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  1. brianwheelies

    Riding the DR 780 for a couple of weeks and..

    Put that cam in and contact MXRob for one of his FCRMX42's. You are going to need it! With that extra power you could gear the bike up to not waste too much power on spinning it up and wheelies. Has to be good for well over 100mph now.
  2. brianwheelies

    DR650 Clutch basket wobble

    For some reason I can't send you a pm or receive one from you. email me at mimic702 @ g mail. com No spaces. I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 on an entirely new clutch that is going to waste. I do not have the big socket to take the basket off though. I left that in NY before I rode across country.
  3. brianwheelies

    50 thousand big ones!

    Had mine not needed a bunch of minor repairs like base gasket, fresh rims, spokes, brakes, wheel bearings, etc, I would have taken mine over 100k. As it was it was running fine in the 80k range but on a cross country trip last November it did leak some oil and I had to add some for the first time during an oil change. Had the leak been fixed it would not have been a problem. Great bikes. I am tempted to get another one.
  4. brianwheelies

    DR650 Clutch basket wobble

    PM me about the clutch parts. I have everything you will need. I did an entirely new clutch assembly in my bike and have the engine torn down and selling off the parts. Everything in the clutch is in mint condition. Send me a pm with your number and I will give you a call. Brian
  5. brianwheelies

    Need some help, no spark from a DR650

    Greg is there any way you can test the cdi units on another dr in your area?
  6. brianwheelies

    Need some help, no spark from a DR650

    Not that the 650 is the same but on my old DR350SE, I removed the ignition when adding an aftermarket top clamp and just cut the plug in wire to the ignition and then spliced the wires. I just pulled the plug from the ignition side out and that was my key. I don't know why you would need a resistor. So the starter turns but you are not getting spark?
  7. brianwheelies

    Touring on my DR

    If you plan on cruising highway I will second the 16t counter shaft sprocket and windshield. Looks like you already have the seat covered. If you are running stock airbox and jetting then the stock muffler should keep the engine smooth. I did notice that an aftermarket exhaust with more flow made for a smoother running engine. Tuned accordingly of course. I rode across country 3 times on my 650 and higher handlebars with thick grips help and like some have posted, putting the feet on passenger pegs took some weight off the backside since your legs get coiled up and carry the brunt of it. Plenty of ear plugs, road oriented tires, and a full service checking everything over before you leave should serve you well. If you don't plan on staying on freeway too much then stock gearing always get the best gas mileage for me. Something about fifth gear between 50-60mph seemed to be the mileage sweet spot. Also the center stand as mentioned above. Chain lubing never had it so good! Enjoy your trip. I did around 6,000ish miles this summer as I went from upstate NY to FL and then to NV. Wish I could have kept going.
  8. brianwheelies

    FMF Power Bomb and Q4

    Parabellum will net higher mileage. So will tires that have as high as safely possible inflation without sacrificing traction and keeping your cruising speeds in the 50 to 60mph range. Also consider riding gear That fits snug and doesn't flop around in the wind when riding.
  9. brianwheelies

    oil filter help

    I just changed the o-rings in mine recently for the second time of this bike's life and only because it has Mega miles on it. It didn't require the o-rings though. I have never used a washer on the drain plug either.
  10. brianwheelies

    Keeping Your DR650SE Alive For A Long Time

    I used to cane the old girl within inches of her life but I go easy on her as she approaches her 80's! Speaking of riding, I did 850 miles today and a little over 600 yesterday. Not bad for 80,000 miles! On another note, my conti go! Tires have went rather quick. Lucky if I get 6,000 miles out of this road tire. Super sticky though.
  11. brianwheelies

    Doing the GS500 to dr650 wheel mod

    Has anyone done a weigh in of stock vs gs500 wheelsets?
  12. brianwheelies

    Keeping Your DR650SE Alive For A Long Time

    I liked NY so much that I moved to Florida! I do love NYC but it is expensive to live there. I am leaving tomorrow morning to ride from Tampa to Las Vegas. Once I finish off the deed with the old girl I am going to Brooklyn to reside before enlisting in the navy next summer.
  13. brianwheelies

