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  1. mxextreme

    Motoland a Tale of rebuttle

    as for your repost good job well spoken. rick & susan and all the family are awesmoe people. ive been there almost sense the beginning. they try there best and i believe they do a great job everytime they open there track MX is a sport that always has grips i've seen guys compalin but still ride. no matter were ive been.one thing is for sure the community of Kingsbury and laporte need take interest in there local tracks and there big events that come to town like Proam/ midwest series i will not say who i am but some will know but i respect all who work at all tracks and who come its a awesome sport and is ajoy to be around all involved good luck to all and injoy your ride
  2. mxextreme

    Racer X Fan of the Week....WOW!!!

    was that california race from glen helen as for models goes they all rock most are college students good way to make money o yeah she is hot as the sun:applause:
  3. mxextreme

    Water truck fire!

    i would look at your neighbors dont know were you live but heardof and seen this in california good luck and weres you track locations
  4. mxextreme

    Me and Trey Canard

    now we have something in comin he was at are track last yr here at motoland he won that event and will win allot in the future nice pic's
  5. good jobill give you a A for effort
  6. mxextreme

    AMA Rule proposals voted on this saturday

    hey Bruce i agree open rides are packed with riders. on race day no one shows up .why is that? Are we in it for the fun and points or just the fun
  7. mxextreme

    R2R recovery

    Who is going to motoland for sundays R2R ride . this is for a good cause i think everyone should give it a try. Good luck all:ride:
  8. mxextreme

    HOLY SHIT!!! GP Video

    man thank god they run those spine braces could of been worse good luck to him that had to hurt bad
  9. mxextreme

    my prayers

    to all you riders out there the rain has been horriable lately here in indiana 10Plus inches has fallin i know it has to bite not to ride and if any track opened this wekend how did they do it mother nature really has a sense or humor good luck all:cry:
  10. mxextreme

    indiana tracks

    LOOMIE SAND i say about 70 /30 sand to clay very well maintained. awesomeplace to ride you wont be disappointed
  11. mxextreme

    The best national ever!

  12. mxextreme

    Jesse Wise Lake County Crash Update

    i will pray for your Freind
  13. mxextreme

    The Ultimate Motocross Video Thread

    #1 threads Thank you
  14. mxextreme

    Some MX vids!

    Thank you awesome vid's