follow this simple instruction video. Obviously, you can skip steps that don't apply (e.g., if you are not replacing seals). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrafDhaHbKc I believe the stock S1 oil is 5w so any 5w oil should work. I have a YZ so not sure if the WR is precisely the same.
  10. LumpyBoy

    Recommended oil 15' yz250f

    Wait, you guys are using oil?
  11. LumpyBoy

    convert yz250f for woods or yz250fx

    I went the other way. 2016 yz250f. I am sensitive to weight and can't justify the 20 extra pounds of the FX. I have had just about every off road setup imaginable and nothing beats a super light weight bike (for me). The two-strokes are just hard to beat and I always end up going back to them b/ of their light weight. I am trying a yz250f because they are so light and flickable. The e-start on the FX certainly is compelling, but throwing a rekluse on the YZF solves any stalling issues. If the FX was 230 lbs wet, I'd give it a try. Again, it's all very personal and I've heard the old argument that you can't feel the weight while riding. For me, I feel the weight, particularly the higher center of gravity that 4T's have to begin with. All the KTM off road 4Ts are in the same weight category as the FX. If I weighed 200lbs the weight might not bother me. Like I said, it's all very subjective. I agree that the wider gearing of the FX is another plus for that bike and the stock suspension it sounds is adequate (I nearly always get a revalve anyway). And of course there is the 18" wheel. IMS makes a bigger tank so that is not an issue and Steahly and GYTR offer flywheel weights if you want heavier crank mass (can also do some EFI mapping as well). So I'd say electric start and gearing are the big advantages for the FX which you can't economically solve for on the YZF, while weight is the big advantage for the YZF.
  12. LumpyBoy

    Anyone have a 2016 YZ250F yet

    Bought one from my local dealer a week ago. They had two. Blue one had just sold so I ended up with the yellow 60th anniversary edition.
  13. LumpyBoy

    Recommended oil 15' yz250f

    Rotella 15/40. Rekluse Core 3.0 EXP.
  14. LumpyBoy

    08+ KTM Cam Chain Tensioner Upgrade/Fix

    Note that it has been reported over on KTMTalk that the DT tensioner does not appear to work with the HT oil cooler. There are ongoing discussions with DT about this. I am running an HT oil cooler, which doubles the oil capacity, and am running the stock tensioner.
  15. I think the idea is that you mount the metal holder wherever you want. Many mount it on the upper triple clamp bolt. I mounted it on the handlebar clamp. Devil Exhaust. From France. Google them and you'll find them. Decent group, ya, know, considering they are French... Thanks. I am fortunate but work like a dog to support it all. See my sig. I have a KTM 200 2T, a KTM sxf with HT Racing 312 big bore, and a KTM 690 Enduro (fabulous d/s bike). I am looking to get a street legal KTM 450 EXC.