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  1. AST

    2015/6 YZ250F New Race Bike.

    Hi, just wanted to add my story to this thread. I've been a a diehard Kawi guy ever since I started riding. I decided recently to get my 15 year old son the 15 yz250f. I debated back and forth between the yz and kx but ended up going with the yz. I read all kinds of reviews on the bike and talked to a few owners. Everything I took in was good except the weak front brake. We replaced the stock front rotor with the 270mm oversized rotor right away and he absolutely loved the bike. He kept telling me how great the bike was and how I needed to try it. Now I have a 2011 kx450 and a 2007 kx250 2 smoker. Both bikes have had factory connection suspension revalves and all different sorts of mods. Both bikes are excellent bikes . Anyway, I jump on this 15 250f expecting it to feel underpowered for my liking. Boy was I wrong.. Now make no mistake , it doesn't have the grunt that my 450 has but if you twist the throttle, the bike rips. I was pleasantly surprised at the power and speed this bike had. The biggest thing I noticed about the bike was the suspension. Right out of the box this stock suspension blew my FC stuff away! Call it hype if you want but I'm telling you guys the sss suspension is incredible . To me if your at ease and comfortable with your bike ,your going to ride faster,longer and better and I was comfortable instantly with this bike. These bikes are light, powerful and handle so well. I fell in love with his bike and went and bought the yellow 2016 a few weeks later. The 16 motor is mapped even more powerful than the 15 and comes with the oversized rotor on the front brake. As far as reliability, I can't really comment because I have only had them for a month. I've never had any issues with any of my kawasakis so I'm hoping these yamahas are as reliable. I'm now the happy owner of yz250f and put the 450 up for sale. I hope this helps you a little with your questions on the 15/16.
  2. AST

    Yamaha YZ250F (2015)


    2016 yz250f... Awesome bike
  3. AST

    Yamaha YZ250F 2015

    2016 yz250f... Awesome bike
  4. What do you mean? There were many 2007 kx 250 sold here. That was the last year for them . I bought it used and completely redid everything.
  5. AST

    2007 kx 250 spongy brakes

    I believe I went with a 2008 on my 450 and a 2006 on my kx250. Both Honda masters were from crf450s. Both masters bolted right up. Pretty sure anything 2005 on up will work. I like my front super touchy and strong and the Honda masters worked awesome! Good luck
  6. 2007 KX 250 ready to go.
  7. AST

    2007 kx 250 spongy brakes

    Also Take the master cylinder cover off and zip the the brake lever squeezed on tight over night. This helps bleed the brakes and worked wonders for me. I still wasn't satisfied with my 07 front brake so I did what I had done with my kx450. I went on eBay and purchased a Honda crf master cylinder. You won't believe the difference!
  8. AST

    2007 kx250 carburetor leak

    I had this happen on my sons rm 125. Ended up being a worn out oring under the needle valve (sits under the float). I bought a carb rebuild kit on ebay for 30 bucks and replaced the oring. Do a search for kx250 carb rebuild kit on ebay and you will have everything you need to fix it for around 25- 35 bucks.
  9. Can anyone tell me what i need as far as putting a newer set of forks on my 2 stroke ? Ive had my shock revalved from F.C but I need to do something with these forks. I have a complete stock triple clamp from my 2011 450. Im not sure if i can use these or would i need different set? Ive seen 250f and 450f forks on ebay and I think anything would be better than my stock 07 forks.Any advise would be greatly appreciated .
  10. AST

    Kawasaki KX450F (2011)


  11. AST

    Kawasaki KX450F 2011

  12. AST

    Kawasaki KX250 (2007)


    fun bike
  13. AST

    Kawasaki KX250 2007

    fun bike