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  1. mag

    KTM 300 XC (2013)


  2. mag

    KTM 300 XC 2013

  3. mag

    2012 250SX @ 30 hours ride time...

    Try a bead of high temp silicone on your springs if you have any more issues with them-just make sure to let it dry overnight.
  4. There is a dedicated plug for hard parts fan kit or at least there was on my 08 XCW 300.
  5. mag

    No 2-map CDI for 2011??

    Yes, its same as last 3 years. Plug is under the tank and on page 77 of the USA manual.
  6. mag

    09 KX450F trail riders

    Thanks for info NESC522. I'll be using 09 for HS's and tech trails also. I need a sparky and want it quiet so let me know how you like the Q4. The KLX450 headpipe is the same for 08 and 09, it will bolt on a 09 KX, but you will need the KLX exhaust gasket to slide into your kx silencer. I feel as though it mellowed the lowend/mid range, and made it more rideable in tight, technical terrain.
  7. mag

    09 KX450F trail riders

    What year KLX headpipe will fit the 09's? I added a rekluse pro, KLX headpipe, FMF Q4(won't be here until Fri), and the usual guards and skidplate. I don't know why this bike gets rep as having brutal power delivery. I think it is much easier to ride in my terrain than the 250mx bikes I have used in the past. At this point I'm not even planning on adding a flywheel weight. I see why some of the guys referred to it as almost a 350, type of power delivery, it is just so smooth, and fast.
  8. mag

    07 450 Otd

    $6299 but I have to drive 4 hrs to get it.
  9. mag

    Need radiator guards. Suggestions?

    Check out bulletproofdesigns.com. Expensive but nice.
  10. mag

    What kind of trouble......

    Why would you buy a 96 when you could pick up a used 04-05 for the same price. Look like clutch cover shows wear so maybe bike isn't new.
  11. mag

    Best vented riding gear

    I rode MSR vented all last year. Bought new Thor this year and the MSR looks better than the Thor does after only one ride.
  12. mag

    Flexx bars

    Look close at them. They are the first model with single crossbar or they're missing one.
  13. mag

    R exhaust on an X

    Put on the R muffler and keep your X headpipe on. You'll lose alot of weight and very little bottom.
  14. mag

    Need OEM 250X exhaust!!!

    How about the reducer for $25 plus shipping? PM me if your interested.
  15. mag

    What year 250X should I get?

    Well I just bought a 06 300XC KTM and while it does have alot of nice stock parts its far from perfect. I think their suspension comes off a BMX bike. The 300 turns better, is lighter- more flickable, and has a airbox you can actually get into but on the 250X my lap times are faster and I don't get tired. As far a reliability goes, I've got six 2hr+ HS on it plus another 30 hrs of practice and have only needed to shim valves once. Honda may have some valve issues , which I think are magnified by poor maintenence, but it's a small percentage of bikes. Thank god I kept my 250X.