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  1. dirtrider255

    Anyone down to ride

    Yea, I'll be going down on Sunday. Always liked that track.
  2. dirtrider255

    WPS lithium batteries

    I bought one for my KTM, have not had it very long but seems to working fine, it fit in the box with no problems. The price was great.
  3. dirtrider255

    Who will be the first with new 15 YZ250FX or WR?

    Looks like the guy has a camera on, did he upload any video?
  4. dirtrider255

    New member, new bike, and new to Gas Gas

    Nice bike! You can try greenlandmx.com or motocrosscenter.com or trailendurodirect.com for online parts and accessories.
  5. dirtrider255


    Everyone is very cool in either series. I have raced in both for years and always enjoyed myself and the atmosphere at the races. The VXCS has races for dirt bikes and atv's, whereas the VCHSS only races dirt bikes, the race courses are similar. Depending on where you live there may be a dirt bike club around where alot of the racing guys practice. Just come on out and have some fun.
  6. dirtrider255

    Need Hebo Clutch Parts

    You could check out this web site; http://www.ajpamerica.com/index.html I haven't used them but I think they could be a resource for you.
  7. I am dealing with the same problem on my 06. A guy that rebuilds cranks told me I had "loose" bearings, I had not heard of this problem before, I am going to install new crank bearings. Not sure what would cause this issue.
  8. dirtrider255

    Help! Drained engine oil and needle bearing came out!

    It aslo looks like the pin from the oil pump shaft.
  9. dirtrider255

    2011 vchss

    I plan on hitting around 7 or 8 races this year, looking forward to Oak Ridge, one of my favorite tracks
  10. dirtrider255

    2003 yz 250 lighting stator?

    Steahly, sells them; http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/lighting/lighting-coils/yamaha-lighting-coils.html
  11. dirtrider255

    Cylinder Question - with pic

    JCMINIS, Please send me a pm of that company. Thanks guys, I'll check out the other websites you mentioned. dirtrider255
  12. dirtrider255

    Cylinder Question - with pic

    Guys, I am doing a new top end and when I pulled the cylinder I found some of the plating missing, upon further inspection some of the metal is gone from behind the area where the plating was. Can I get a standard replate or should I save for a big bore? I'm no good at photography, what do you think?
  13. dirtrider255

    Virginia riders connection?

    Check out the racing forum at vchss.net, the promoter is good about keeping up the recent track details.
  14. dirtrider255

    Virginia riders connection?

    Yea me and some buds are heading down there Saturday and Sunday!
  15. dirtrider255

    Virginia riders connection?

    Rivers Edge is very nice when it gets dry, I think he has around 12 miles of mountain single track and a motocross track. Love the GoPro, slowly getting a few vids. Lets get a ride together in the spring. Maybe Outdoorsman? Is he using some of the trails from the last race? We raced in that one, very nice track.