    Keeping Your DR650SE Alive For A Long Time

    Trials tire? That is a nice ride. Did you do a ride report on the xt?
  14. brianwheelies

    Keeping Your DR650SE Alive For A Long Time

    I am not sure what the manual states for steering head bearing maintenance but to be honest I just rode a lot, still do, and do not address that as normal maintenance but I probably should have. Normal cleaning with strong chemicals surely allows some of the grease to break down and be rinsed out of the steering head. I don't recall if the stock set of bearings were greased but I will tell you that the suspension bearings were greased well from the factory. Still have factory grease. I know the rear end on my bike is not working great though. Really needs a shock that holds oil! It's second oil change/recharge did not hold it's fluid. Kimble, I am sure someone could make use of good working parts! Entirely brand new clutch and low mileage front end with intiminators! Surely the whole bike couldn't fetch what the parts will. Still have your DR?
  15. brianwheelies

    Keeping Your DR650SE Alive For A Long Time

    My DR has accumulated quite a few miles over it's life. I rode from north of Syracuse, NY recently to Tampa, FL without so much as a hiccup from my bike even as it approaches 80,000 miles....or is that milestone! This bike has seen Nevada desert and summer stop and go traffic. Also thousands of miles on the back wheel and plenty of superslab at 70+ MPH for hours at a time. I am on the original wheel bearings, everything except the entire clutch is original inside the cases but a few things on the outside have been replaced. I did just have my third set of steering head bearings replaced. Not sure why the second set only lasted 30,000 miles as I have not wheelied much on them. I am on my second starter as the first fell victim to water puddling underneath it. Very important lesson is to cover you bike when it's in the rain and after every wash tilt it on it's side to let any excess water pooled under it to run out. Not a bad idea to run it after a wash either so that engine heat can boil water off as well. I did have a can chain tensioner gasket go bad. I had to replace the tensioner to get the gasket. I also had my chain pop off once during an off road ride and another time while just cruising home. The second time knocked a hole in the case. Still not sure what caused the event to happen other than an abused set of chain and sprockets stretched extremely fast near the end of their life. The last time I have bought an RK chain! It was also in a 520 size. I had a fabricator patch my case and it still is holding strong. I also upgraded to a DID Gold X-ring chain and have put 25,000 all road miles on and it hasn't required a single adjustment. It is getting kinky now though as I believe all of it's grease is gone. Brakes are stock as well. Yes the rotors are grooved somewhat but I don't like using the brakes if I don't have to. I also think the stock pads are the easiest on rotors and had I to do over again would have stuck with stock pads. Also, the front brake bolts came out on me once. Surely my fault for tinkering. Also the rear brake caliper bracket mysteriously broke. Not sure why it happened. I think the way to keep the bike running a long is to keep it clean without pressure washing. Change the oil routinely and do not overfill. Check and adjust valves on a regular basis. Keep the chain lubed and if anything have it on the loose side. If it is tight and you land a jump or somehow blow through your rear suspension's stroke, your chain will pop off and/or you will do transmission damage. Also, don't skimp on chain and sprockets. The good stuff lasts a long time and requires less maintenance. When operating the bike go easy on it until warm. Also, with my bike in particular, when shifting pull the clutch all of the way in and give the transmission a chance to slow down before changing the gear with the footlever/shifter. My bike never misses shifts and will shift ultra smooth if you shift with patience. When hard riding, proper Rev matching and hand/foot coordination reward lightning quick gear changes as well. I think Not forcing the tyranny rewards with long lasting 3rd gears. I am sure more will come to this list later but I believe this bike, if treated with respect and maintained well could easily go 100,000 miles. I have beaten my bike like you would not believe and it has lasted this long. I could only imagine how long it would last if I was as nice as I am now to it. Almost forgot that I did replace the plastic oil pump gear, the entire clutch, the front forks(not necessary but got a great deal from a TT member), speedo(too many wheelies where wheel stopped spinning and then had to start spinning at 80+MPH?), and removed the neutral indicator. Truly a great motorcycle. I am about to ride from Florida to Las Vegas and I may part her out since she is long in tooth and I want to move to Brooklyn and give up on powered vehicles for a while.