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  1. TobyG

    Oops! I goofed!

    All kidding aside, Don't, I REPEAT Don't get rid of your 300 and get a thumper. Because when I ride with you now I feel like a rockstar but, if you got a bike better suited for your riding style I might not feel so good about my abilities. Just remember you started this thread.....
  2. I think I read on his last page of his site that he only had 14k into the whole project, including the cost of the bus.
  3. TobyG

    Tahoe National Forest - ride report - pictures & video

    Looks like a great views and it sounds like you guys had fun and challanging ride but, if you're going to post a video, make it of riding and not just getting stuck and tearing up the trail. (just may .02, no need to rake me over the coals if you disagree).
  4. TobyG

    Places to stay near Pipi/ Elkins

    color me curious..... PM if you could.
  5. TobyG

    How Many To Fix A Honda?

    Now, I may be out of line here but, SACK UP. I'm older, slower, fatter, and can't ride a wheelie worth a shit. Hell, I've got shoes older than your last girlfriend (okay, that last part might be a stretch) but, I DID have a great time going up HC on my xr4.
  6. the xr4 is for sale new clutch, fresh plastic, oil and filter.
  7. TobyG

    Foresthill tomorrow (7/31)

    Counter clockwise is easier....at the "Y" you went left you should go right and that will take you down those "steps". Also, the part you haven't seen has great waterbars to jump.
  8. [QUOTE=Blur;8399686]We used to run into that scenario when I was in the RV business..... About 4 out of 5 folks who decided they wanted a travel trailer or fifth wheel would go buy the truck first (if they didn't already have one) and then come look for the trailer they wanted. They got upset when we told them their new truck was only rated for "this many" pounds and the trailer they're looking at weighed 1,500 pounds more. Also, 4-wheel drive vehicles typically have a lower tow rating than a similarly equipped 2-wheel drive model. I don't know why but it's true. I would want to have a 4-wheel drive if my trailer were stuck in the mud but for towing down the highway, 2-wheel drives are fine. They have a lower tow rating because the truck weights more and you only have so much total gross weight (truck + trailer/boat ) allowable.
  9. [QUOTE=arider278j;8397512]Wow, Boy did i stir up a hornets nest? This is why i don't post here very often. You can't see tongue in cheek humor. Slyko you are a good dude and i had fun riding with all you guy's. My intent was humor. Now, what did you go and do that! These guys would have fed of this for another 2 days and who knows which direction it would have headed. who ever posted isn't this over yet should know, when Slyko is talkin about Slyko it's always a good time ........just ask him, he'll tell you.
  10. I actually planned on stopping by and saying hi on my way up camping with the family. But, that would explain why I didn't see your RV in the HC(on the south side of 88) on Friday and then again on Sunday on the way home. Heal fast! My riding this weekend was limited to mild 4x4 roads with my son. We had a great time riding over to Blue Lakes and even got to play in the snow alittle.
  11. [QUOTE=superslyko;8388059]I test rode an XR650r Scary Fast! I was doing power wheelies at 70 mph. And heavy too! And YZ said Arider was just another pretty face! I need somebody to mow my lawn................... No really, it's a smoldering hunk of plastic and burnt metal. Alright Scott! I call BS! Post the picture of this so-call smoldering hunk of plastic and burnt metal or come clean! :banana: If you ARE telling the truth I'd be willing to sell you my XR4 for a good price. I just put in a new clutch (Towed you 1 too many times, I guess), changed the oil/filter and handle bars and grips:banana: AND IF you bought it.....you would then be able to climb a hill without taking 5 trys at it and being exhausted once you make it to the top. :lol: Next bike will be plated!
  12. TobyG

    Tools Found!

    go over to the person you want to PM and Left click on their name, scroll down to send a Private Message.