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  1. SoCalrider21

    Cleaning air filter

    I just use the powder laundry detergent. Use that with really hot water, then rinse it with the hose, then let dry. Really it's just the easiest for me....
  2. Well I want to powder coat my rims black. Just wondering if anybody knows of any good places that charge a good price? I'm in CA if that matters, sent some companies emails today and waiting for a response. But just wondering what others are paying for it?
  3. SoCalrider21

    Selling my dodge for a chevy???

    Yeah and I hear you guys out on all of this. And I have a really good girlfriend, and she really doesn't care what I drive. Basically for a while I wanted something to get attention. But now I'm just going to be looking for rims and tires. But I just bought some subs and amp to put in it. And then after I get that hooked up hopefully I can find some 16" rims and put like 285's on them, since the smallest tire you can get for a 16.5" rim are 33's. And I'm sorry if I contradicted myself alot in this thread, but once I get ideas I want go through with them. But update is I put it in the shop today for something bigger that went wrong with it. I had to have the wheel bearings replaced, one of the front wheels was really really really bad. So no engine work this time, and I've had brake problems with it for a while now and they're going to fix that hopefully........
  4. SoCalrider21

    Selling my dodge for a chevy???

    I wanted them to go down in a new truck. Which now that I'm not getting a new truck, I'm going to make my dodge like the chevy would've been. But pretty much I don't won't 35's or even 33's. but I can get 35/12.5-16.5 on weld racing rims for $200. But I'm pretty sure that 35's won't fit on it being a stock 99' 2500 4x4...... so I'm wondering what's the biggest I can go without putting a lift on it
  5. SoCalrider21

    Selling my dodge for a chevy???

    Ok so now that I'm keeping my dodge I have a few questions. I can get a badass deal with some really nice weld racing rims. Right now they have 35/12.5-16.5's on them. and I've been looking and the smallest tire I can find for that rim size are 33's. and I'm wondering if I can run the 35's or even 33's with stock suspension and have enough clearance??? And then plus too I plan on putting on a k&n air filter system on it, and then I'll also open up the exhaust and put something new on it. And then if I need to I can put a cheap lift with coil spacers and pro comp shocks in the front and then blocks in the back if I really need the clearance for the tires.
  6. SoCalrider21

    Selling my dodge for a chevy???

    I had the injectors replaced last year. And the truck is in good condition like on the outside, I was just saying I think that chevys look better. And I'm talking about going 70 my computer reads about 16.3. All I know is that it needs a new cam sensor, tranny rebuilt, and the brake system totally gone over and that just sounds like alot of money. I put new rotors and pads on the front this year, but the back need to be done and my brakes just act really screwy sometimes. But I'll see if they notice anything else, which of course they will always seem to find something. lol.
  7. SoCalrider21

    Selling my dodge for a chevy???

    If I took care of it??? The dash was already broken when we bought it, the dash cover was hiding it. And now it's going in the shop and fixing all the major things and I'm keeping it. And as far as the no fear thing I would be getting stuff for having it on there, but I'm not going to bother with it.....
  8. SoCalrider21

    Selling my dodge for a chevy???

    Heres my opinion. The cummins is a badass engine, and will last me a long time. But everything else on the truck is crap, I think. I'm seriously missing half my dash, almost everything on the interior is crap. And quite frankly it doesn't look all that nice on the outside IMO. Don't get me wrong I brag about my dodge everywhere I go and I'll back it up like no other. But I want something with a little more style. And I have something that would go along with getting a lifted truck that I really wasn't planning on telling people cuz I know it'll be stupid. But I'm really close with the owners of no fear, so I was going to get the badass truck and have them put some badass no fear decals on it and all that good stuff. And my dodge is averaging 16 mpg, and my parents suburban is averaging about the same but it's geared way higher than my dodge and it is pretty much at idle going 75 while my dodge is hitting over 2k rpm. Theres not much difference in the mpg, which is really why I'm considering it. And I can get the chevy with some $$$ left over, and it'll cost me less money to drive than paying more for diesel. And the chevys I'm looking at are really really clean, and have alot of upgrades. Might sound stupid, but really it sounds good to me......
  9. SoCalrider21

    Selling my dodge for a chevy???

    Guys I've already done my homework on mpg. My parents have a 98' suburban 4x4 with 315's on it, and it gets better gas mileage than my dodge. And yes I agree that gas will catch up to diesel, but diesel will keep on going up the same as gas.
  10. I just wanted to get some opinions, because I think it's a good idea right now. I have my 99' dodge 2500 4x4 with the 24 valve cummins with 225,000 miles on it. I haven't had problems with it up till now. I have same brake issues with it that need to be fixed, and I need the tranny rebuilt. I think it's a good work truck, but it's definitely not something nice to drive around on dates and what not. Plus I just hate the interior on dodge's, they're just plain cheap on the 2nd generation rams (example half of my dash is missing on top). Also with gas prices going up, I'm paying about an even $1 more a gallon buying diesel over gas. So I can get really nice say around 98' chevy 1500 4x4 with around 100,000 miles on them and they're lifted with rims and everything. And they look really nice, and I like chevy products. Just wondering if anybody thinks I'm crazy???
  11. SoCalrider21


    Well I live in beaumont. And honestly the locals don't care about it. It is illegal to ride there. And I've gotten a warning ticket on my truck out there for being parked on private property. And I don't want to be a dick, but we hate when people come out there and when theres alot of people out there. And if you're worried about sherriff's on quads, you just need to know where you're going and to haul ass. Because I know that me and my friends can outrun them...
  12. SoCalrider21

    Pipe and Silencer

    Well obviously the fatty pipe with shorty will give you the best low to mid. And as far as how your high end will be it probably won't be affected that much if any at all. Its just common sense guy. they make graphs to see what each pipe and silencer do on their websites......
  13. SoCalrider21

    Cheap tow chain/straps?

    I got mine at autozone. But now I would go buy one at walmart, cuz they always seem to be cheaper....... but I've used the hell out of my tow strap and it worked great, till I finally broke it being stupid pulling a friend out. And I also always had a chain.......
  14. SoCalrider21

    Be happy - buy yourself a book!

    I will agree that the book is almost the best investment for a bike. But on the otherside of things, this website is free. So why not try and get all the free info you can??
  15. SoCalrider21

    Where to get bulk oil and plugs for my Rm

    All I can say is that today my jaw dropped when I was at the dealer and the plug was $10.95. And I've had my bike parked for a while, so I haven't bought anything for it in a while. But I bought premix, tranny oil, and the plug and it cost me $41